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Easy Sudoku for 11/July/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
11/Jul/19 12:00 AM
11/Jul/19 12:34 AM
Wolf & Keith & all to follow!!!
11/Jul/19 1:12 AM
1:47. Oh what a tangled... Good Morning, all. Glad to hear Lynne is on the mend, Keith.
11/Jul/19 1:18 AM
Mornin', Denny. How's the hip progressing?
11/Jul/19 1:22 AM
11/Jul/19 1:35 AM
so close . . .
11/Jul/19 1:36 AM
11/Jul/19 1:36 AM
Hip is doing well. No more walker, no more pain pills! Drove car two days ago for first time since surgery. Not bad for just over three weeks!
11/Jul/19 1:41 AM
Gosh that sounds wonderful Denny!
11/Jul/19 1:46 AM
11/Jul/19 1:47 AM
& Was sunny, now a bit overcast.
A great morning for golf. A doe and her fawn ambled through as we played. They were in no hurry and seemed to like watching us. Made us feel like we were in the Master's!
11/Jul/19 3:42 AM
Beautiful, perfect web! It always amazes me how a little insect can do something like this!
11/Jul/19 3:43 AM
from Lexington SC (younger daughter's).

Good news from Denny and Lynne.
11/Jul/19 3:47 AM
11/Jul/19 4:31 AM
4.00 am, but asthma medication and sleep do not go together. Guess there'll be a few extra nanny naps during the day. Glad Denny and Lynn improving.
11/Jul/19 4:52 AM
Interesting photo indeed
11/Jul/19 5:36 AM
Morning all,great photo of a spider in its web.
Pleased to hear Lynne and Denny are doing ok.
11/Jul/19 7:56 AM
Joyce is true to her word and has posted a response to this week's puzzle.
11/Jul/19 10:27 AM
11/Jul/19 11:16 AM
Good maeN
Hot hot here
Turning in but one more episode of game of thrones
11/Jul/19 1:24 PM
11/Jul/19 1:30 PM
Just home from spending the day with Lynne. The numbers are improved, but still not stable enough to send her home, but she looks like she feels better.
11/Jul/19 1:33 PM
Good news Keith - as long as she keeps improving you can look forward to her being home and her enjoying life to a greater extent.
11/Jul/19 4:34 PM
1:50, mind not on the game. Good evening everyone.
11/Jul/19 7:12 PM
11/Jul/19 11:59 PM
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