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Easy Sudoku for 13/October/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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HI all!
13/Oct/09 12:01 AM
Gosh, haven't been first for a long time. Nice to be back after a few sick days...thanks for covering Kathy!
Here's today's riddle, answers to the recovering inbox please!
For each of the pairs of words below, insert a word in the blank space between them to form two separate words such that More...
13/Oct/09 12:05 AM

13/Oct/09 12:06 AM
ok, I get it - you're all playing somewhere else and have forgotten to tell me where! Charming!
13/Oct/09 12:06 AM
It's ironic that devastating fires and/or air pollution often result in the most beautiful sunsets!
13/Oct/09 12:16 AM
Are we in the right place Fiona. Even I have made the first ten. Have you transferred your bugs to all?
13/Oct/09 12:19 AM
Not yet Mo, give them some time to incubate!
13/Oct/09 12:24 AM
Are we on the right day? page? site?
13/Oct/09 1:09 AM
Has there been a row/debate-gone-wrong while I've been away? I'm glad Joe and Bev posted - at least that way I know the whole world hasn't been beamed up to some other planet.
13/Oct/09 1:27 AM

No row, Fiona. It's just that everybody has gone to a new site they found:


13/Oct/09 1:31 AM
Indeed that would explain a lot.
13/Oct/09 1:34 AM
Happy Monday!

...well, until I leave for work in 1/2 hour...
13/Oct/09 1:35 AM
Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians!
13/Oct/09 1:54 AM
I'm sure every woman on this site laughed at the bathroom experience post yesterday. It brought to mind my first trial by fire in China. Paper seat covers wouldn't have made a difference. Nothing to cover!
I'm sorry you've been ill, Fiona. What a waste of a weekend!
13/Oct/09 2:03 AM
to all our Canadian friends!
13/Oct/09 2:04 AM

I mean this in the spirit of true debate. I did not find the toilet discussion particularly enjoyable, nor did I laugh at it.

Having said that, I still think that what makes this site good is that people have the freedom to talk about a range of topics -- even those I'd More...
13/Oct/09 2:08 AM
Here are the answers to yesterday's puzzle. Only Greg had almost all of them!

Example: Clue: Dog Bloom
Answer: Cauliflower
Explanation: "Collie" "Flower"

What are these other veggies?

1. Caution Groove - care rut (carrot)
2. Rotate Bite - turn More...
13/Oct/09 2:15 AM
Thank you Kathy. No wonder I didn't get some of them they were American§ Still the ones I did get were correct.
13/Oct/09 2:26 AM
I didn't think of that, Mo. What do you (or others) in other parts of the world call the different vegetables? I'm always up for learning something new!
13/Oct/09 2:31 AM
We're visiting our grandchildren for a few days. It is always so wonderful to see them!
13/Oct/09 2:41 AM
zucchini, I ask you! "Courgettes" are so much more palatable - to the palate AND to the ear.
13/Oct/09 2:53 AM
13/Oct/09 2:53 AM
Oh Fiona - wonderful to find a difference of ear, as it were. Zucchini is US, the Italian singular is Zucchina, hence plural zucchine (so they are feminine!) Whenever I think of them I have to convert in my brain to say "courgette" - but I love my risotto with zucchine!
13/Oct/09 3:38 AM
Good to get things cleared up......

Have you ever wondered what the difference between Grandmothers and Grandfathers is? Well here it is:

A friend, who worked away from home all week, always made a special effort with his family on the weekends. Every Sunday morning he would take More...
13/Oct/09 4:01 AM
everyone from still sunny souther Oregon. That is about to change. Looks like rain tomorrow and leave for Arizona in two weeks.
13/Oct/09 4:03 AM
Hi Dave. Kind of overcast here today, and we've had frost several times already. Yes, time for you to fly south.
13/Oct/09 4:14 AM
Hi everyoe.
Wishig all of youa very nice day wherever you are.
13/Oct/09 4:27 AM
You are a chou-head, Fiona! What a bunch of baliverne!

13/Oct/09 4:30 AM
now I would have put an S on the end of baliverne, Kathy...given that you have a whole bunch of them!
13/Oct/09 4:38 AM
and Helen, what's the name of the Italian singer, something like zuccini...
13/Oct/09 4:39 AM
and while we're at at - what on earth was wrong with the delicious-sounding "aubergine" for you yanks to go call it an eggplant??? Dear oh dear.
13/Oct/09 4:41 AM
A singing zucchini? Lie down and put a cool cloth on your head, Fiona....
13/Oct/09 4:56 AM
Fiona, I prefer potato to ground apple and plum to prune. And isn't the Brit word for zucchini marrow?
13/Oct/09 5:15 AM
oooooo! Very pretty! I love the palm trees against the water! Thanks!
13/Oct/09 5:16 AM
I've been pretty sick again, so am only stopping in to say 'Hi' - although at a glance I figured out a few of your puzzle words, Fiona. May get back. Not even doing sudokus - maybe later.
13/Oct/09 5:19 AM
Fiona, love the courgette & aubergine alternatives to zucchini & eggplant, but wish I could hear you pronounce them. I still practice how you taught me to say "cabernet sauvignon"!
13/Oct/09 5:22 AM
Easy today,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
13/Oct/09 5:25 AM
oh Kathy, you made me laugh with the cabernet sauvignon - all together now, KA-BER-NEIGH-SEW-VEE-NJONG! Plum, marrows are things old men with allotments try to grow as BIG as possible - everyone else with a sense of style has adopted 'courgette'!
13/Oct/09 5:31 AM
Aubergine ... eggplant ... by any name, it still tastes awful to me.
13/Oct/09 5:31 AM
Happy Birthday Tina.
13/Oct/09 5:32 AM
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