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Easy Sudoku for 14/February/2016


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14/Feb/16 12:00 AM
Morning Hal.
14/Feb/16 12:23 AM
Good morning to all, and Hal and Keith as well! Woke up to an outside temperature of -29 C. and a wind chill of -45. Sure am glad I don't have a dog to walk!
14/Feb/16 12:49 AM
from beautiful OK
14/Feb/16 1:50 AM
Happy Valentine's day.
Brrr Greg. I am glad that I do not live in Ottawa!
14/Feb/16 1:51 AM
Hey Greg, After the balmy winter you've been having I'd think a little taste of the real thing wouldn't be too bad! It's only -2 in Carstairs and we've been in positive double digits for the past week. Chinooks suck!
14/Feb/16 1:59 AM
I'm not sure I'd be able to ride that ferris wheel, even in the closed cabins.
14/Feb/16 2:05 AM

Greg's temps are way too cold. I thought ours were bad with single digits F and windchills in the negative.
14/Feb/16 2:27 AM
I have running water at my house again. While the water company was digging down to the broken water main, they hit the gas line. So those that heat with gas (mine's electric heat) also got very chilly in their homes last night. A couple trucks are still out there. Probably trying to figure out when and how they'll pave the affected roadway. Concrete doesn't set in temps this cold.
14/Feb/16 2:29 AM
Good morning.
14/Feb/16 2:59 AM
Greg, I cannot even get my head around those temperatures.
14/Feb/16 3:00 AM
As June said, Happy Valentine's Day.
14/Feb/16 3:01 AM
We are off to a birthday party in the park today for my 2 year old great-niece.
14/Feb/16 3:02 AM
If the weather is as lovely as yesterday, lashings of sunscreen will be required. It is meant to get to 34*C. What a contrast to Greg's weather!
14/Feb/16 3:04 AM
We are having cold weather, too, but, nothing like Greg!
14/Feb/16 3:27 AM
14/Feb/16 4:25 AM
Wow, CG! So sorry you're freezing there. And here we've cooled down a bit to mid 70s but not to worry, we'll be in the high 80s for the rest of the week!
14/Feb/16 4:28 AM
High 30s low 40s here in the morning, up into the 60s mid-day.
14/Feb/16 4:32 AM
You still in the area, shosho?
14/Feb/16 4:32 AM
I'm going for it.
14/Feb/16 4:32 AM
Coming along?
14/Feb/16 4:33 AM
14/Feb/16 4:33 AM
Guess not.
14/Feb/16 4:33 AM
Missed it be t-h-a-t much
14/Feb/16 4:34 AM
14/Feb/16 4:35 AM
Heading back to bed.
14/Feb/16 4:36 AM
Happy Saturday!
Shivering in sympathy to CG, and also glad he doesn't have a dog to walk in this weather
14/Feb/16 4:48 AM
When the tide is out under the ice, the Inuit of Northeast Canada do this. It is a little scary, and it is very interesting what our Northern peoples have done for ages!
14/Feb/16 5:00 AM
Not to worry folks. We're expecting a high of -23 C. but the wind chill is still in the -40's.
14/Feb/16 5:03 AM
I sensed a presence, CP.
14/Feb/16 5:09 AM
Like Greg, we are experiencing the same sort of weather, and temps. Brrrr!
14/Feb/16 5:52 AM
Greg's temps remind me of one week while we were living in Kingston, ONT - it didn't get any warmer than -20ºC all week and one morning was down to -34ºC. We had ice forming on the inside of our triple glazed windows. Who cared about wind chill, it was just plain COLD.
But today will be a bit different - we are expecting +38ºC in our neck of the woods (just out of Sydney, NSW)
14/Feb/16 6:57 AM
Way roo cold for me Greg. We're promised a nice comfortable 24C today. For us it's been a long, hot, dry summer, but Ian you can keep your +38s!
14/Feb/16 7:34 AM
It's cold where I am too, but I only know that because of our thermometer... I have not gone outside to validate that -2 reading!
14/Feb/16 7:39 AM
Morning all, another view of the London eye.
Brrr Greg, made me shiver just reading those temperatures.
14/Feb/16 7:45 AM
Kate, hope you have a great day planned.
14/Feb/16 7:50 AM
Excuse me, Good day to all! Some folks' day is more brutal than others though... Sacky, your world heritage forests are still burning; Sue, your dilemma re. your foot & Harry still recovering from his fall; Shosho's nursing duties for another healing-hubby; now add arctic temps - my best wishes to all
14/Feb/16 8:18 AM
...and thank yous to Amelia who is the best birthday wisher of all........
14/Feb/16 8:20 AM
Happy Birthday wishes to you, Kate! Enjoy this day with warm hugs & wide smiles
14/Feb/16 8:22 AM
Haha - who's gonna pop in now.....to take this
14/Feb/16 8:23 AM
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