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Easy Sudoku for 14/December/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
n. Chats with Mum's sister(s). (Windy perhaps, but not like Rayray's gales.)
14/Dec/11 12:00 AM
Won't need today.
Guess I'll just spend the day decorating my Christmas tree!
14/Dec/11 12:00 AM
14/Dec/11 12:06 AM
I'd be talking to ghosts, Kayo...
14/Dec/11 12:11 AM
14/Dec/11 12:13 AM
No worries talking to ghosts, Shiela. Only when they talk back.
14/Dec/11 12:15 AM
Is that two eyes and a mouth?
14/Dec/11 12:22 AM
Good Morning ladies!
14/Dec/11 12:42 AM
Interesting photo. Good morning all.
14/Dec/11 12:45 AM
Very dramatic photo.
14/Dec/11 12:46 AM
Well done photo. Eerie. The colors, while forceful, feel wrong. I expect a glacier to be bluish/white, not predominantly black.
14/Dec/11 1:03 AM
Morning Keith...gonna stick around for your number? You've been hitting it a lot lately.
14/Dec/11 1:05 AM
Shall we help him?
14/Dec/11 1:08 AM
Oh-Oh, Shiela - your help snagged Annie's spot...lucky #13!
I'm done with the puzzles...don't know if I can stick around to help much more.
14/Dec/11 1:21 AM
A correction, O clever and wonderful Phantom... Park Western is on her way to an Iowa feedlot, where she'll be fed up until she provides plenty of choice or prime steaks. McDonalds buys old cows that are sick, injured or just ancient. They won't pay the price of choice or prime beef.
14/Dec/11 1:21 AM
Good morning people of the world.
14/Dec/11 2:10 AM
Kaith - they are making you wait.
14/Dec/11 2:11 AM
National Cocoa Day.

We really need to celebrate this day, since there is a scare of a shortage.
14/Dec/11 2:11 AM
There was a Christmas gift giving post on yesterdays pages. I have been asked by 14 year old niece and nephew to please just give money this year. I would rather give a gift, but apparently, I do not know what teenagers want. Kinda of hurt my feelings.
14/Dec/11 2:14 AM
Oh, Eve, I won't let him wait, I will race though.
14/Dec/11 2:14 AM
Need to start wrapping gifts, Man is starting to snoop around.
14/Dec/11 2:15 AM
Am I here in time?
14/Dec/11 2:15 AM
Keith, where are you?
Cannot blame it on your cold.
14/Dec/11 2:15 AM
Oh, Jane.
14/Dec/11 2:16 AM
Timing is everything.
14/Dec/11 2:17 AM
Sorry, Keith, but I couldn't help myself.
14/Dec/11 2:17 AM
Actually, it was pure luck.
14/Dec/11 2:17 AM
Where to find Samarai Sudoku...on line
14/Dec/11 2:21 AM
HI all! Hello Jane, long time no see. RayRay I see there is a severe weather warning with you for the next few days...it's not all over yet!
To the poozle - only three answers to the girly question from Peter, Mr Cee and Captain J, who all saw through Amanda. I used to love that name when I was More...
14/Dec/11 2:25 AM
HarryLime - there are samourai sudokus on the Times Online on a Saturday, but you need to have a subscription to the Times to access them...
14/Dec/11 2:26 AM
Hope everyone is doing well. I'm happy to report that Jaime is holding steady. He has appointments this week with two of his doctors (the back doc and the heart doc), and hopefully, they're not going to find anything new that needs attention!
14/Dec/11 2:30 AM
Here's today's one - answers to the 'I'm totally scrambled' inbox please!
Penny the Platypus got a call from a friend that some of the animals of the zoo were having a meeting. When Penny arrived at the meeting place, she found that the animals who were already present had formed themselves into More...
14/Dec/11 2:34 AM
Keith. I think it's the ground up moraine particles (often volcanic in Iceland) that lend the black colour.
14/Dec/11 2:38 AM
The gale has stopped for now - but there's another lot on the way.
14/Dec/11 2:38 AM
A flying Shark:
14/Dec/11 2:49 AM
Hang on, Rayray! We don't want you blown out to sea!
14/Dec/11 3:18 AM

Karen - quick cure for "give money". Give Money To A Charity - In Their Name... (Since when do children dictate what they get.) I know, I'm not P.C., Kid friendly, or "with it"..................
14/Dec/11 3:40 AM

Should I retire the bat?
Sending every good vibe I can to Jaime, Jane!
Batten the hatches, and gather the chocolate, Ray!
14/Dec/11 3:41 AM
Jerry's back! I've missed the pot stirring...to say nothing of the coffee.
14/Dec/11 3:46 AM
I have sent money for Christmas if someone is saving for a particular thing. I do prefer looking for what I deem the "perfect" gift. But, I am in the minority, I think. I like to shop. The thrill of the hunt, and all that.
14/Dec/11 3:49 AM
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