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Easy Sudoku for 13/April/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good night one and all!
13/Apr/17 12:08 AM
Everyone! Speaking of everyone, where are you?!
13/Apr/17 12:45 AM
Bedtime, night all.
13/Apr/17 12:51 AM
Ghost post strikes again.
13/Apr/17 12:52 AM
13/Apr/17 12:53 AM
Morning all.
13/Apr/17 1:05 AM
I know I haven't been here in a while but I know you guys are good for well wishes and prayers. This is a copy of an email I just got from Elijah's school.

'Good morning,

Essex Police contacted Essex High School reporting that an armed individual was threatening to appear at the More...
13/Apr/17 1:20 AM
That's a horrible e-mail to receive, Serena.
The good news is the police are there and the schools have taken action. Sending every good thought I can that the situation is resolved quickly and safely.
13/Apr/17 1:56 AM
13/Apr/17 2:08 AM
I have a few things to do then I will be back to post a poozle.....
13/Apr/17 2:09 AM
Oh. Serena, if I were there I would be at your side holding you up with a hug. Think the good thing is that they're doing preventative work right now.
13/Apr/17 2:11 AM
Serena, prayers going to you and all the students in the schools in your area. Other school are also in lock down when according to news.
13/Apr/17 2:21 AM
13/Apr/17 2:23 AM

'The Essex Police Department has informed us that Essex High School has been swept and the building has been deemed safe by police. The person who caused the threat was not in the school.

Essex High School has moved from ‘lockdown protocol’ to ‘lockout protocol,’ as More...
13/Apr/17 2:24 AM
June, one of the reasons I like living here is that we seldom make news.
13/Apr/17 2:25 AM
Gives new meaning to 'No news is good news', Serena.
13/Apr/17 2:53 AM
Sunny today!
Went to physical therapy this morning.
It seems to be identifying all of my weaknesses!
13/Apr/17 2:56 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: 41312432

In honor of the upcoming holiday, winners Judy, Plum, Wombat, Dave (new poozler!), and lonewoof receive the ''It's A Bunny, Honey! Crown''
13/Apr/17 3:19 AM
And, for today....

Find rhymes for each set of words so the first is a category and the rest are items in the category.
For example, LOYALTY: spring, clean, rinse = ROYALTY: king, queen, prince

1. LOIN: mortar, climb, pickle
2. SQUISH: famine, search, doubt
3. GILDING: More...
13/Apr/17 3:23 AM
Looks like he's enjoying himself while learning.
13/Apr/17 3:37 AM
Another update:

'The Essex Police Department has cleared Essex High School, the exterior grounds and parking lot. There will be an early dismissal for EHS/CTE students at 2:05 p.m. today. Students will be dismissed class by class from the main office entrance. Educational Drive in front of More...
13/Apr/17 3:56 AM
13/Apr/17 4:20 AM
Serena, so glad to hear everything's ok up there in your neck of the woods! Give your students a great big hug when you see 'em!
13/Apr/17 4:34 AM
Good morning.
13/Apr/17 5:19 AM
You've had a very worrying day, Serena. Glad the news got better with each email.
13/Apr/17 5:21 AM
Now I'm worrying. I'm waiting on the bus which usually gets here 27 minutes ago.
13/Apr/17 5:24 AM
1:45. Good morning everyone.
13/Apr/17 5:56 AM
Serena, hopefully, by the time you read this post, the bus will have arrived and you're home, safe and sound!
13/Apr/17 6:03 AM
My baby is home. All is right with the world.
13/Apr/17 6:16 AM
Nothing better.
13/Apr/17 6:38 AM
Good morning everyone!
13/Apr/17 6:54 AM
Morning all .
Serena, so pleased that all is well with your family. Not a pleasant way to spend the day.❤️
13/Apr/17 6:58 AM
Hello Judy, nice to see your greeting.
13/Apr/17 7:03 AM
Hello all! I was discharged from the hospital today and I am now back at home. When I went to the hospital I was facing a possible amputation of my right foot but a procedure involving an arterial bypass from my groin area to my foot brought blood back to my foot and seems to be a long term More...
13/Apr/17 8:20 AM
Yay, CG!!! Good to hear from you again!!!
13/Apr/17 8:31 AM
But surgery on the lower extreme means elevating your foot all the time! So let the veins in your foot heal and start working like they should!
13/Apr/17 8:33 AM
Yay, Serena! Nothing having your family where you can keep an eye on them! Bet Elijah has some story to tell! I know about lock downs where you can't leave the room! Try to imagine a classroom full of third graders who can't go to the restroom!!! No way can we have the regularly scheduled lesson for the day! Hope Elijah has convinced you he needs a cell phone!
13/Apr/17 8:37 AM
so close . . .
13/Apr/17 8:37 AM
Now for the mad dash . . .
13/Apr/17 8:37 AM
13/Apr/17 8:38 AM
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