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Easy Sudoku for 16/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Not a great time, but I'm getting there!
2:43 another dawg, like the irises.
3:28min. LOVE SUDOKU!!!!!!!!!!
Forgot to start the timer. What a cute pup and irises in December what a treat.
Didn't time it, but it was pretty easy.
hello brooksy
It is a lot more fun when you allow wrong choices. You actually have to think then.
Happy 21st Anniversary! Am I right that today's the day? Hope you'll have a nice dinner out or something special to celebrate. Which reminds me to offer this Thought for the Day: 'Men are like a fine wine. They start out like grapes. It's our job to stomp on them until they mature into something you'd like to have dinner with.'
Also not a great time, but at least third comment!!!
Wrote an essay on International Spiritual-Endeavor Movements.
Handed it in to the teacher who read it
Zen Miss tick IS EM
Just wanted to tell Lisa that i saved Liam,s picture as wallpaper and it,s perfect.

I get a big smile from ear to ear every time I start my computer. BTW I don,t time - just enjoy. I,m 76, have seven children and have been married 58 yrs. Has anyone been married longer?
forgot the timer but i had fun though!
i think i'm addicted to sudoku:) must hav my daily dose of it. Gud day to all.
Poor dog,they put him on the table.
58 years is a long time to be married,tootie glad you're enjoying life though. Most couples these days can't stay together that long, makes me wonder what kind of mnarraige I'll have...
4:49 First time under 5. I took the advice from somebody last week and started with 1 and fill in as many as I can. Then move thru all the numbers. Makes it a whole lot easier. Love this game.
2:35 just started timing again, I only post it if it is pretty good though. :)
5:17...trying to improve
Tootie, congratulations. I have only been married 30 years.
3:37, definitely not my best time. Hi Kelly!
Yeah, since I think my longest relationship has been 3 months, 58 years seems quite impressive. My grandparents just had their 50th anniversary though.
To my fellow Floridians:
Nal from Miami - you're welcome to stop by & see me on your way to Zephyrhills especially if you'll be toting Cuban pork & black beans & rice!!
Ed from Lithia - sorry about your misunderstanding with KRP. Hope you can make peace. Didn't know you were an Army guy. More...
Tootie--congratulations on 58 years!
I am a newbie compared to you (24 years)

You sound like you have a great attitude--enjoying life, keeping sharp on the computer. Cheers to you!
Wow, Tootie, I think you've got the record marriage! I think I had the lead previously with a mere 38 years. If you have 7 children, how many grandchildren (or maybe even great-grandchildren?) do you have? Where in PA do you live?
Tootie- true love, friendship and commitment are wonderful and rare things congratulations! My parents were married for 59 years when my Dad passed away - it would have been 64 years in January.
4:34...getting better. Just started this not too long ago.
3:14. Have done better. Oh well. On to the medium.
4:10 on this cold Colorado morning.
Complete 5:46 - good picture - I like the flowers with the very quite doggie. Puzzle seemed verrry easy today.
Congrats Tootie...you beat my 33 .. and still having fun...keep it up.
3:15 - should've started with 8's - silly dog!
Hi all. Glad to see the party on board the USS is still ongoing. I'd been unwell and busy and thought I'd missed out. Can't stay and party tonight, antibiotics and late nights don't mix too well.
well didn't time it but did better than I thought completed it with only to mistakes :)
4:12! Nice PBGV. On to Medium. I still don't know how so many posts are happening so fast?
4:20 - my best ever, seemed easy today
Tootie...Congratulations! My parents have been together for 42 years! They are great role models as I am sure you are! I am one of seven children also. All of which my parents have sent to college. Their grandchild count is 14 so far with 15 due any day now (not me)!!
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