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Easy Sudoku for 15/April/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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2:26. Tough to do Sudoku while watching the Masters. My wife just shakes her head as she walks by.... Good Morning, everyone!
15/Apr/19 12:09 AM
1:52 Good night Tom and all who follow.
15/Apr/19 12:21 AM
15/Apr/19 12:32 AM
Tom and Hal....'night, Anne!
15/Apr/19 1:02 AM
Three ''local'' guys in the top 15 at the Masters, so I'm rooting for them! Mickleson, Schauffele, and Fowler are all from within 30 minutes of me!
15/Apr/19 1:20 AM
I hope your knee has improved, Chris. I can't imagine running or even limping to the finish line in that much pain.

I am off shortly to take the food over to the stadium. The Baysox management gives us one of the private suites to set up a hot box to keep everything warm More...
15/Apr/19 1:20 AM
Morning all. Shosho? ...
15/Apr/19 1:31 AM
Everybody!! Back to normal schedule. In case you missed late posts yesterday, my Cribbage day was bad! At least for the cards. I won four bottles of Napa wines in a raffle!
15/Apr/19 1:37 AM
Good mAen, good people. Solve odds down starting with 7, then evens down, and finish with the 9 you skipped at the beginning.
15/Apr/19 2:01 AM
Apparently both Chris and Denny managed to snatch a degree of victory from the jaws of defeat yesterday.
15/Apr/19 2:03 AM
I am starting an intensive 3 month online business course tomorrow. I can do that because my youngest is graduating and starting cosmetology school in two weeks!
15/Apr/19 2:08 AM
Overcast & rainy.
But better than the snow we had last night!
15/Apr/19 2:10 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
15/Apr/19 2:19 AM
Your comment, Shiela, sent me to the radar - it still appears as if there's a mighty swath of snow just north of you along with sleet & an icy mix ...then you! Grrr - thought spring was settling in - guess not!
15/Apr/19 2:33 AM
…….and hello all - have a good day!

Thanks again with the carousel stories...
15/Apr/19 2:35 AM
to zinos20, and Timelordess
15/Apr/19 2:40 AM
My Tulips are wishing they'd waited a bit, Joyce! They are up about 6-7 inches. No buds yet, though. My Bloodroot are up an inch, but still curled up in their cloak-like leaves. Bet they wished they had winter coats instead!
15/Apr/19 2:56 AM
Gorgeous flower! Rhododendrons are lovely flowers, and this purple one says it all!
15/Apr/19 3:12 AM
Good mAen

I passed my course !!!!!
All invited for drinks and cake and since I am going to Spain in May - I will be serving tapas and sangria!!!!
Of course, it is snowing a very wet heavy snow - so hot chocolate and cookies
15/Apr/19 3:38 AM
Right place, right time.
15/Apr/19 3:53 AM
15/Apr/19 3:53 AM
15/Apr/19 3:53 AM
I waited, Keith, before saying 'congrats' to mymare!
15/Apr/19 3:55 AM
Ahhh - what time, mymare? I'm ready for just such a party & congrats as well. I'll be thinking of you the entire month of May while you are frolicking in Spain!
15/Apr/19 4:05 AM
We had 2 nearly 70* days last week - the grass turned green, the snow drops have created a white blanket of blooms, the forsythia now has a golden glow, and all the daffys & narcissus are sporting nearly open blossoms … but of course with today's upper 30s even the robins aren't expecting to find any worms!
15/Apr/19 4:13 AM
Mary, Hot Chocolate made with coffee and a splash of Kahlua sounds great! A perfect 'warmer upper' on a cold day. Count me in.
15/Apr/19 4:32 AM
And please excuse my poor manners.

15/Apr/19 4:35 AM
Morning all, woke up at 2:30am with a sore throat and the sniffles. Thank goodness the golf was on ,well done Tiger !
15/Apr/19 5:02 AM
1:46. Good morning everyone.

My knee's feeling fine thanks Kathy, but the mind's still a little groggy this morning even after a good sleep last night. I'll be off to work shortly—I really should have taken today off!
15/Apr/19 6:20 AM
Congratulations, Chris and Mary!
15/Apr/19 9:14 AM
Yea, mymare! We've had snow and chilly rain and everything in between today, so I'll join you for the hot chocolate.
15/Apr/19 11:51 AM
So what if it's just after 2:00.
15/Apr/19 2:04 PM
It's after 5, somewhere. Bars open - Barman, around or two for the house...
15/Apr/19 2:05 PM
Thanks DoA - have had a very busy morning (for me) so a nice refreshing Carlton Light would really go down well.
15/Apr/19 3:32 PM
Herculean feat Chris
Congratulations mymare , long black coffee with dash of Irish whiskey
DOA I'll have something different to night... ummmm VB Ahhh
15/Apr/19 8:36 PM
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