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Easy Sudoku for 14/February/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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It's 18 F degrees (-7 C). The sun is peeking through the clouds as it's coming up, but it's supposed to be cloudy today.
Better enjoy it while it's here, I'd guess!
14/Feb/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen
14/Feb/10 12:00 AM

14/Feb/10 12:00 AM
all! I am never sure whether to say it is night or it is morning when it is just after midnight!
14/Feb/10 12:08 AM
This must be a "B" day in Sudokuland...
Two boats and the rest are for the birds!
14/Feb/10 12:08 AM
Good question, Kate! Could be either, but morning to me is when the sun is up!
14/Feb/10 12:09 AM
For the Canadians in the crowd... Really enjoyed the Olympic opening ceremonies! Very creative!
14/Feb/10 12:12 AM
V A L E N T I N E ' S
14/Feb/10 12:15 AM

good Morning people. The opening was lovely! Slept in. Now the puzzle.
14/Feb/10 12:24 AM
I could sleep on that one.
14/Feb/10 12:30 AM
I liked the comment from a friend, "Where does that fireboat carry the water?"
14/Feb/10 12:38 AM
Lee - Surely it carries it in a tank under it's hull.
14/Feb/10 12:42 AM
Good Morning to everyone.

It looks like a nice way to spend the afternoon.

No sun here. Just clouds and flurries!

Happy Valentine's Day!
14/Feb/10 12:48 AM
Lee ...
14/Feb/10 12:52 AM
Happy V.D.!
14/Feb/10 12:54 AM
Well done Canada for the Olympic opening ceremony - magnifique! You can be proud CG!
14/Feb/10 12:56 AM
Happy Valentine's Day. I really appreciate being a part of Sudokuland. You good people are what makes this site so great.
14/Feb/10 1:32 AM
I agree wholeheartedly, Fiona! Original and inspirational AND entertaining. What more could you ask??
14/Feb/10 1:37 AM
Merci Fiona.
14/Feb/10 1:40 AM
Good Morning everyone.
14/Feb/10 2:21 AM
Depending upon what time it is in “your world”: -- -- --
14/Feb/10 2:25 AM
Lee, I think fireboats are a deep draft vessel to accommodate the required water tank. I understand that the more advanced boats have a "free-flooding system" which allows the tank to remain at at least the 50% level.
14/Feb/10 2:30 AM
How un-conscious of me...
14/Feb/10 2:31 AM
Yes, the Opening Ceremonies were very well done. Kudos to the Canadian Olympic Organizing Committee and to all the artists and athletes who participated.
14/Feb/10 2:34 AM
I'm sorry to have missed the opening ceremonies, after all the rave reviews. No TV in my TT. And the DSL I have isn't fast enough for "streaming"...
14/Feb/10 2:35 AM
To: Kate


You should be WINED and DINED.

Or at least BEERED and More...
14/Feb/10 2:49 AM
VV Love the eyed Sylvester avatar.
14/Feb/10 2:52 AM
Snuck it in there, did 'ya Jer?
14/Feb/10 3:03 AM
dear friends!
Thanks Jerry!...it's the cat from Pepe le Pu, though...poor thing...always loved those cartoons!
14/Feb/10 3:05 AM
Good Maen, all! My tennis match was rained out yesterday (at least it wasn't SNOW like they predicted), so I'm making up for it today with a Zumba class. Ta ta!!!
14/Feb/10 3:11 AM
Happy Saturday!
Happy Early Valentine's Day and
Chinese New Year of the Tiger!
14/Feb/10 3:27 AM
The first cup from a fresh pot. How much better can it get?

Help yourselves....
14/Feb/10 3:40 AM
Well, as a poor replacement for Fiona and Kathy, try this riddle just for fun....
I never was, am always to be,
No one ever saw me, nor ever will,
And yet I am the confidence of all
To live and breathe on this terrestrial ball.
What am I?
Answers to my Opening Ceremonies inbox please.
14/Feb/10 3:42 AM
Well, Keith, Like I said un-conscious, Totally!

That's my story & I'm sticking to it!
14/Feb/10 3:44 AM
It's here! And not a moment too soon! One of the darn little bugger passes his/her bugs!!!
14/Feb/10 3:46 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Kate!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
14/Feb/10 3:47 AM
Jane, While I don't have any 'traditional' Zumba music, I do have some selections that will cause one to "Get Up, Get Up, Put The Body In Motion." Shall We Dance? (A great movie, by the way)

14/Feb/10 3:49 AM
Thank you, Jerry, let me pass my mug to you. I meant my cup not my . . . !!!
14/Feb/10 3:49 AM
Well, it's about time I said good morning to all! I wonder what type of fireplace that boat has?
14/Feb/10 3:50 AM
Happy Stupid Cupid Day to all!
14/Feb/10 3:53 AM
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