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Easy Sudoku for 12/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Can you get a hangover from breakfast? Ask the folks in Perth!
morning all
oops Maen!
First at last
hey Ian never pull your head in!
I know what you mean about junk... we extended our house a few years ago andin the process we had to put lots of stuff into boxes and stored quite a few in the [big] cubby down the back garden. Well guess what - 80% of them are still there?! 'course there might be some nostalgic surprises in store if we ever get round to lugging them back up to the house.
Drat - no I wasn't,

Didn't make me feel any better thinking that I was though......
bad luck Hugh. both of us beaten by ho!
He is so cute! I remember when one of my children was about that age. They couldn't find their own shoes, so they came out in dad's shoes.
2:23 Good evening everyone
Is that the person they call Bigfoot??
A hatrick of 2:08 times! That's three days in a row I've managed exactly the same time.

Time for bed - see you all again tomorrow.
2.39 sure hope they are NOT his shoes!! he is a cutie, and isn't it nice how the picture stays on the screen these days (I know ... it's been like that for a while, but i never said thank you - so 'thank you, Gath')
3:46 Good Maen. Cute picture.
and its g'night from me too. have a nice one y'all.
Good morning to all! This little fellow seems to have his foot on backwards! Have a nice day one and all!

In Flanders field the poppies grow....
Hello Greg - how is your weekend going so far.
We must have been posting at the same time.
Good Maen all, and thank you to all the veterans as we celebrate Veterans' Day here in the U.S.
4 minutes lotsa people seem 100% quicker How do you do it?

All Victorians please note the next post from me.

As Gath isn't around - the new page for replies isn't up yet - but hopefully will be in the next few days (That's Victoria, Australia - not Canada)
Victorian Sudokuists To Be Let Loose On Melbourne
Friday 15th Dec
7.30 meet up - for an 8pm Dinner
All Welcome - Lurkers, Regulars, Sometimers
Please post whether you will attend by 20th November (for bookings)
Please More...
what a little cutie! baby blue eyes! have a great saturday all.......blessings!
that's one big boot for one small boy!
Just been reading the archives.. wow what a great turn up in Perth!

I just hope Ted pays off the credit card bill before the Melbourne get together. It could be embarrassing if we try to use it... and it bounces... boing ... boing......
Fraz Fraz Fraz Fraz - there IS no limit
Oh and Fraz.................

Go to bed !
Hi Anne and the other Perth party people. Wet and dreary here today for the Veterans Day parade. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!
Poor guy, the one he managed to get on is backwards. I'm sending this from Sun City, Arizona. The little I read back sounds like the Perth get together was a great success. Good for all.
<~~~wishing I was in Australia so I could co to the christmas party ;o(
Hugh, apparently I have to wait for it to grow on me...let me think about that.
Love is blind..yes,but
Marriage is an eye opener>>..
I bought a wastebasket the other day and carried it home in a paper bag. When I got home, I put the paper bag in the wastebasket.
well it does conveys some message i think....
I have to compare with all the nomads. I count 14 places I've lived, all in Northern California in the coast range. 3 in the town I grew up in, 6 at college, and 5 in two towns since, all the time I was working and since I've retired. Not that much moving around for me.
Hi everyone hope all is well in your part of the world.
I remember when rock was young
Me and Sudoku had so much fun
Punching numbers on the ‘puter screen
But the biggest kick I ever got
Was doing a thing called the Sudy Rock
While the the westies More...
Good morning, KEITH! I hope you are enjoying the Fossil Beds! :)
2.36 It's a wild 'n wet day here in the north west of England.I think i'll just stay inside,read my newspapers and do my sudokus.
Have a nice weekend all.
A belated welcome to Louise, thanks for alerting us to your Dad's movements. Congrats on learning your way around Sudokuland.
HUGH, keep me posted on the Wallabies' game. I need to get work done, but will check for results later. I'm sure I could find out on the web, but this way is more fun. I made a late post yesterday re: why I care about the Wallabies. WIll tell the full tale over a L L L L O O O O N N N N G G G L L U N N C C H H in Melbourne midsummer.
Doing this is helping me get how to play them in mags.

Thank you
My gramma just got 2:32. We're going to go the my softball game.
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