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Easy Sudoku for 14/July/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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14/Jul/19 12:00 AM
Hal, and all to follow!
14/Jul/19 12:15 AM
2:05. Good Morning, all! Welcome back, Anne.
14/Jul/19 12:20 AM
I am so happy to hear Lynne is back home, Keith. I know you are taking good care of your special lady.
What a relief for both of you!
14/Jul/19 12:21 AM
Judy, it is called ''Prehistoric Quick Sandpit''
Made by Scientific Explorer. I found it at our Tuesday Morning store, but I looked and you can buy it online. A word of warning: it is messy. I don't really care when they are having that much fun.
14/Jul/19 12:30 AM
Hope you have a bit of sunshine in your day, too!
14/Jul/19 12:45 AM
I've noticed that the best fun for kids/grand-kids often equates to messy, Kathy.
14/Jul/19 12:48 AM
For Shosho!
(Wonder how her performance went???)
14/Jul/19 12:49 AM
Well, I guess I have learned a lot of new stuff in my golf lessons - if you use the never-before-sore muscles as a measure.
14/Jul/19 12:53 AM
(My golf instructor is being inducted into the Michigan LPGA Hall of Fame today. Congrats to her!)
14/Jul/19 12:56 AM
14/Jul/19 12:58 AM
Morning. Nice to have Lynne home, even with a few bumps in the healing process. She wants to be back to normal, and it's not quite there, yet. Thanks to everybody for your support.
14/Jul/19 1:17 AM
14/Jul/19 1:24 AM
Thank you , Shiela!! Here's flying your way!!
14/Jul/19 1:25 AM
Gulp!! My performance is in 5 and a half hours! Shampooed my hair, hemmed up my hula dress, had to buy a black camisole, and now nervously waiting!!!
14/Jul/19 1:28 AM
'Break a leg', Sharon!
14/Jul/19 1:46 AM
Hey Tom, How's the cruise going?
14/Jul/19 1:49 AM
Love the photo today. It's nice to see
kids with their kids!
14/Jul/19 2:09 AM
I wonder whose baby boys they are? Really cute photo.

Sharon! Good luck!

14/Jul/19 2:38 AM
Such Lovely photo of proud baby boy with his newborn baby boy
14/Jul/19 5:47 AM
Morning all,a photo to treasure for the parents.
We survived the birthday party yesterday even with Bill bringing home some play-doh on the bottom of his shoe. 😂
14/Jul/19 7:37 AM
Play-Doh is better than a doggie land mine, Amelia!
14/Jul/19 8:04 AM
Hope you all have a happy, healthy and heartwarming day.
14/Jul/19 8:05 AM
All right, Anne - let's hear about your 2 weeks of flying around! Welcome back!
14/Jul/19 8:24 AM
1:30. Good morning all.

Now the road marathons are over (for now) I went out for a nice slow long-ish trail run this morning and loved it!
14/Jul/19 1:29 PM
And that should have been good afternoon, I'm a little confused! 😂
14/Jul/19 1:33 PM
Good maeN
Burning the midnight oil
Binging on Game of Thrones and finally have reached the end
So good night
14/Jul/19 2:57 PM
Judy, you're right and that could have been possible as they have two dogs. LOL
14/Jul/19 4:30 PM
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