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Easy Sudoku for 12/October/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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12/Oct/18 12:00 AM
G'day all.
12/Oct/18 12:00 AM
every on and top, maybe
12/Oct/18 12:01 AM
Nah to slow, morning Wolf, HalT
12/Oct/18 12:02 AM
Sorry HalT I pinched your LPOD
12/Oct/18 12:03 AM
I just finished watching Underworld Evolution, saw some friends of yours
12/Oct/18 12:06 AM
CP and bed. goodnight all
12/Oct/18 12:08 AM
2:10 Bit slow tonight.

Good night all!
12/Oct/18 12:10 AM
g'night Anne, hello everyone else
12/Oct/18 12:45 AM
12/Oct/18 2:11 AM
12/Oct/18 2:13 AM
Hour change down under really puts me away from the top. Will really be bad when our clocks go back in a few weeks!
12/Oct/18 2:14 AM
Hi all. Nice green photo.
12/Oct/18 2:27 AM
12/Oct/18 2:29 AM
Visited the Gardens many years ago. Absolutely wonderful!
12/Oct/18 2:30 AM
all. It has been quite dreary/rainy here for an extended period (after a period of no rain), but nothing like others are getting east of here. Guess I won't complain, but I sure wish my sinuses would settle down.
Kids coming soon for math class. One of my students was in a fight More...
12/Oct/18 2:35 AM
Gorgeous photo! Just dropped in quickly for a break - my desk is staring at me with PILES of papers that I must get to.
to all.
12/Oct/18 2:39 AM
2:05. Good Morning!
12/Oct/18 2:40 AM
A quick hello to the earlier posters and a 'have a good day' to those of us laggards!
12/Oct/18 2:56 AM
Today's solving tip: 9->1 reveals a lush green garden photo - lovely!

All ready for a 22-pounce!
12/Oct/18 2:58 AM
12/Oct/18 3:17 AM
Well, somebody has to take it....
12/Oct/18 3:27 AM
Thanks for the solve tip, Joyce.
12/Oct/18 3:34 AM
12/Oct/18 6:11 AM
Sunny sometimes, cloudy others.
Whatever is outside your window, have a grand day!
12/Oct/18 6:14 AM
Morning all, tip for the day: if you wear glasses put them on before starting the puzzle. I could see where I had gone wrong when I put my glasses on. Lovely green garden is the reward for today.
12/Oct/18 6:31 AM
Beautiful Butchart Gardens! Love visiting there. Wendy
12/Oct/18 7:34 AM
12/Oct/18 8:19 AM
But the yard is a mess. Nothing serious, just messy. Guess I have some work to do this weekend.
12/Oct/18 8:21 AM
I'm glad the damage is minor Hal and I hope all the other Sudokuists have escaped damage entirely.
12/Oct/18 9:57 AM
Out of town, and busy, so this is the first chance I’ve had to drop in and say Hi.

You’re so right, Denny. Tough to get here at 6:00 AM, and even tougher to get here at 5:00 AM after we go back to standard time. Just one more reason I like Spring and Summer better.
12/Oct/18 10:27 AM
very nice garden... visited ounce ...wish I can do it again sometimes
12/Oct/18 12:01 PM
Beer time - make mine a Fat Tire.
12/Oct/18 12:12 PM
That beer made me sleepy.
So, I think I shall retire for the day. Night all.
12/Oct/18 1:35 PM
1:45. Good afternoon everyone.
12/Oct/18 1:47 PM
Just (almost) finished a very hard jigsaw puzzle that I started over a year ago, although I'm waiting for a missing piece my granddaughter took home to trick me. I didn't work on it much until just lately. It is of the Bungle Bungle, or Purnululu, in the Kimberleys.
12/Oct/18 2:26 PM
I love doing jigsaw puzzles but this is by far the hardest one I've ever done. I now hope to have it framed like I did with one of MachuPicchu in Peru.
12/Oct/18 2:34 PM
My next one which I bought recently is of St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. They are all of places that I have visited over the past few years.
12/Oct/18 2:35 PM
beautiful pic
12/Oct/18 9:54 PM
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