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Easy Sudoku for 15/January/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
15/Jan/20 12:00 AM
Hi Wolf, Good Morning, everyone.
15/Jan/20 12:04 AM
2:00 Good night all.
15/Jan/20 12:21 AM
Wof & tom & all who follow!! Sleep well Anne.
15/Jan/20 1:29 AM
Overcast, but not as gloomy as it has been.
Hope you have the perfect day!
15/Jan/20 3:19 AM
Hope Kathy's little Wally is doing better today.
15/Jan/20 3:21 AM
Wow! Phantom knows me better than I thought!!!
15/Jan/20 3:22 AM
(Saved for Shosho!)
15/Jan/20 3:23 AM
Whoa ... hope that is not in the Biblical sense, Shiela ...

15/Jan/20 5:40 AM
15/Jan/20 5:47 AM
Morning all, that cat doesn't look very happy.
Our sky went from one dark cloud to it spreading across the whole area.
15/Jan/20 5:54 AM
15/Jan/20 6:08 AM
15/Jan/20 6:19 AM
Poor Jaffa! Cats hate being dressed in our clothing!
15/Jan/20 6:29 AM
Perhaps Jaffa disgusted at being dressed like a baby. Long suffering cat.....
15/Jan/20 7:08 AM
That is one very annoyed cat.
15/Jan/20 8:13 AM
I'm amazed the cat held still long enough to get that onesie on! Or does the offending human have the scratches to show for it?
15/Jan/20 8:14 AM
No time for angry cats here, nor dogs for that. We caninesat the son and daughter in laws dog for about 2 weeks. Kevin is a lovey dog but has too much energy for those of advancing age. Still I had enough energy to set a puzzle with Sarah's support.


Here it is, an More...
15/Jan/20 9:41 AM
Ethel, the self-appointed arbiter of the town’s morals, stuck her nose into everyone’s business. She made a mistake, however, when she accused her neighbour George of being an alcoholic after spotting his ute parked in front of a pub one afternoon.

“George, everyone who sees it there will More...
15/Jan/20 11:24 AM
Steve, a lonely bachelor, wants some company, so he bought a centipede and a small box for it to live in.
That evening, he decided to go out. “Want to go for a drink?” he asks the centipede, but there’s no answer from the box.

A few minutes later, he asks again—still no reply. Finally, More...
15/Jan/20 11:27 AM
Proudly showing off his new apartment to a friend late one night, Mr Cee led the way to his bedroom, where there was a big brass gong.

“What’s that big brass gong for?” asked the friend.

“It’s not a gong. It’s a talking clock,” Mr Cee replied.

“A talking clock? How’s it More...
15/Jan/20 11:31 AM
Some good ones, there, Peter..
15/Jan/20 12:15 PM
I'll just pretend I didn't do that....
15/Jan/20 12:15 PM
I like the jokes, Peter!
15/Jan/20 1:05 PM

Wednesday 15th January.
Plenty of greeting posts but no substance.
Amelia – Finds that there are clouds in her sky, dark ones, Maybe a bit of rain coming.
A bit of chatter about Jaffa and his/her dress sense.
Wombat – With one of his innie/outie More...
15/Jan/20 3:47 PM
A big shout out to the wonderful Nurses and Doctor at RBW Hospital in Brisbane today.
Many thanks also to all the well wishers on my morning FB post.

Results will not be in for a couple of weeks so now we wait.
It was a full anesthesia prostate biopsy after a blood test for an More...
15/Jan/20 5:46 PM
1:22. Good evening, or maybe late afternoon, everyone.
15/Jan/20 5:54 PM
Good luck Mr Cee
15/Jan/20 6:47 PM
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