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Easy Sudoku for 12/July/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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12/Jul/15 12:00 AM
Good morning, folks!
12/Jul/15 12:03 AM
Good Morning all, midnight has past so I will also say Good Night.
12/Jul/15 12:12 AM

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. It's nice and sunny here today. Opening up the house to let all the fresh air through.
12/Jul/15 12:13 AM
Hello, everyone! Sacky and I have pretty much worked out the itinerary for next year's Australia adventure. Unfortunately, we won't be visiting Western Australia this time around. I really wanted to include the Bungle Bungles but discovered the park is closed for the month of March! Bummer! So More...
12/Jul/15 2:18 AM
Morning all. I'm so envious of all your traveling, Jane. Wish I could still be doing it.
12/Jul/15 2:36 AM
Well, you've certainly done plenty of traveling, Keith! I'm just trying to catch up with you!!
12/Jul/15 2:48 AM
12/Jul/15 3:13 AM
Woohoo, got my fav post!!!
My manners!
12/Jul/15 3:15 AM
Oh golly, could I fit in your suitcase, Jane???
12/Jul/15 3:22 AM
Good afternoon to all! I wonder if this is a photo Ian submitted?
12/Jul/15 4:00 AM
It's quiet here today!
12/Jul/15 4:00 AM
I had to do a search on that one. I now know that Wayang Kulit are shadow puppets.
12/Jul/15 4:04 AM

Lore n-8-art-blue-ice cream

In the today we have More...
12/Jul/15 4:09 AM
, y'all! Hey, I had a salad for lunch, and nothing pink in it (that would kinda worry me).
12/Jul/15 4:54 AM
Weekend Rebus! Decipher the 10 common phrases below, and send your answers to my 'Total Rebus' inbox. Answers in two days!


polf polf


straw ←

      n 2 s
  u          u
 s             n
12/Jul/15 5:04 AM
Colourful photo today.
12/Jul/15 5:10 AM
'morning all. We are supposed to be in for a very cold day )for us) today. It is a bit too early to tell as yet. Yesterday was a lovely 20*c.
I think Lori from Adelaide took all these photos from Indonesia.
12/Jul/15 6:25 AM
Morning all, thank you June , I've been wondering who took the photos.
12/Jul/15 6:58 AM
I just checked the web cam at Katoomba. Very windy but no snow. Hi Amelia, not sure if it will be quite as cold as predicted.
12/Jul/15 7:26 AM
I expected Keith to be galloping.
12/Jul/15 7:26 AM
Maybe I will take 22 for him.
12/Jul/15 7:27 AM
Thanks June. I was confused about who took that photo but I knew we'd seen it before.
12/Jul/15 7:44 AM
Happy Saturday! Enjoying a couple of days off in a row.
12/Jul/15 7:50 AM
Had a short travel day, had rain most of the way. Makes for along drive.
12/Jul/15 8:23 AM
1:40. Good morning everyone.
12/Jul/15 8:52 AM
Mrs Wombat has just asked where is all this bad weather. It is still sunny here in Canberra. The weather radar indicates that thick cloud is very patchy. The main front is at about Warragul in Victoria and south of the Dividing Range,
12/Jul/15 11:50 AM
Thanks to Keith's generosity I now have a more name relevant avatar. Let me know if it is confusing to have two people with wombat avatars and I'll change.
12/Jul/15 11:56 AM
Now that I just added a couple of new Wombat Avatars, I consider that one to now be all yours. Enjoy.
12/Jul/15 12:15 PM
Night all.
12/Jul/15 12:55 PM
Thanks Keith, you are more than generous. We have a 200 acre bush block out in the Brindabella ranges west of Canberra. It is on Wombat Hill and used to have a shack on it, called Wombat Lodge, until burnt out by bushfire over ten years ago. Alas I am now too old and infirm to rebuild. Hence my affinity with wombats.
12/Jul/15 2:09 PM
We were at our daughter's farm today and there was a road kill wombat nearby. The holes on her place are a worry with her horses. Also making sure that they do not dig burrows in the side of her dam.
12/Jul/15 8:36 PM
Although the wind was rather cold the day was not as bad as for us as was predicted. My daughter also has a combustion heater burning nice big logs.
12/Jul/15 8:38 PM
I will have to get used to Wombat using that avatar and realise that it is not Keith.
12/Jul/15 8:39 PM
Sorry we won't see Jane and Marg in the West I might have to schedule my dentist visit to Adelaide to catch up. I usually go February and August , so am sure I can stretch it to March.😁
12/Jul/15 9:11 PM
That sounds a lovely idea Margo.
12/Jul/15 9:38 PM
Not going to get to page 2, are we?
12/Jul/15 11:59 PM
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