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Easy Sudoku for 12/January/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
12/Jan/19 12:00 AM
Easy puzzle: 1->9
Interesting picture
12/Jan/19 12:08 AM
Good Maen, good people. You'll want to user a timer today. Very fast solve 1->9, as Wolf says.
12/Jan/19 1:03 AM
1:37 Not long home from a lovely evening spent with Rolanda & her husband for a bbq tea. I think I ate too much.
Good night all.
12/Jan/19 1:04 AM
This photo sent me off looking at pix of Shefflera blossoms. I've never seen a blossom or seed cluster before. Wow. As attractive as the foliage is, the blossoms and seed clusters are amazing. Rather a peacock of a plant; it seems as if God poured an extraordinary amount of visual splendor into one place.
12/Jan/19 1:07 AM
Hope you have a much better sleep tonight, Anne.
12/Jan/19 1:08 AM
12/Jan/19 1:45 AM
12/Jan/19 2:07 AM
I had the kids here yesterday.....and slept in this morning. Those three little bundles of energy keep me moving!
Last year I bought the five-year-old a ''make up doll''. It was actually just a big head with hair. It came with More...
12/Jan/19 2:50 AM
12/Jan/19 3:26 AM
2:25. Sure took the wrong route this morning! Good Morning, all!
12/Jan/19 3:28 AM
I've had my Schefflera for ages and never saw a flower, let alone berries!
12/Jan/19 3:29 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
Who beat me by 15 seconds! 1:52
12/Jan/19 3:30 AM
Pretty for sure. They don't look edible.
12/Jan/19 4:14 AM
12/Jan/19 4:38 AM
Good news for me today! Done with the sling and I can go back to work Monday! Still months of physical therapy but I'm going in the right direction.
12/Jan/19 5:02 AM
That is good news Pam
Best nights sleep for ages grinners are winners, have a great day all
12/Jan/19 5:22 AM
0:59. Woohoo, first time under a minute!! Good morning everyone.

That's great news Pam!
12/Jan/19 5:40 AM
12/Jan/19 6:02 AM
Right place.
12/Jan/19 6:10 AM
Right time.
12/Jan/19 6:10 AM
12/Jan/19 6:11 AM
Morning all ! Wow Chris, I know it was fast but that is a great time.
12/Jan/19 6:15 AM
Wonderful news ,Pam.👍
12/Jan/19 6:18 AM
12/Jan/19 6:22 AM
Very pretty! It sure resembles the Mountain Ash tree that I have in my garden!
12/Jan/19 7:06 AM
As usual, my time was 3 times longer than that of the fast solvers, but still a close, if not, personal best @ 3:11.
12/Jan/19 8:33 AM
It's as if you've been given your freedom, Pam!
Try to slither into 'normal' slowly so your body doesn't have a shock treatment!
12/Jan/19 8:56 AM
Hello everyone - it was a quick solver, but I forgot that everyone had already assured it was a straight 1-9, so after several interruptions... I finally returned to complete it - no timer set!
12/Jan/19 8:57 AM
Kathy - Those are the things which make grandies' memories - best to save that photo; it will be the best story to recount in years to come... with proof!
12/Jan/19 9:03 AM
Well done Chris. A bit like doing a sub 4minute mile or should that be a sub 2 hr marathon.
12/Jan/19 9:10 AM
We had 12 responses last week! Can we beat it this week??

This week's Saturday poozle is 1&3 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first and third letters of a word and a clue as to what the word is. I will also give you the More...
12/Jan/19 10:12 AM
1:17 I'm sure my best ever. CONGRATS to Chris on sub 1 minute!
12/Jan/19 10:20 AM
Congrats Chris a super time. You certainly are the master of Speed Sudouing.
12/Jan/19 11:33 AM
I never will run, and could never get close to running, a 4 minute mile Jack, and these days I'm struggling to go sub 3:30 for a marathon. I guess I'd better stick with the Sudokus!

I've got a busy weekend lined up Wombat but I'll try to squeeze the poozle in there somewhere!!
12/Jan/19 1:20 PM
I just sent Wombat some edits for errors I see in Columns B&D and Column F, so hold on solving for a moment.
12/Jan/19 2:00 PM
A number of words were changed in the construction process, without all the resulting changes needed in B&D and F, so ... hang on, all you solvers! As usual, it is fun to solve these, so if you have not tried one, just wait for the new Columns B&D and F, then jump in.
12/Jan/19 2:07 PM
👋🏻Good maeN ⛄️😴😴😴🤫
12/Jan/19 3:19 PM
Thanks, Sarah for the warning - we shall wait!
12/Jan/19 3:45 PM
I was about to make a start on the poozle but will hold off... Thanks for letting us know Sarah!
12/Jan/19 4:21 PM
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