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Easy Sudoku for 16/May/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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16/May/16 12:00 AM
It should be a good one, Hal - good morning to you & all who arrive later.
16/May/16 12:02 AM
I've had a bad cough for over a week now.
I don't know if it's pneumonia, pleurisy,
or something bad. I hope none of my friends
in Sudokuland have caught it from me.
16/May/16 12:02 AM
Well, it's c-c-cold here with snow showers in the forecast, but at least it won't stick around and need to be plowed as in that photo!
16/May/16 12:08 AM
Wolf, I hate to think what you would define as 'bad' if pneumonia and pleurisy don't count! Get well soon.
16/May/16 12:33 AM
Lynne and I have been to visit Quebec City 4 times. It is our favorite city to play tourist, just not in the Winter.
16/May/16 12:56 AM

Hope your on the mend soon Wolf, people in my office have had a cough for about two weeks before it has decided to leave them. Lets hope your cough is the same....you dont need pneumonia, pleurisy or worse!
16/May/16 1:22 AM
Good afternoon to all! Quebec City is a touch of Europe here in Canada.
16/May/16 1:29 AM
Joyce, there is a possibility of flurries here overnight as well, but I'm hoping it is just rain that falls.
16/May/16 1:31 AM
We have a sunny day, but very windy. After all the rain, I am happy to see the sun. Wolf!
16/May/16 1:51 AM
Good Maen, good people! Resting a bit between cooking brunch and cooking Sunday dinner for the crew. Skipped church today to spend whole-family time with my visiting daughter and son-in-law (Starr and Quill).
16/May/16 2:14 AM
We had bacon, eggs and gluten free, dairy free buckwheat pancakes with real maple syrup washed down with orange juice and gourmet coffee.
16/May/16 2:17 AM
I'm with Bev re. your self-diagnosis, Wolf ...just what IS bad? Here's to self-healing or at last resort, some professional guessing, I mean help!
16/May/16 2:19 AM
The chicken is roasted for dinner and cooling. We will add the roast chicken to our tamarind coconut eggplant curry we're planning for dinner. I have toasted the whole spices to grind and am soaking the tamarind. It should come together pretty fast when we're ready.
16/May/16 2:20 AM
Dessert will be rhubarb pie and ice cream. Oh, the calories of this weekend!
16/May/16 2:22 AM
That breakfast is what I should have had, Plum, to make the view of graupel bouncing in our driveway more palatable! For the unknowing: graupel is what little balls of snow are called.
16/May/16 2:24 AM
Good morning.
16/May/16 2:25 AM
So, Greg - here's another choice for your not-snow wish: graupel!
16/May/16 2:26 AM
Had rhubarb and apple crumble at our neighbour's house last night. It is a favourite dessert of mine, so my tummy was very happy.
16/May/16 2:28 AM
It was preceded by corned beef, and lots of vegetables so a delicious meal altogether.
16/May/16 2:29 AM
Yes, I know it wasn't St Patrick's day.
16/May/16 2:31 AM
16/May/16 2:31 AM
Poor Keith, I've got 22 a couple of times this week.
16/May/16 2:32 AM
Oh, Wolf. I feel for you. I tend to finish colds with a lingering bad cough developing into a secondary infection. I've had pleurisy and have had broken ribs from coughing. I swear by mucinex combination expectorant/suppressant. But since it's to the point where you suspect pneumonia or pleurisy More...
16/May/16 2:35 AM
I need some venison this fall so I can make more corned venison. Yum yum yum! I'm putting extra rhubarb in the freezer so I can have another pie later, out of season.
16/May/16 2:37 AM
We had a light coating of snow/ grauple on surfaces this morning but it melted quickly. Then about an hour ago we had a heavy grauple fall but that's melted off too.
16/May/16 2:39 AM
16/May/16 2:50 AM
Ah, Wolf? If you hadn't a fever that may rule out pneumonia. But I would have high tailed it to the doctor already if I were you. The last time I stuck it out I ended up in the hospital for a week with pneumonia. And half that time I was in isolation until they were assured it was just pneumonia and nothing else~
16/May/16 2:52 AM
I had never heard of ''graupel''. Evidently, ice crystals form on the outside of snow flakes. They are also called snow pellets or ''grail''.
To tell the difference between graupel and hail, you simply have to touch a graupel ball. Graupel pellets typically fall apart when touched or when More...
16/May/16 2:56 AM
Hubby wanted to drag me into ER the night before but I insisted I would be alright. The following day, I wasn't that sure so I went and endured a number of tests! The one I hated was the spinal tap. The x-ray wasn't conclusive so when the MRI was free they stuck me in that. Well, well, well, said the first doctor. He felt vindicated when his diagnosis that was disputed turned out correct.
16/May/16 2:58 AM
I agree, Sharon. I'm really sorry you're unwell, Wolf - but please get yourself to the doctor.
16/May/16 2:58 AM
Turns out I wasn't on anyone's side, I was just out of it~
16/May/16 2:59 AM
Today's photo reminds me of a National Geographic cover of a carriage driven by Prince Phillip in a snowstorm.
16/May/16 3:00 AM
So Wolf, in the mangled form of Shakespeare, get thee to the doctor!
16/May/16 3:01 AM
I also agree. Better safe than sorry, Wolf!
16/May/16 3:01 AM
Ooooh, CP, Plum, Kathy, wanna race???
16/May/16 3:02 AM
I love a challenge . . .
16/May/16 3:02 AM
Here I go . . .
16/May/16 3:02 AM
16/May/16 3:03 AM
16/May/16 3:03 AM
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