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Easy Sudoku for 11/June/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
tomorrow - the best time to do everything you had planned for today.

...and here's today's factoid:
Lazy people fact #2134934561203

- you were too lazy to read that number.
11/Jun/13 12:00 AM
No today... You'll see my beautiful blues today!
We're having a needed gentle, rainy day.
'Rainy days and Mondays (it's Monday here) always get me down.' - Nope! They don't get me down. If it's going to rain, let it be on the weekdays, not the weekends!
11/Jun/13 12:00 AM
11/Jun/13 12:00 AM
You are totally correct about the number, Kayo!
Guess you have to have more information to see a reason before taking the trouble!
11/Jun/13 12:02 AM
But... does that really make one lazy?
Or smart? Seems to me that you have to sift through all sorts of excess information daily...
11/Jun/13 12:05 AM
Is that a real butterfly?
11/Jun/13 12:07 AM
Especially on the computer! - So does that mean we are trained to do just that? - Not take time to read long numbers or other info - such as ads!
11/Jun/13 12:08 AM
(Hello, Shosho!)
11/Jun/13 12:09 AM
Doh! Missed my favorite number by 1!
Oh well, thank you, Shiela!
Here's my luck I share with you!
11/Jun/13 12:21 AM
Good morning everybody.. haven't made it to the first page for a while...
11/Jun/13 12:22 AM
Good morning. I hope everyone has a wonderful day/evening/night!
11/Jun/13 12:25 AM
This week I am the 'to the doctor or hospital' chauffeur. Today for my dad to the cardiologist, then Wednesday to the hospital for his stent placement, then Thursday my hubby to the orthopedic doctor.
11/Jun/13 12:25 AM
Actually, it's a moth if you look at it's feathery antannae, HalT. Not sure if it's real. It looks a bit like one I found as a cocoon that hatched and totally amazed me with it's size.
11/Jun/13 12:26 AM
At least I don't have my grandie, he's in Arizona visiting his other grandma. Maybe this week I'll sneak a visit to my new grandie! First I have to find a stuffed tiger! For what would a Calvin be without his Hobbes!
11/Jun/13 12:27 AM
We hope your lucky number 8 goes with all of those hospital visits, Shosho!
11/Jun/13 12:27 AM
Question Kayo.. how many people can read a sequence of numbers like that if there ar3n't any space? Is that peculiar to Beans.. or do I need new glasses??
Didn't think I was lazy...
& now Shosho, Sheila, Hal & Kayo... I'm out of here..
11/Jun/13 12:27 AM
Cute idea, Shosho!
11/Jun/13 12:28 AM
.. & Linda...
11/Jun/13 12:28 AM
I had all four of my grandies here yesterday.
I seem to be a bit tired today - no wonder!
11/Jun/13 12:30 AM
Anyone for a race?
11/Jun/13 12:30 AM
I agree it's a moth but it does look rather elongated. Well off I go! See you later!
11/Jun/13 12:32 AM
Time for #22?!
11/Jun/13 12:32 AM
A Cecropia, maybe?
(Good job, Aileen!)
11/Jun/13 12:34 AM
Happy Monday!
When I signed on, it was on #20, so I thought I'd see if I was time for the #22 Race! (Hello, Keith!)

Now, I'm back, after finishing the Sudoku--at first glance, it looked like it was made of leather...
11/Jun/13 12:40 AM
Soggy here, so that gives me an excuse not to go out and tidy up the garden. Tomorrow, I'll think of another excuse.
11/Jun/13 12:58 AM
I must be hungry because the first thing I thought when I saw this was that it was made of bacon.
11/Jun/13 1:02 AM
My calendar says that it is Math Monday.

Camp Pineveiw's cook was just about to begin preparing the picnic lunch for all the campers. She already knew she needed to fill 55 bowls of the same size and capacity with the same amount of food. When she was done, she decided to read the More...
11/Jun/13 1:04 AM
Serena, that's funny!
11/Jun/13 1:04 AM
1:53. Good morning everyone.
11/Jun/13 1:05 AM
Just Googled Cecropia. It does look like the same moth ... but different.
11/Jun/13 2:54 AM
What a gorgeous Atlas Moth!!!
11/Jun/13 3:26 AM
And the jigsaw of the Atlas Moth worked, too!!!

Yes, there is no question in my mind that this is an Atlas Moth. I have a framed one on my wall right in front of me.
11/Jun/13 3:34 AM
Good mAen, good people. Today is a day of cool, gentle rain. The pitter pattering and the rain washed smell are both delightful. It feels warm yet cool at the same time. The best type of summer rain!
11/Jun/13 3:56 AM
Heidi - I read books about the British 'landed gentry' of past generations, breeding their horses and cattle and dogs and birds and also collecting items into naturalist collections. You impress me as a modern example of that heritage and lifestyle. Your sense of humor matches up, too.
11/Jun/13 4:04 AM
However, I'm sure you habitually have more fun and more dirt under the fingernails than the more supervisory of the folk in the books I read. Good for you.
11/Jun/13 4:10 AM
I speak of dirt under the fingernails because it has been 3 days since I last stuck my fingers into the dirt and mine are just getting clean enough that I may shape them a little before I apply polish for the weekend. That means I will have to wear garden gloves tomorrow and Wednesday when I hoe and sow this week's portion of mixed greens seeds.
11/Jun/13 4:13 AM
I get to have a crown put on my broken molar tomorrow (later today by Sudokuland's calendar). I really hope it all goes smoothly with no last minute need for a root canal or any other thing going wrong. There have been enough dental woes posted lately. I'm holding out for a happy report post dentist's chair. Then I get to make Care Credit payments for the next year.
11/Jun/13 4:17 AM
I finished reading Cathy's book 'Safe as Churches'. A book I found hard to put down. Thanks Cathy.
Last night we went into the city to see all the buildings lit up with laser lights. Quite spectacular.
11/Jun/13 4:22 AM
I know ... you must be thinking, what? No bathroom update? Third counter top went in on Thursday, after two tense hours of sawing through the wrong one, making sure no one shattered the sinks in the process. Next hitch? Plumber refused to install our seven-year-old faucets because they were More...
11/Jun/13 4:25 AM
Thank you for the delightful compliment, Plum.
11/Jun/13 5:25 AM
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