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Easy Sudoku for 12/January/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi everyone.
12/Jan/15 12:00 AM
1:29. Good night everyone.
12/Jan/15 12:02 AM
, y'all! Sluggish time this morning 2:36. Fun pic, though, looks like something I'd do!
12/Jan/15 12:24 AM
Not surprised about the outcome of the Panthers-Seahawks game, so not too disappointed. That my Cardiac Cats got into the playoffs at all is a testament to how awful the NFC South division was this year.
12/Jan/15 1:00 AM
Both of today's games ought to be good ones! Dallas at Green Bay (they were trying to defrost the turf last night), and Indianapolis at Denver.

Yes, I'm one of those women who just loves American football! It's always amusing to see men's reactions when I start getting into details.
12/Jan/15 1:04 AM
Go Cowboys!
12/Jan/15 1:31 AM

This will be a football house today, too. Hubby says my love of the game is one of the reasons he married me. My excellent taco making is another one.
12/Jan/15 1:54 AM
No tacos for him tonight, though. I have made enchiladas this morning, so all I have to do is pop them in the oven for dinner. No messing around in the kitchen during game time for me!
12/Jan/15 2:01 AM
We had home made tacos last night, one of our favorite meals. We do soft flower, and all the ingredients in bowls, assemble your own. It is always fun to see what the grandsons do with that situation. I mean, they weren't there, but when they are ...
12/Jan/15 2:05 AM

Still a loooooooooooong way to go to 22!!
12/Jan/15 2:12 AM
I use soft whole wheat tortillas, Keith. Also all the fixin's in bowls ready for self assembly. It's always hubby's choice for his birthday dinner. I prefer a restaurant serving seafood, but, he's a guy, so......
12/Jan/15 2:26 AM
Good morning people of the world.
12/Jan/15 2:45 AM
No game watching here, we are movie watchers. Or attempt to watch movies, we do have two lovely darlings. Though I had a child watch an old movie with me, Cinderfella, the other day and she was Shhh-ing people. She thought Jerry Lewis was a puppet.
12/Jan/15 2:47 AM
The deed is done. All holiday decorations are packed up and waiting in the hall for their 10 month hibernation.
12/Jan/15 2:48 AM
On a much needed trip to my pillows yesterday, Man informed me his plan was to put up the decorations. I informed 3 people, it was in their best interest not to disturb my nap. As Shelby Lou, Furry and I got all comfy the door opens, someone is abusing their Dreamtab time. Yell, for Man. All comfy again. The door opens. Dreamtab's battery is dead, thanks to the mean sister.
12/Jan/15 2:53 AM
Then the banging started, pillow over head, more banging. Get up to hurt whoever was making that racket, severely. He was kind enough to stop the banging. All comfy again, minus my furry friend, the door opens again. Inform child the Dreamtab is not charged. I was informed it was, I did not argue. All comfy again, the back door starts slamming. I get up. And my dear family regretted it.
12/Jan/15 2:58 AM
Noticing the decorations had not moved, I look into the garage and see a huge hole in the ceiling. I shut the door. He needed a bigger opening to put decorations in the attic.
12/Jan/15 3:00 AM
Since I was up, I interrupted favorite cartoon, in the whole world and someone's game, by informing people, 'If I have to pick it up, it goes in the trash.' Hence, my back to order living room, with the exception of two weeks worth of dust bunnies.
12/Jan/15 3:02 AM
You know what I am doing.
12/Jan/15 3:03 AM
Oh, informed Man that lights were still on the house. He informed me that it is raining. I informed him, that he put the lights up in the rain. He informed me, it is cold outside. Lights are still up outside. I think he did take the lights off the trees. He only takes them off around the trunk, the More...
12/Jan/15 3:06 AM
It is a good thing we are getting close, I have a kitty going crazy for attention and is not taking no for an answer.
12/Jan/15 3:07 AM
12/Jan/15 3:07 AM
Good morning dear.
12/Jan/15 3:08 AM
Oh, Shosho.
You little sneak.
12/Jan/15 3:08 AM
Ooops! Ah . . .
I dedicate that last post to Keith, and I didn't mean to take his post, and I was a bit on the hazy side, a little put off by the second day of rain (had planned to visit the marsh to see if rumors of the return of the American Coot were true and to take pics to document it) and . . . and . . .
12/Jan/15 3:10 AM
Well at least it'll be partly sunny tomorrow for the kids when they return to school (my school is on the LEARN schedule with three weeks of winter break!)
12/Jan/15 3:13 AM
They look like they are having a hopping good time.
12/Jan/15 4:22 AM
RIP: Anita Ekberg 1931 - 2015
12/Jan/15 4:23 AM
Well shosho, you little chicken plucker.
12/Jan/15 4:50 AM
beautiful day in OK
12/Jan/15 4:56 AM
Yea, I got here before noon, early for me.
12/Jan/15 4:57 AM
Good afternoon to all. I'll be channel jumping this afternoon between, NCCA basketball, NF:L football and the Continental Cup of Curling. Whew, I said that just to get my flicker fingers ready!
12/Jan/15 4:59 AM
Above freezing, just barely but very damp.
12/Jan/15 4:59 AM
Have you flown? I sure most have, so check this out...

12/Jan/15 4:59 AM
Karen, I will be one of those people until it gets a little warmer. I would like to de-ornament the trees but even too cold for that.
12/Jan/15 5:03 AM
We never got around to getting the outside decorations up because of weather. I guess that puts us ahead of the game.
12/Jan/15 5:06 AM
almost there......
12/Jan/15 5:16 AM
OOOh a race!!
12/Jan/15 5:18 AM
12/Jan/15 5:18 AM
Are we there yet?
12/Jan/15 5:18 AM
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