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Easy Sudoku for 11/August/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I just skimmed the comments from yesterday. I guess I can't quite understand why some people feel a need to express their feelings of moral superiority. When they do it proves their moral inferiority instead...
this site used to be fun..i'm gone couple weeks and it's gone to h*ll.
aren't there enough OTHER venues for the teens to IM each other?? they have to muck up this site??
very good. I am a new player.
3:31 very slow tonight. What big brown eyes the baby has.
To Jodan...I too am new at the comment thing, but it is my understanding that 'maen' is a greeting meaning Morning Afeternoon Evening or Night, and you capitalize the first letter that is applicable to your time. Anyone else please correct me if I am incorrect. At any rate, Good Mean to all. e
Good Maen to all. What big eyes you have!
That bably looks like some kind of alien up that close!!!

And 'missing old posts', if the posters on this site have no regard for others, imagine the kind of real life they lead, and what society will be like when they are adults. Such malice and disregard is a frightening concept.
I must say that some of the youngsters who trash our site here provide a compelling argument for making birth control retroactive...
2:41 Maen
And the Eyes have it.....
To Missing Old Posts from Anywhere - me too, is it cos there appear to be no Brits among the contributors any longer. Are we all too busy, off on hols or just lurking?
Good Maen everyone

Glenn, I like that idea!
Oh my, what a face!
Glenn -

I only.........

CANUK GREG: Your comments are always appreciated and respected, especially since you post under your own name! You made a lot of good points. Have a good one!
4:54 -- too long!
Welcome back from your holiday Andre, hope you had a nice restful break.
Looking forward to reading your sayings of the day again.
Enjoyed the online availabliltiy of this game. New Player. Pictures are a nice touch:)
My, what big EYES you have! My, what big TEETH you have ... oh, wait ... scratch that! :)
Cute baby!
Sorry, meant

IF only..............
04:50 Morning
2:51 on another nice day. Enjoy yours!
To Karo
As a fellow Brit - I must confess I usually 'lurk'. I enjoy reading others' comments but only make the occasional post. I visit this site whilst at work and usually only get chance in the mornings and by that time there are pages of comments already.
Good Maen everyone...Have a wonderful Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Good Night Australia.
I think one of the issues that the European have is the time of day. Your evening is when Australia is asleep so there little time to connect and your evening is our daytime in the US so there are many who are working and cannot get on whenever they like. My 2 cents.
I, too, 'lurk' often..I (usually) enjoy reading the posts of the regulars and don't often have anything to add.
and I agree with 'missing old posts'.
Karo ' I'm a Brit I just live in France.

Happy Birthday Em, sorry if it is already tomorrow with you.
For Judy in San Diego: How did you know my real name was Canuk? Take care!
2:25..Good Maen all!! 11:20am Thursday here.

What Big Beautiful Eyes!!
maEn all doing good here
Another cute kid. Are they takin' his temparture or what.
Good Thursday Maen, all!

Had a couple of days off and back to work this afternoon...:-(
4:25 soooo cute when they are that small
Good afternoon everyone. 12:06 p.m. Texas time.
mabey i can try to be first again not really trying though
nope mabey this time
hows the weather in america at the moment anyone
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