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Easy Sudoku for 14/July/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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14/Jul/14 12:00 AM
Good Maen
14/Jul/14 12:00 AM
Good morning to all! There was morning fog here as well.
14/Jul/14 12:29 AM
14/Jul/14 1:04 AM
Just already hot here.
14/Jul/14 1:05 AM
Has anyone in the US & Canada heard about a polar vortex coming down this week?
14/Jul/14 1:06 AM
Our weather is saying we are on the south west end of this vortex, our high for Wednesday is supposed to be 70.
14/Jul/14 1:10 AM
Since I am talking to myself I will have to find something else to do.
14/Jul/14 1:11 AM

Hal....yes, I am.
14/Jul/14 1:40 AM
From what I read yesterday, the NWS wished they'd never tweeted anything about a polar vortex, because it's not. Still, it will be unseasonably cool in several regions, and warmer in the Pacific northwest. I'll wager we remain hot and humid in the Southeast! We need a sweaty smilie.
14/Jul/14 1:42 AM
Hello everyone.No fog here.
A beautiful sunny day.
14/Jul/14 1:46 AM
Hal left me a little message in yesterday's comments. He seems to be trying the rather difficult poozle I posted for the weekend (and Monday, as I won't be here to give the answer until Tuesday). If anyone else would like to give it a go, you have another 2 days. Be warned. It may drive you
14/Jul/14 1:48 AM
I love foggy mornings, especially when temps are mild.
14/Jul/14 1:49 AM
Sacky, 's ok. I had another pint for dessert..
14/Jul/14 2:10 AM
Peaceful picture.
14/Jul/14 2:17 AM
Kids Sudokus have been fixed.
14/Jul/14 2:18 AM
Ray, you were talking yesterday about protecting your parking space. Do I remember correctly that when Lynne and I visited, you didn't own a vehicle?
14/Jul/14 2:23 AM
Have you since acquired one? If so, what did you get?
14/Jul/14 2:25 AM
Thanks, self, for the push.
14/Jul/14 2:25 AM
Now I'm close enough to make a run for it.
14/Jul/14 2:25 AM
Looking around.
14/Jul/14 2:25 AM
14/Jul/14 2:26 AM
Dare I indulge, and go for a double CP?
14/Jul/14 2:28 AM
Double CP it is.
14/Jul/14 2:28 AM

Sorry Keith, lunch at 2am got in the way of helping you make a race for it.......but well done....
14/Jul/14 2:46 AM
I could feel your spirit phantom lurking.
14/Jul/14 2:54 AM
I've done some puzzles and my middle of the night stretching so back to bed .
14/Jul/14 3:34 AM
The polar vortex is coming, and here it will bring cold air. Only fair I guess, as this is Canada.
14/Jul/14 4:16 AM
I have a winner! It can be done, folks! Let your nerdiness shine! Give it a try! You have until Tuesday......You can do it!
14/Jul/14 4:51 AM
Kathy, Just had another look at your 'weekender'. My first surmise was correct. I don't hate myself bad enough to go crazy trying to figure that one out. (There are easier ways,like trying to absorb the Theory of Relativity.)
14/Jul/14 5:51 AM
I can do missing spaces, however.
14/Jul/14 5:52 AM
The weather predictors are guessing we will be in the 70's Tue. Wed. & Thur. That sure beats the 95 that it is now. If it really is that cool I will be able to do some work in the flower beds.
14/Jul/14 6:24 AM
14/Jul/14 6:54 AM
Good morning everyone. -2 here this morning. Another beautiful day coming our way. Off to walk the dog.
14/Jul/14 7:22 AM
Weather 'Guesser' was off, somewhere, today. He predicted 85 deg. F. It's only 73, and it is muggy.
14/Jul/14 9:04 AM
Hello HalT, John, Greg, Sue, Kathy, Silvergal, Rayray, DOA, Keith, Lizzy G, June, shosho, Sacky & anyone I've missed!!
14/Jul/14 9:20 AM
B'day Kate.
14/Jul/14 9:48 AM
Things are a bit slow here today.
14/Jul/14 11:24 AM
That was supposed to be G'day.
14/Jul/14 11:26 AM
But there's no one around to care.
14/Jul/14 11:28 AM
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