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Easy Sudoku for 13/August/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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You get to see my baby blues today.
After such a gorgeous weekend, a bit of rain is just fine!
13/Aug/13 12:00 AM
Glad to report that my neighbor's cat made it through my watch! Whew!
13/Aug/13 12:00 AM
It amazes me how patient some animals can be.
13/Aug/13 12:03 AM

While Christmas shopping, a man chose a gold ring set with stones for his mother.

A ring set with 2 rubies and a diamond would have cost $3,000. One set with 4 amethysts and a diamond would come to $2,000. And 3 emeralds, 1 More...
13/Aug/13 12:04 AM
Good morning people of the world.
13/Aug/13 12:16 AM
Sewing Machine Day
13/Aug/13 12:16 AM
Happy advancing in age, Saylz.

Wendy and Kath, hope you have wonderful days, too.
13/Aug/13 12:21 AM
I missed Debby's day, hope you advanced happily, dear.
13/Aug/13 12:23 AM
Good maen from beautiful, sunny Portland, Oregon.
13/Aug/13 12:52 AM

I can not believe that ANYONE came up with ''limbo-limb'' for #5 yesterday! I thought I was being obscure with ''spinel-spine''! Thank you for the acceptance, Mr. Cee.
BUT! I am not going to be the only one with that flaky More...
13/Aug/13 12:58 AM
No, no, no, Kathy! Whyyyyyyyy????
'Jack be limbo, Jack be...'
13/Aug/13 1:20 AM
Thanks alot Kathy, That song will be in my head all day. How low can you go?
13/Aug/13 1:32 AM
Serena, Your 'Big Boy' is a lucky young man. You and your husband deserve kudos for making the Battleship Cove trip happen. I'm sure that there are, more than a few, children living in the area, who don't get to visit. Onya!
13/Aug/13 1:35 AM
Another day with showers. The weather predictors are saying this week we will have 4 of 7 days with showers.
13/Aug/13 1:40 AM
My dog would never stand still for that kind of foolishness.
13/Aug/13 1:43 AM
I need to start looking for hotels again. Sis has put together everyones must see list and sent me an itinerary. She seems to think just because I don't work I have more thime than she does.
13/Aug/13 1:46 AM
13/Aug/13 2:45 AM
Wanna race?
13/Aug/13 2:45 AM
Guess not. I'm going back to copying and I'll check later.
13/Aug/13 2:55 AM
I'll race ... You still around?
13/Aug/13 2:57 AM
One more.
13/Aug/13 2:57 AM
13/Aug/13 2:57 AM
I checked back too late. Oh well.
13/Aug/13 2:58 AM
Off to enjoy a day in Victoria.
13/Aug/13 3:00 AM
13/Aug/13 3:08 AM
Hubby decided that Mikei was be lonely and needed a sibling to ameliorate the situation. So we ended up going to several animal shelters and found Pikachu a black shorthair male. Very loving and about a month older than Mikei.
13/Aug/13 3:14 AM
Now I have 3 cats to care for and the two kittens love being near me and demand my attention while my hubby is left alone!
13/Aug/13 3:16 AM
Good afternoon to all! I think today's photo is one of Fii's old photos.
13/Aug/13 3:23 AM
Mr Cee, not to be too picky, but the limbo is a Jamaican version of calypso and not 'rock' music.
13/Aug/13 3:25 AM
Shosho, we already have a Bat woman, so I guess we'll have to start calling you Cat woman!
13/Aug/13 3:26 AM
Nope, I'm the hyper squirrelly type!
13/Aug/13 3:33 AM
Everything for Elijah's homeschool packet is printed, copied, and put in a manilla envelope. I'll have hubby take it to the post office on his way back to the barn. It will be officially on time and technically late when it gets there.
13/Aug/13 3:35 AM
Squirrel woman doesn't have the same ring to it. Did you ever see ''hoodwinked''?
13/Aug/13 3:36 AM
Darn my luck.

The girls and I planned a quiet, uneventful day today. It was working too, I had machine doing my biding and they were quietly lazing away in their rooms. Then MIL called and wanted to know if they wanted to go bowling with her and her sister and her grandies. Duh. More...
13/Aug/13 4:03 AM
Poor dog. He looks so silly!
13/Aug/13 4:16 AM
Thanks a bunch, Kathy. Now ''Limbo Rock'' is running through my head, too.
Jack be limbo, jack be quick,
Jack go under limbo stick....
13/Aug/13 4:22 AM
HI all! Having a wonderful week with my old uni pal - there have been tears but a lot of laughs and hopefully she'll leave in a couple of days with some good memories to cover up the bad time she's been having recently. There's nothing better than an old friend, is there?
13/Aug/13 5:49 AM
13/Aug/13 5:54 AM
Karen, are you really leaving us all the way down here?
13/Aug/13 5:55 AM
13/Aug/13 5:55 AM
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