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Easy Sudoku for 14/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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can it be?!?!?!?
14/Jan/16 12:09 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
14/Jan/16 12:09 AM
what is going on here???
14/Jan/16 12:40 AM
Good question Lizzy....
G'nite everybody.
Have a good day.
14/Jan/16 12:47 AM
Good morning to all! It looks like you scared everyone away Lizzy!
14/Jan/16 12:48 AM

Seems that way Greg.......
14/Jan/16 12:53 AM
14/Jan/16 2:04 AM
Good morning all - had our first shovelable snow ...outta practice! First we needed to locate the shovels
14/Jan/16 2:15 AM
I've been playing with my new Raspberry Pi computer ($35 + accessories). Great tool for kids to learn programming (includes Python, C, and even Mathematica for free!).
14/Jan/16 2:47 AM

I'm with Joyce. I could see my shovel up on the wall rack, but I had to pull the car back to be able to get to it!
14/Jan/16 3:00 AM
I've never shoveled snow. I don't feel at all bad about saying that.
14/Jan/16 3:29 AM

Ive spent just one day in snow in my life and that was one too many. I dont envy anyone that has to deal with that white stuff at all....
14/Jan/16 4:34 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
14/Jan/16 4:43 AM
I'm with you, Keith! I've never shoveled snow, too! But I've played in it! Now I know how to make a huge snow ball!!! And throw little ones!
14/Jan/16 4:44 AM
Can one feel very cold and sweat at the same time? Nowadays when I run early in the morning, it's cold enough to wear mittens. But after my run, I'm all sweaty! Rather a paradox!
14/Jan/16 4:46 AM
I remember the deep snow in Yorkshire in 1947. The school plumbing froze up and we had no school for about 6 weeks.
As a child it was the healthiest, most enjoyable winter we ever had.
Snowballing and sledging all and every day.
14/Jan/16 5:25 AM
Good to see you posting Rayray. I hope you are well. If you folks want to play in the snow, come to Ottawa.
14/Jan/16 5:41 AM
Going to go for it.
14/Jan/16 5:44 AM
Somebody should come along with me.
14/Jan/16 5:45 AM
We'll see who it might be.
14/Jan/16 5:45 AM
14/Jan/16 5:45 AM
14/Jan/16 5:45 AM
I'd like to eat here...


14/Jan/16 5:48 AM
Cider is fun looking for a place to happen.
14/Jan/16 5:53 AM
Initially I thought Keith was saying he's going to go for Greg's offer to come play in Ottawa's snow...
14/Jan/16 6:13 AM
That eating spot would be a treat, DoA.

But I'm unsure why Shosho hasn't yet tried the potato spiral on a stick - looks yummy! It would be the first item on my Farmers Market shopping list!
14/Jan/16 6:21 AM
Morning all,Cider looks ready to play.
Another hot day ahead better get some jobs done, I can feel it already.
14/Jan/16 6:36 AM
Cider is sure cute, and he looks happy and playful too.
14/Jan/16 6:52 AM
Good morning all. No snow here to shovel and glad I don't have to. Wouldn't mind making a snow visit to Ottawa though, just as long as you do the shovelling Greg.
14/Jan/16 7:08 AM
I'm going on a 3 day open water diving course next week. Its going to be pretty demanding, but worth it.
14/Jan/16 7:17 AM
10 hours study on the computer today - can't do the practical session s without doing the theory first!
14/Jan/16 7:19 AM
Enjoy your day folks!
14/Jan/16 7:20 AM
Debating whether or not to go buy a Powerball ticket. The jackpot is up to 1.5 billion. It's almost too tempting, but the odds probably aren't with me.
14/Jan/16 8:00 AM
It's been pretty slow lately. Several missing. Does anyone know where Kathy (Maryland) is? I hope she is well.
14/Jan/16 9:01 AM
Here I am! I had the Christmas visitors for an extra 10 days because, first the baby got sick, then his mom. Dad had to rent a car to drive back to go to work while the rest of the family stayed here to recoup. Mom was finally well enough to drive back to NC last week. Then I got More...
14/Jan/16 9:31 AM
Well, it seems your new year is off to a great start, Kathy.
Hope you're feeling better.
14/Jan/16 10:15 AM
14/Jan/16 10:16 AM
14/Jan/16 10:17 AM
One more...
14/Jan/16 10:17 AM
14/Jan/16 10:18 AM
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