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Easy Sudoku for 13/January/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Morning.
Good morning all. Glad to be back.
Good Morning to everyone (or evening or night or afternoon.......you get the drift)

Good Morning! It's January 23, 2007. January 13 is the 13th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. It is still celebrated as New Year's Eve by those on the Julian calendar (Old New Year). There are 352 days remaining (353 in a leap year). On this day in 1957 Wham-O Company produced the first More...
2.21 at 7:10am Oklahoma time. Good Maen! Interesting picture. I should show my children so they will quit complaining about having to walk to school.
Still up so I thought I'd do this before going to bed. Interesting photo of Vietnam. More exotic places to visit on the site. Good maeN
Pleae Jim. Not the 23rd. It is going fast enough.
Good Maen all! Are those girls on their way to school? Light snow flurries this morning but I'm afraid it is going to turn to rain. Early morning for me to drop off hubby and son at airport at 5:30am. They are off to Florida for a soccer tournament at Disney World. Lucky them!
Good mAen to all
Sory I cant give any comment because Iam not understand this picture
May some friend explame it to me
Many thanks
Good morning all, Anne didn't we open a can of worms yesterday with the comments about daylight saving. I've been reading all 7 pages thought the hot sweaty night was a real crack up. LOL
Victoria from Fernland QLD I lived most of my life in the Nelson Bay area have only been down here since 2000 we will be moving back in about 18 months as all our family are there. Was your father in the RAAF at Williamtown ?
Good Maen, everyone! My first time commenting - discovered Sudoku 4 months ago - now need my daily fix of the puzzles & your comments! Anyway, last month my just-turned-7-year-old grandson Drew saw me doing a puzzle & wanted to know how it works. Much to my surprise, he could do an Easy (adult) More...
Mean everyone. 2:23-my best time ever. 2 degrees F this morning with some snow. Time to hibernate.
Wgat? no photo? 2:34
oops - wHat? no photo?
Found it!
Hi Dodie!

Congratulations to your grandson Drew!
Also, kudos to you for teaching him well.
Morning everyone...a rainy day here in PA. First it snows, then it rains, then the sun comes out. We are having crazy old weather here and the flu is out with a vengeance! Hope you are all doing well and have a great day! Blessings!
To WAgdy Kamel from Cairo Egypt: Hi, Wagdy! It seems that the picture shows a group of girls and a few adults walking on a path - maybe going to school. Many are carrying something on their backs or in their hands. Maybe someone else has a better idea of what the picture shows - especially the person who took the picture.

1:32 Maen
Good morning to all! It's the weekend on the other side of the world, and a long weekend for me as I took a Friday off work! Yippee!
Hi Dodie! Welcome as a first time poster, and kudos to your grandson Drew!
Hey Greg, what is this? Are you practising for your retardment?
2:04 MAEN Fastest 'Easy' time ever on my laptop with the tiny little mouse...
Have a great week end !
Congratulation to Dodie and Drew !
Good Friday Maen, all!

Hi, Dodie!
Good job, Drew!

Gotta love this weather, high of 46F yesterday, high of 26F today!
Hugh/Ganniemo: I've been trawling the wine aisles of our local supermarket to see if I can find 'wine casks', but they don't seem to stock them. I'm sure I've seen them somewhere, so will have to keep looking!
em they look like cardboard boxes. They have soft plastic liners and a tap inside. They come in 3 litres and 5 litre sizes. In fact I have seen 10 litre.German wine is also available so I assume they are for sale in Germany.
GannieMo, Is there a good box wine? We have it here, but most of it is so bad, I wouldn't serve it to an enemy! But then maybe I am just spoiled with our wine, always smooth and full flavored
GannieMo: Thanks for the description. I;ll have to try the wine&spirit sections of the department stores, as the supermarkets don't seem to stock them. I've enjoyed looking!
Mo: I've been practising for my retardment for quite a while now!
2:38 Hi to all and have a good weekend, Greg looks like your weekend has begun already!
Hello to Dodie and well done Drew!

Thought for the Day:

Do not regret growing old....it is a privilege denied many...!
Dodie, welcome, & Congrats Drew.

WAgdy Kamel, other comments about walking to school might be because of the plaid skirts that suggest school uniforms. I'm as puzzled as you by the word Sepa in the comment. Can anybody help with that.
Morning andré, at least it is here. The tftd makes a good point.
I agree Keith, some of my friends complain about their birthdays and getting a year older, I always say I would rather have a birthday and get a year older, it is better than the alternative
Greg: No Freudian slip. You missed my retardment joke yesterday.
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