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Easy Sudoku for 16/December/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Morning.
Good morning all.
Good Maen.
Great shot -- I hope that picture is proudly framed on the wall!
Opps!!! Did the one in the morning paper fist.
Morning everyone.
2:42 Good evening everyone. A cutie, close up and personal.
How do I get faster at this thing. I never get under 3 minutes. Is there a trick I'm missing.
2:10 MAEN Cute picture!
Precious little fellow. You are blessed
What a fabulous photo! Such a cutie.
those eyes just seem to draw a person to them
2.28 at 7:38am Oklahoma time. That picture is precious! It's going to be 69 degrees today, very odd for mid-December...However, by this time next week, we may have snow and ice again.
Deb's Mark; My prayers are with you and Nicole. Hoping for some good news, soon.
What a fantastic shot! Something about black and white photos that bring back memories and that's what the holidays are all about! Old memories and new ones! I hope you all have many of each! Blessings! :-)
Good Maen all.7:55am here
3:21 Beautiful picture of a beautiful baby. Good camera too.

slow coach, you'll get better times after more and more practice. You might try avoiding any distractions while you're timing. (ie mute the radio/tv). Also, dont pressure yourself to do a perfect time. That in itself has messed my times up before.
4:24.cute pic.hope the fires are no worse Rosemary.
Good Friday Maen, all!
if you are confident you can influence anybody try ordering someone else's dog...
Today's photo makes me wonder if they can really tell what a person was looking at when it was taken from the reflection on their eyeballs
Another quiet Friday evening on the site.
Time for me to go to bed. Good Night All.
2:59. There's no trick I know of
2:41 Hi to all and have a good weekend. A beautiful photograph x

Thought for the Day:

Forecast for tonight: DARK!
My time was 2:39, wow that is one close-up face photo. You'll never have that few lines on yer face again, kid!
It was fun to talk to the Melbourne Sudoku Party a few minutes ago. I had the honor of being the first Yank user of this site to speak to Gath; thanks to Jaz' cellph... woops, mobile. More...
had a great night in Melbourne with everyone, for all my concerned 'Aunties' we are home safely and heading to bed......
Chat Soon... xxxxxxxx

What a fantastic time we had tonight at our Melbourne Christmas Party. Oops sorry Gath, I mean the Staff Christmas Party. It was wonderful to hear from Mel in perth, and Billy also joined our fun via phone. Ohhh, Jim thought that was a 1900 number I was chatting on,
I'm also glad to report that no wallets where misplaced tonight.
TOOO CUTE! Those reflections are hard to make out. So it must just be Mum!
Do I see cute, little, bumpy teeth poking through on top??
Well, 7.5 min is about as good as I can do. fast enough!
why are we on so early? I'm going to the Nat Hist Museum in Balboa Park today, should be great! My literacy partner won tix and needs a chance to use English all day. A treat!
NAN: Um ... we have no life?? :)

You will have a great time today! I love that Museum! You're ''working'' again, already, eh?
Yes, my partner works at the library in your fine town, computer desk and child care for adult literacy classes. Sunny day for our visit - but of course who likes the freeway hassle? It's a tossup from here - 15 or 5, usually I end up on 15. But then, coming back at least there's HOV.
Good Maen all
NAN: Would your literacy partner appreciate a ''hello'' the next time I hit the library? Can you tell me her first name? Take the 5 ... I can't believe how horrible the 15 has become! Are you having lunch in the Park, too? Enjoy your day!
everyone...Have a great day.
Good Morning! It's December 16. December 16 is the 350th day of the year (351st in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar. There are 15 days remaining. In Mexico this is the first day of Las Posadas. Posadas is a nine-day holiday beginning December 16 and ending December 24 ('Noche Buena' (Holy More...
Still Maen.(barely) Love the black and white picture. What a precious baby! Our prayers are with Nicole and her family.
What a wonderful smile. Thought about you Melbourne partiers - a lot of us were with you in spirit(s)!
2:31 Maen
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