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Easy Sudoku for 13/April/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen
13/Apr/10 12:00 AM
everyone! & John.
A pretty Spring day here today. The sun is shining, my tulips are blooming, the lawn has had its first mowing, the birds are singing, the bees are humming...Ahhhh!
13/Apr/10 12:00 AM
Lovely flowers.
13/Apr/10 12:01 AM
Missed yesterday, but have to add one more comment... I put a sign in my yard (garden) once because a neighbor made it a habit of letting their dog 'go' on our lawn each day during its morning walk. It said:
If your dog p**ps, please scoop.
I like to walk barefoot
in the dew, not the doo-doo!
13/Apr/10 12:02 AM
Shiela make a bunch of those signs and sell them.
13/Apr/10 12:11 AM
Hehehe! So cute Shiela!
Good Maen all...beautiful reminder of spring, Kay. Thank you!
13/Apr/10 12:16 AM
13/Apr/10 12:24 AM
What beautiful flowers!

Good Morning to everyone!
13/Apr/10 12:47 AM

Re: The scooping problem. I once "caught" someone letting their dog do it's thing on my front lawn. I walked out and very pleasantly handed the guy a plastic bag. He was truly embarrassed, and immediately cleaned up. The dog didn't care, though.
13/Apr/10 12:50 AM
A couple of answers to yesterday's puzzle:
MNXRLT4U = Ham and eggs are healthy for you.
Congrats to Greg and CynB!
I laughed at Greg's answer and thought you might enjoy it too:

Notice of Law Suit
Canuk Greg from Ottawa, Canada
You are hereby notified that you are being More...
13/Apr/10 1:10 AM
So discourteous to not clean up after your dog on a walk.

Today's Easy was more like a Medium.
13/Apr/10 1:11 AM
Good morning. Back home after a few days away so I am enjoying catching up with the puzzles.
We had neighbours that used to bring their dog over to our lawn when we first moved in. They had always done that before we built and kept doing it for a while after we moved in! In our area most people now carry a plastic bag when they walk their dogs.
13/Apr/10 1:28 AM
13/Apr/10 1:57 AM
I'll bring it one closer for Keith
13/Apr/10 2:22 AM
The count is building up a little slowly today
13/Apr/10 2:23 AM
I'm going to miss it again. Off to be busy out of the house for a few hours. May somebody very cool capture my prize.
13/Apr/10 2:45 AM
Three hours, and it's not to 22 yet?
13/Apr/10 3:01 AM
Gee, Gosh, Wow! I go away for a few days and it has come to this. S-L-O-W!

Guess I have to find someone to stir for me while I'm away...
13/Apr/10 3:37 AM
I've been sick, for a few days. I'm much better now though. Thanks for asking...
13/Apr/10 3:42 AM
Just got up after watching the whole disk of 'Bones' It's not 11 am yet, so not too bad.
13/Apr/10 3:42 AM
Good Maen to all
13/Apr/10 3:44 AM
13/Apr/10 3:47 AM
Well, I'll "set someone up."
13/Apr/10 3:49 AM
Just happened to sign back in at the right time!
(Thanks, Keith! Does that mean I'm 'very cool'?)
13/Apr/10 3:49 AM
Way to go Shiela.
13/Apr/10 3:49 AM
See, I was going to leave at 21, but, some "lurkers" just had to jump the gun...
13/Apr/10 3:50 AM
You almost got it, Jerry!
13/Apr/10 3:50 AM
Didn't know you were sick, but am glad you are feeling better, Jerry.
13/Apr/10 3:52 AM
Remember, folks, Shiela's comment about the 1st lawn mowing. Can't wait to here the comments from 3 months down the road... (Argg gdd Gotta mow the bleepin' lawn, Again!
13/Apr/10 3:54 AM
Shiela, I went "south" last wed. Felt ok when I left. When I got there, Ugh...
13/Apr/10 3:57 AM
Well, a Two inch stack of "window mail" awaits...
13/Apr/10 3:59 AM
You are right, Jerry, about hot weather, mowing, etc. Always nice for the first few times... and then
13/Apr/10 4:11 AM
HI all! Hope everyone is well - Jerry too - and ready for a new riddle. Answers to the 'anywhere on this earth' inbox please!

Read the sentence below and determine what the four uppercase words have in common.

As you put down your bowl of STEW and take your SEAT, you let out a SHOUT and leap back up; you sat on a THORN!

13/Apr/10 5:21 AM
Good afternoon to all! Now that's unusual. We hardly ever see flower pictures on the site!
13/Apr/10 5:34 AM
Hi Fiona. Did you participate in International Tartan Day festivities? I imagine they are widely celebrated in France!
13/Apr/10 5:36 AM
The site seems to have turned into a virtual Internet ghost town lately!
13/Apr/10 5:38 AM
the what? CG?!! A new one for me!!
And as for the site, yes, can't you just hear the Ennio Morricone music whistling through the archives!
13/Apr/10 5:48 AM

I'm afraid the Facebook games have taken a toll, Greg.
But I see Fiona has untied herself again. And here I was poised to riddle everyone. Goody, I get to use a few brain cells today! I must be verry, verry careful, I don't have many to spare.
13/Apr/10 5:49 AM
Finshed under the shed have you?
13/Apr/10 5:54 AM
Well, my Elmer Fudd impression didn't go vewwy, vewwy well! lol
13/Apr/10 5:56 AM
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