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Easy Sudoku for 16/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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2:08 Slow time tonight.

Good evening one and all! Cute puppy.
16/Feb/16 12:05 AM
oh my gosh... that's my photo! *LOL* The puppy's name is Daisy. She was a rescue and she left us to live with an awesome family.
16/Feb/16 12:13 AM
1:51 It is ages since I was under 2 minutes.
Good morning Anne and Chayote. Cute looking pup Chayote. I should know better than to have a coffee with a friend and then a wine tonight when my sister came to dinner. All the things to keep me awake.
16/Feb/16 12:48 AM
beautiful day in OK
16/Feb/16 12:58 AM
Presidents Day in the US.

All that meant to a lot of people is a day off, others just another work day.
16/Feb/16 1:03 AM
No sun showing today.
Guess I'll just have to to use my imagination!
16/Feb/16 1:06 AM
Sue, I wonder if the president gets President's Day off?
16/Feb/16 1:10 AM
(For Shosho!)
16/Feb/16 1:10 AM
We are getting snowed on....again. Hope it's not the 2+ feet like last time.
Traditionally, President's Day in the U.S. means lots of sales. I'm not sure why that is, but the stores/shops are going to be pretty empty around here. This area does not do snow well.
16/Feb/16 1:51 AM
I honor of the weather, I have bundled up the bat so it is warm and cozy.
16/Feb/16 1:51 AM
Good morning to all! Good looking puppy that is probably a full grown dog by now.
16/Feb/16 2:11 AM
It's finally warming up here. Minus 21 C right now, but temps are rising to a high of -9 C. Tonight we'll get the snow like Kathy, about 20 Cm.
16/Feb/16 2:14 AM
Good morning all - have a good day. Another east coast storm whooshing in tonight ...storm warnings abound! Get prepared, stay home & stay safe!
16/Feb/16 2:32 AM
Peter posted a pictorial journal of his latest wood project - have a look see.
16/Feb/16 2:34 AM
16/Feb/16 2:41 AM
Good morning.
16/Feb/16 2:51 AM
Initially didn't have my glasses on, couldn't read a thing.
16/Feb/16 2:52 AM
All ok now.
16/Feb/16 2:52 AM
All except the big computer. It is dead. RIP
16/Feb/16 2:54 AM
I'm feeling kind. Go Keith!,
16/Feb/16 2:55 AM
Thank you.
16/Feb/16 3:13 AM
16/Feb/16 3:13 AM
You were nearly out of time!
16/Feb/16 3:15 AM

My guess is CP went back to bed to try and get some sleep again. I'm glad I don't have that problem often.
16/Feb/16 3:31 AM
June - I'm surprised wine keeps you up. Most of us get drowsy after drinking alcohol. I hope you got some rest once you finally got to sleep.
16/Feb/16 3:32 AM
No, I'm still awake.
16/Feb/16 3:53 AM
Nit for much longer, I hope.
16/Feb/16 3:54 AM
I'm about to turn the light off.
16/Feb/16 3:55 AM
16/Feb/16 3:56 AM
NOT. I'll dream/have a nightmare about my mammogram this afternoon.
16/Feb/16 3:57 AM
A necessary evil, but one I don't look forward to.
Morning Shoshone.
16/Feb/16 3:59 AM
Changed to cherry blossoms because of all the trees around here in full bloom, decorative pear, hibiscus, these white little blossoms on trees around the block (kind of looks like apple blossoms), and the finally the cherry trees that beginning to bud out and bloom.
16/Feb/16 3:59 AM
Good morning, CP!!! Hope you're doing better about getting around!
16/Feb/16 4:00 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!!!
16/Feb/16 4:01 AM
Hmmmm so close . . .
16/Feb/16 4:01 AM
I shall nudge us to the bottom of the page . . .
16/Feb/16 4:02 AM
And get us over to the next . . .
16/Feb/16 4:02 AM
Having fun dragging everyone along . . .
16/Feb/16 4:03 AM
better hurry . . .
16/Feb/16 4:03 AM
16/Feb/16 4:03 AM
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