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Easy Sudoku for 15/August/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates, here's today's daffynition:
ACCOUNT: A Countess's husband.

...And here's today's factoid:
English is the official language of more countries than any other language. French is second.
15/Aug/12 12:00 AM
15/Aug/12 12:00 AM
Good morning
15/Aug/12 12:01 AM
Good morning people of the world.
15/Aug/12 12:04 AM
National Creamsicle Day
15/Aug/12 12:04 AM
Happy Advancing in Age, Eve, Kathy and Kashyapoza.
15/Aug/12 12:05 AM
Doing a last minute freshening up, since I am showing the house this morning. Need to put on presentable clothes, too.
15/Aug/12 12:07 AM
We also found the house we are planning to purchase, if this land ever sells. Still on the market, yippee.
15/Aug/12 12:08 AM

Elderly brains get a boost from dark chocolate.

http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/08/14/elderly-brains-get-boost-from-dark-chocolate/ ?test=latestnews
15/Aug/12 12:15 AM
I'm afraid Jerry's factoid is yummier than Kayo's today!
Good Maen all!
15/Aug/12 12:29 AM
So pretty, Kate.
15/Aug/12 12:33 AM
I love that the study was done by the Mars Company. And ... you don't have to be a lady to be a chocolate lover.
15/Aug/12 12:34 AM
Y'all. I logged on earlier than usual to post my latest picture poozle (#29) and give more people a chance at answering it. I sure wish I had one when my ex used to drag me to the malls. PM the answer to 'Time to go, dear' inbox please.
Good luck Kathy!
15/Aug/12 12:38 AM
What an unusual flower display.
15/Aug/12 12:39 AM
No clue, Cpn J.
15/Aug/12 12:43 AM
Interesting that the double quotes in my comment translates to single quotes in the display here.
15/Aug/12 12:45 AM

Captain, I noticed that the quote didn't quote correctly, also. I have been typing a single apostrophe twice. ''mumble, mumble''
15/Aug/12 12:53 AM
Let me get my duties out of the way before I blissfully skip to your page to, no doubt, immediately recognize today's mystery object!
15/Aug/12 12:56 AM
What an interesting cone shaped flower head!
15/Aug/12 1:02 AM
Good morning to all! Nice floral arrangement. Botanical gardens are always a wonderful visit.
15/Aug/12 1:02 AM
For all you royalty lovers out there, check out Queen Elizabeth II through the ages:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8nJhG1xE5o&feature=em-share_video_user
15/Aug/12 1:03 AM
You've got me stumped, Captain J.
15/Aug/12 1:04 AM
I was trying to set #22 up for someone else, but Greg pushed me!!!!!
15/Aug/12 1:05 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle:
(Thought I would use that here, since I never remember to look at the comment numbers to get the coveted Keith's 22!)

for Rayray, Wolf, Greg (who made me count 22 names for his grade!)Pam, HalT, Peter, and Serena.
15/Aug/12 1:05 AM
Just copt the link from http over. No other spaces in the link.
15/Aug/12 1:05 AM
copt = copy. I better quit while I'm ahead.
15/Aug/12 1:06 AM
When is Fiona returning to her puzzle duties? She's had plenty of time to find some good ones.
15/Aug/12 1:20 AM
OK, think everything is presentable, even me. Since, it is two men coming, I have vanilla simmering on that clean hot thingy in the FPA. I think it odd, that the two men, said they were coming together, one is looking for rental property, the other one hunts with people out here.
15/Aug/12 1:26 AM
15/Aug/12 1:29 AM
Wow, don't I've ever seen a blossom pattern so cone like! If it blooms in a bundle it's usually in a sphere shape or an upside down cone like a Queen Annes lace flower.
15/Aug/12 1:35 AM
Eve, Angie, and Kashyapoza!
May your special day have a and lots of
15/Aug/12 1:37 AM
Good morning, everyone. Heidi - I was wondering the same thing the other day. Fiona hasn't been around for quite a while.
15/Aug/12 1:37 AM
As a child I loved the orange creamcicle bars!
15/Aug/12 1:38 AM
Judging where Fiona lives and the photos on her page, my money's on her traveling!!! Lucky, lucky girl!
15/Aug/12 1:39 AM
Fiona is still in recovery mode, Heidi. I understand, during her long absence, her couches accumulated massive amounts of dust. She is spending her time with a vacuum.
15/Aug/12 1:39 AM
Actually, she has been in London, Scotland and the Alps. Now she's cleaning.
15/Aug/12 1:41 AM
BUT! I am here!

Try this!

What phrase is represented here?

tall perennial grass

Answers to the ''Yoo Hoo, Fiona!'' inbox, please.
15/Aug/12 1:44 AM
Chocolate, deep dark chocolate,
15/Aug/12 1:53 AM
While, I am getting whiplash waiting. Might as well get a thrill.
15/Aug/12 1:57 AM
Bye bye page one.
15/Aug/12 1:58 AM
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