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Easy Sudoku for 16/March/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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all from wet So. Oregon.

May this day bring some good news to the world at large - we need some. Lift up your heart in prayer.
16/Mar/11 12:00 AM
The sun made a brief appearance this morning as I got up and then tucked itself behind the clouds... Probably for the rest of the day. Rain expected.
16/Mar/11 12:00 AM
Eve! We need a bit of that!
16/Mar/11 12:01 AM
16/Mar/11 12:04 AM
16/Mar/11 12:05 AM
Why didn't it become a link?
16/Mar/11 12:05 AM
Found a moment to pop in and say Hi.
16/Mar/11 12:05 AM
Think it's because of the smilie Maens, Keith.
16/Mar/11 12:07 AM
Need to go and do something in a second.
16/Mar/11 12:07 AM
But just want to see how ar I can push my luck here.
16/Mar/11 12:08 AM
16/Mar/11 12:08 AM
In the first post, Eve's should be a link then, but it isn't.
16/Mar/11 12:15 AM
Good Morning everyone.

What a beautiful building!

Shiela, the clouds must be coming from the south. The sun is still shining up here.
16/Mar/11 12:15 AM
CP one to end the day and another to start anew.
16/Mar/11 12:17 AM
Yes, Debby, from the south.
(Maybe the clouds won't get up to you!)
16/Mar/11 12:20 AM
- all
Abysmally slow 'this morning' -
and it is well after 1.30pm.
16/Mar/11 12:22 AM
2:38 Good evening all. What a lovely blue sky it was in Fremantle that day. I bet they've had a lot like that this summer.
16/Mar/11 12:22 AM
Rayray we had a quake off Innisfail in north Qld today.
16/Mar/11 12:25 AM
Not a real big one.
16/Mar/11 12:25 AM
16/Mar/11 12:26 AM
So slow?
16/Mar/11 12:27 AM
16/Mar/11 12:27 AM
And a CP
16/Mar/11 12:28 AM
I fink da site iza bruk.
16/Mar/11 12:30 AM
& then aced me out while I was off getting #2 in all the Kid's ones. Today, It's Grass-hopper that's on a roll.
16/Mar/11 12:30 AM
Yup itz bruk.
16/Mar/11 12:31 AM
Good Maen all! I've not adjusted to the new time yet...but obviously Keith has!!!
16/Mar/11 12:32 AM
Good Maen, (again) all. I see my previous GM landed in yesterday's post. Sometimes life is too complicated. Guess I'll just stare out at the raindrops and enjoy some mindless reverie.
16/Mar/11 12:33 AM
Evening everyone.

It is one of Rena's photos, and it was a very sunny warmish day when Rena, Amber and I wandered around Fremantle.
16/Mar/11 12:36 AM
Our snow is slowly melting. We still have about a half of foot in our back yard. Rick had to bring more wood up for the furnace yesterday. I couldn't believe how deep the tracks were in the snow!
16/Mar/11 12:36 AM
To me, that picture has a "western" cowboy sort of feel to it. Next trip, we'll get out west.
16/Mar/11 12:40 AM
Keith... that's two days in a row where you've missed 22 while playing with the kids. Ah.... Maybe you need to start playing with the grown-ups???
16/Mar/11 12:49 AM
16/Mar/11 12:56 AM
Back again. Still managing to find a bit of time to check in here on and off.
16/Mar/11 1:06 AM
Good morning people of the world.
16/Mar/11 1:08 AM
Today I plan to celebrate to the fullest.

Happy Nappig Day.
16/Mar/11 1:08 AM
Good Maen, all! I'm still feeling lousy, but I'm better than I was yesterday. Hope you've shaken your cold by now, Shiela!
16/Mar/11 1:17 AM
Breaking news
There has just been a strong aftershock of M6.1 only 78 miles from Tokyo; this time to the west of the city.
Its epicentre was at the north-western end of the segment of tectonic boundary involving the Philippine Plate, and it represents a considerable extension in the area of More...
16/Mar/11 1:28 AM
Rayray are we going to have a change of poles?
16/Mar/11 1:39 AM
Dorthea - does that mean that we will be down under and Australia on top? Think about it! North is South and South is North?
16/Mar/11 1:46 AM
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