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Easy Sudoku for 12/July/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
12/Jul/09 12:00 AM
Good Morning Worldly Peoeple.
12/Jul/09 12:00 AM
I go pour tea and here we are.
12/Jul/09 12:01 AM
Anyone tell me why I have to sign in every time I come on line. I go to zigsaw and when I come back I have to sign in. What I'm I doing wrong?
12/Jul/09 12:03 AM
Elizabeth Have a very nice day and an even better year.
12/Jul/09 12:09 AM
A fourth of July picture
12/Jul/09 12:10 AM
Dorothea th zigsaws ars not on Sudoku.
12/Jul/09 12:12 AM
2:20 The cemetery looks so peaceful now ...
12/Jul/09 12:13 AM
John I used to sign in once a week and now it's there times a day. I did have my computer crash this week, but I restore it and thought all I had lost was some folders. I found the information for those and put them back where I wanted them.
12/Jul/09 12:16 AM
I don't have to sign in every time I go to the jigsaw site and back. If I'm logged in here, I stay that way unless I intentionally log out.
And jigsawsonline.net is part of this site.
Maybe it's a computer problem, Dorthea.
12/Jul/09 12:18 AM
Heidi I'm sure your right. When I first came to this site, Gath fixed it so I could log on in Firefox. I lost firefox and had to reinstall it. Maybe that has it be fix again, but I can't send a message, because I can't remember my url. ( Whatever that is?)
12/Jul/09 12:23 AM
I don't know what it is, either. I'm not very technologically knowledgeable.
12/Jul/09 12:29 AM
Hope all is well with everyone in sudokuland!
12/Jul/09 12:32 AM
Sue - loved this photo as a jigsaw, too.
Good Maen all.
A trip to Normandy is something my husband would really like to do someday.
12/Jul/09 12:33 AM
1:48, all.
12/Jul/09 12:50 AM
Happy Saturday!

12/Jul/09 1:00 AM

Dorthea: The site has to know that it's you, and the only way it knows that is by planting a "cookie" which it recognizes when you log in the next time. It is possible that you are blocking cookies, as many people do for the sake of privacy. You can usually go into More...
12/Jul/09 1:21 AM
everyone! From sunny, 80°

I will never complain about the heat here again! (Well, not for awhile, anyway) How do you Texans survive that stuff???
No time this morning to go back and read posts. I'll try and get caught up in the next few days.
12/Jul/09 1:26 AM
Hope everyone is off to a good start on their weekends. Fiona & other Fionafest attendees, you will be happy to know that the weather in FL is sunny & beautiful today, just how FL is supposed to be. I am trying hard to arrange nice weather for your upcoming visit to the Sunshine State"!!!
12/Jul/09 1:28 AM
Welcome back, Kathy, to home sweet home in MD!!!

Junebug Jenny - nice to see you here, too.

Dorthea - good luck solving your computer problem. I am hoping I won't have any after Rob switches me over to a new computer. I am nervous about going from Windows XP to Windows Vista, which I hear many complaints about!
12/Jul/09 1:32 AM
Heidi, is your e-mail box full? I tried sending you an e-mail this morning & it got kicked back saying you had "exceeded the storage limit".
12/Jul/09 1:34 AM
Oh what the heck - 22?
12/Jul/09 1:35 AM
And a CP!!!!
12/Jul/09 1:35 AM
Must be my lucky day.
12/Jul/09 1:36 AM

Dorthea, on the off chance that you are using the same version of Firefox that I am, and that we are otherwise using similar systems, click on "Tools," (top bar) and then when that menu opens, click on "Options" at the bottom. A menu should appear which asks you what you More...
12/Jul/09 1:49 AM
Hello everyone!! Not very often I am able to get on here on the weekends, so am taking the opportunity!! We are Darby & Joan, home alone this weekend, and what a change after the busyness of last weekend's celebrations, no, not the 4th of July, but the 3rd, which is our baby's 22nd More...
12/Jul/09 1:50 AM
Hello Kathy and congrats on 22!! and a CPer!!

Dorthea, I too, am finding it necessary to sign on much more often recently, but certainly not as often as you, usually only on each new day, not from page to page. Thought it might be something to do with new virus protection as work, as I don't seem to have a problem here at home! Must check the 'cookie' situation there, thanks Ian!
12/Jul/09 1:59 AM
Hi bluey!! Nice to see you here. We wish you & many others could join us at Fionafest! Do you have access to Skype? Sue from OK is bringing her laptop so we can try to hook up with some of our faraway friends. Congrats on your "baby's" birthday - sounds like you had fun celebrating!
12/Jul/09 2:22 AM
Hi bluey. You're up into the wee hours. For me, it's the middle of the morning.
12/Jul/09 2:22 AM
I'm up in the wee hours, too. Can't sleep cos I lost all my emails except the old archived one. Now I keep thinking about what I need to get people to resend. And all this because I renamed a folder
12/Jul/09 2:28 AM
Dorthea and Bluey, I also use firefox and have not had a problem re signing in.at least something in cyber space is working for me.
12/Jul/09 2:33 AM
Hope everyone is having a happy day/night. Cheerio for now and I'll see what the sun brings with it when it gets here.
12/Jul/09 2:54 AM
Awww dino. I know the feeling. Cyberspace feels awfully big when you can't find what you know is out there somewhere.

I'm changing my Youtube again to the Barbara Dennerlein Quartet - Stormy Weather Blues. If I remember right, Mamacita is our resident Jazz expert, so, this is in her honor.
12/Jul/09 2:54 AM
whhooohoooo. Stormy weather blues is just right for this part of the world.
12/Jul/09 2:58 AM
2:37 Hi to all. A sobering photograph.

Thought for the Day:

How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these.
12/Jul/09 3:26 AM
Dino, I do not think I have anything you will miss. Hope you are able to 'find' what you have lost.
Hi to everyone else.
Seems like a lot of Aussies are having trouble sleeping.
12/Jul/09 3:42 AM
Good Afternoon to everyone!

Hello Junebug!! It is good to see you!!!
12/Jul/09 3:57 AM
I have done Fiona's puzzle. All's right with the world
12/Jul/09 4:00 AM
Good afternoon to all! Quite the reminder.
12/Jul/09 4:44 AM
Hi Kathy. Are you back from Texas? Hope you enjoyed your trip.
12/Jul/09 4:45 AM
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