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Easy Sudoku for 15/October/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Every one
15/Oct/08 12:02 AM
Wow , am i the first ???
15/Oct/08 12:02 AM
1:59 Maen! Look into my eyes...
15/Oct/08 12:03 AM
Where is every body
15/Oct/08 12:03 AM
2:16 to you all from Beijing
15/Oct/08 12:03 AM
MaeN all. She does look hypnotised.
15/Oct/08 12:04 AM
Well hello Jano, DanM and Jiminoregon anyway!
15/Oct/08 12:05 AM
Hi Kate
Hi all
15/Oct/08 12:07 AM
Ello again. Thought I might be in the race for 22 but I see it's too early yet.
15/Oct/08 12:13 AM
Good morning, Jano, DanM, Jim, Kate, and CP!

15/Oct/08 12:18 AM
Wish I could race with you CP but got to go to work. Argh! With a cold no less.
15/Oct/08 12:19 AM

Einstein dies and goes to heaven. At the Pearly Gates, St. Peter tells him, "You look like Einstein, but you have NO idea the lengths that some people will go to to sneak into Heaven. Can you prove who you really are?"
Einstein ponders for a few seconds and asks, "Could I More...
15/Oct/08 12:41 AM
2:18 everyone. Feel better soon, Shosho!
15/Oct/08 12:42 AM
Good day everyone .
Good mAen to all of you.
Beautiful face with vey nice eyes .
15/Oct/08 12:50 AM
4:01 Now I'm trying to orchestrate getting out the door to do a housewarming while doing sudoku and find the combo slows both down. Go figure. BTW, we do a lot of "nontraditional" portraits like this with our picture taking.
15/Oct/08 12:58 AM
Maen Sudoluland, still on first page? I keep forgetting the time change is at my 8 AM now, for another couple weeks. Yep, Plum, good name for the photo, non traditional portrait.
15/Oct/08 1:06 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland! Do something you like today, even if for just a minute.
15/Oct/08 1:08 AM
Good Maen all from northeastern Oregon (Wallowa County)!
15/Oct/08 1:09 AM
Possum, we don't have fluoridated water, but I took fluoride through all 3 pregnancies (my 19 yo also has no cavities) and all 3 took fluoride drops from 6 weeks, then tablets. Their dad has naturally good teeth, but I don't. I brush and floss the most and deserve to be the one with the best teeth, More...
15/Oct/08 1:09 AM
15/Oct/08 1:09 AM
Aah a cnotender....
15/Oct/08 1:10 AM
15/Oct/08 1:10 AM
I'll race ya, CP
15/Oct/08 1:10 AM
You little beauty. I used the right 22mobile today.
15/Oct/08 1:11 AM
Susan! (You sneaky so-n-so!)
15/Oct/08 1:12 AM
So, you're back Miss Hare. How'd the anniversary celebrations go. Not please!
15/Oct/08 1:12 AM
Love your mini race car...indeed the right one!
15/Oct/08 1:12 AM
Thanks to everyone for the warm anniversary wishes yesterday.
It was a great day, Susan...we drove to the top of the world (Hat Point over Hell's Canyon) and saw wild mountain goats (a rare sighting) - I posted pictures of our trip up there in my gallery...nothing too racy - hehe!
15/Oct/08 1:15 AM
Ah-h ... to have a flawless complexion like that again ... sigh ...
15/Oct/08 1:16 AM
You know, I read the joke and smiled at the punchline, and I don't think it's wrong to post jokes like this, but I'm personally getting tired of all the "dumb jokes" that malign US presidents, especially the republican ones. (Interesting that the joke highlights Einstein's genius, but AE More...
15/Oct/08 1:16 AM
Sorry to drop a bomb like that and run, but I really gotta go now. People are waiting for me. Enjoy the race to the top of the next page, everyone.
15/Oct/08 1:19 AM
Ahhh, Plum, Bush just opens himself to such jokes with his little boy mannerisms and body language at times. You can imagine him saying just that.
15/Oct/08 1:24 AM
Plum - I remember plenty of jokes about Clinton...for me, I can always use a smile...and I think our present president's intelligence has been pretty well documented and speaks for itself.
15/Oct/08 1:24 AM
But the jokes that slammed Clinton weren't about his small intelligence! They were about his big ... well ... you know ...
15/Oct/08 1:27 AM
Judy, is the word you are looking for his big EGO?
15/Oct/08 1:28 AM
Yeah, MizT ... sure ... whatever ...
15/Oct/08 1:29 AM
Oh My! Are we talking about cigars again???
15/Oct/08 1:30 AM
Personally, I don't smoke them hehehe
15/Oct/08 1:31 AM
I just happened to see a clip of G W Bush last night, where he started a quote, and forgot right in the middle where he was going. " Fool me once. . ." and at that point, he realized he did not remember the rest, and could not find a graceful way out. You could see the engine racing, but the gears just would not turn!
15/Oct/08 1:32 AM
Vici, Clinton was not smoking that one either!
15/Oct/08 1:34 AM
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