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Easy Sudoku for 12/July/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
12/Jul/14 12:00 AM
12/Jul/14 12:00 AM
Sunny today!
Have a great weekend, everyone!
12/Jul/14 12:00 AM
12/Jul/14 12:10 AM
Nothing better than having Nachos in front of a cozy fire...
12/Jul/14 12:10 AM
after today I get the weekend to rest from PT. Yes, I do PT on my own at home but it I done part the rest then do another part. Makes it easier for me.
12/Jul/14 12:13 AM
I'm jealous of Nacho.
12/Jul/14 12:17 AM
Good morning to all! I wonder if Nacho wakes up and roasts hot dogs in his fireplace.
12/Jul/14 12:30 AM

1) Q
2) Qu
3) qui
4) quit
5) quint
6) quaint
7) antique
8) equitant

In the today we have Judy, Lizzy G, Kathy, Joyce, Dottie R, Aileen, Dave, June, Canuk Greg More...
12/Jul/14 12:37 AM
Based on the clue in parentheses, find a four-letter word that can be inserted backwards into the blank to complete a longer word.

Example: di____ve (a defeat)
Answer: dissolve ('A defeat' gives you LOSS, which is placed backwards in the blank: di_SSOL_ve.)

1. gal____s More...
12/Jul/14 12:38 AM
easy 1-9 today I love easy poozles once in a while
12/Jul/14 12:46 AM
Happy Friday day off!
70 deg F at 7:47am PDT
Typical 'june gloom' outside, but an expected high of 81 degrees for today.
12/Jul/14 12:49 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world.

Hard to believe its the middle of winter here (alas a very dry one) and hubbys rural fire service brigade is out fighting a bush fire(not threatening property luckily). Not a good sign for the summer that lies ahead
12/Jul/14 1:00 AM
Everyone from cloudy So. Oregon.
Keith ... it's raining here and thunder and lightning.
Good thing my model airplane event this weekend is a float fly.
12/Jul/14 1:36 AM
The storm will pass and It is going to get into the low 100s here by Sunday.
12/Jul/14 1:38 AM
Lucky Nacho! He looks so comfortable in front of that fire. Nice to know he's well cared for.
12/Jul/14 2:05 AM
That dog's got a good life.
12/Jul/14 2:11 AM
Bright sun here, Dave, but a little chilly for a summer morning.
12/Jul/14 2:13 AM
Only supposed to get up to 83F today.
12/Jul/14 2:13 AM
Definitely cooler than it has been.
12/Jul/14 2:14 AM
... since I'm so close ...
12/Jul/14 2:14 AM
12/Jul/14 2:15 AM
No Kids puzzles 3 days in a row.
12/Jul/14 2:15 AM

We spent the better part of the morning looking at and choosing what seemed like millions of options for the kitchen re-do. They will now come up with an estimate for the work. We will go through the same mind boggling experience with 2 other companies.
I may survive this, but it's iffy.
12/Jul/14 3:13 AM
I came home, walked out to the kitchen and started second guessing all the choices I had made. This is painful.
12/Jul/14 3:17 AM
I shall now boggle my mind a little more with Serena's puzzle. That's an enjoyable boggle, though.
12/Jul/14 3:22 AM
12/Jul/14 4:25 AM
Dave, since I'm unfamiliar with model airplane events, what is a 'float fly'?
12/Jul/14 5:07 AM
Hey Joyce, while Dave is more than likely going to correct me a model plane that is a float fly does exactly that....takes off and lands in water (hopefully!)
12/Jul/14 5:26 AM
Where is every one???
12/Jul/14 6:01 AM
For those who remember my great niece Olivia, it's her Birthday, she is 9 today.
12/Jul/14 6:03 AM
While I am on a roll, Kathy did you get my message?
12/Jul/14 6:04 AM
I should be in Karen's favorite room working on dinner. I know it is early put the prep time needed is quiet long.
12/Jul/14 6:05 AM
That is a CP
12/Jul/14 6:06 AM
Thanks, Lizzy
12/Jul/14 6:34 AM
12/Jul/14 7:26 AM
to Miss Olivia!

Nacho is a chill pooch - I like him.

Went tubing on the river today with Silverguy, The Kid and her best friend. Fun times!
12/Jul/14 7:31 AM
Oh, and to everyone!
12/Jul/14 7:31 AM
Silvergal, never leave us at the bottom of a page,
12/Jul/14 7:52 AM
some people think it is fun to go to the next page
12/Jul/14 7:53 AM
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