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Easy Sudoku for 15/May/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Happy Birthday Linder!!!
Hope the concert was fantastic and today is even better.
15/May/07 12:01 AM
Good Maen all!
15/May/07 12:01 AM
scary to some
Maen all
15/May/07 12:02 AM
Just past midnight. Get to comment on Pg 1. A rare treat.
15/May/07 12:03 AM
2:34 Good evening everyone.
I hope that thing in the photo isn't for real!!
15/May/07 12:04 AM
2:47, a little slow
15/May/07 12:05 AM
Someone should comment on that picture.
15/May/07 12:06 AM
Everyone I hope you are all having a great day/night where ever you are.

Youtube today is: ZZ TOP - LA GRANGE

Emels, you really do have to see this one!
Wonder if they are related to 'Cousin IT'?
15/May/07 12:06 AM
Looks like it's having a bad hair day.
15/May/07 12:06 AM
Elsie - Strath
to the SM club. Way to go!
15/May/07 12:08 AM
Not my kind of pet...is this an Austrailian something? I prefer my red Scottie and blue-eyed Himalayan kitty. Beautiful and sunny in Central OR, perfect for planting roses!
15/May/07 12:09 AM
Is it a newborn possum? or a bibly?
15/May/07 12:10 AM
bilby that should read
15/May/07 12:10 AM
2:17 and what the heck is it? Hopefully a figment of someone's dark imagination.
Happy birthday, Linda and wishing you a wonderful celebration with people you love.
15/May/07 12:10 AM
Damn! What in the heck is that?
15/May/07 12:12 AM
What on Earth is that?????
Looks like it could be a distant relative of the common house-elf (think Dobby in Harry Potter)?
15/May/07 12:22 AM
Good MAen everyone!
15/May/07 12:24 AM
Is that a type of bat???
15/May/07 12:29 AM
What is that? I never seen anything like that.
15/May/07 12:33 AM
I take much time thinking what is it this small ,not beautiful thing.I surprise that these hands which carrt it are very beautiful .
Sure it is a rubber One ,just for joking!!!
15/May/07 12:34 AM
Good morning all. What is it?
15/May/07 12:36 AM
2:10 Maen! Is that a bat? Yikes! A face only a bat-mother could love...
15/May/07 12:44 AM
3:29. creepy way to say good Maen
15/May/07 12:51 AM
15/May/07 12:55 AM
Nice pic of my ex! (tee-hee) Hope all mom's had a great momther's day......Hope you are all well... Have a great day! Blessings!
15/May/07 1:06 AM
Oh My! What is it?
15/May/07 1:10 AM
Good morning to all where ever you might b in this world. I see many of us have the same question....What in the world can it be? Hope we get an answer. Welcome to the sm world else/Strath! Hope you have found the smilies next to comments. Click on and have fun.
Jamie, My congrations to Wil on his accomplisments and to you and wife for hanging in there!
15/May/07 1:17 AM
I KNOW WHAT IT IS, it is UGLY personified!

15/May/07 1:17 AM
Helena, a bat came to mind for me too. I hope somebody tells us what it is sometime today.

I'm back home safe and sound and had a wonderful time ... but hava a horrible weigh in report for this week on the health page. Oh well, setbacks will happen. Pictures with comments about the trip will be on Flickr as soon as I can get them there.
15/May/07 1:17 AM
Belated Birthday Wishes to: Sharon and to Kirilee Hope your day was really special for you. Anne: Hope you have a safe and fun trip next weekend, after going through an office move and location that, although necessary, is still not really desirable!
15/May/07 1:21 AM
2:38 All I can say is 'What?'
15/May/07 1:27 AM
Today's Birthday greetings are for Linda
Rena's Mom
You all must be REALLY nice people since your day was also my very loving mother's birthday. Had she still been with us, she would be 102...at More...
15/May/07 1:29 AM
15/May/07 1:32 AM
Oh my goodness, what is that thing? It sure doesn't look like it could be real.
15/May/07 1:35 AM
2:54 that is a very scary picture
15/May/07 1:36 AM
Miz Tricia, You certainly have an excellent answer...lol. You apologized for messing up my name, and I owe you the same apology...I keep wanting to rename you Trixie for some reason. Guess we both will do the best we can and know we mean well...
15/May/07 1:36 AM
Welcome back Keith...glad you are safe and had a good time. The other things can be better worked on at home.
15/May/07 1:37 AM
elsie, I have also renamed you...sorry about the misspelling. Never worry, It will probably happen again since I am a very clumsy typist, and often fail to read my posting prior to submitting....them I become embarrassed...lol
15/May/07 1:43 AM
is that a member of the bat pack i wonder?
15/May/07 1:45 AM
What is that saying, “it takes one to know one”
15/May/07 1:56 AM
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