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Easy Sudoku for 16/September/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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16/Sep/16 12:00 AM
Hal.....and all to follow!
16/Sep/16 12:31 AM
Quiet this morning!
16/Sep/16 12:37 AM
Since everything was discombobulated with the site down yesterday.....I shall post the answers to my last poozle: 1. Watermelon 2. Ufology 3. Stylography 4. Serrated 5. Rhinology 6. Predicament 7. Oracle
8. Nominate 9. Mobility 10. Magnify 11. Indifference 12. Dislocate

Winners More...
16/Sep/16 12:49 AM
How did THAT happen? Oh, well, you get 2, Keith. Share with Lynne.
16/Sep/16 12:50 AM
I didn't get to post a poozle yesterday, so, I'll give Serena a break and post one for today.

A word ladder is a sequence of words formed by changing just one letter each time. Eg: CAT - COT - DOT - DOG.
Starting with TASTE and ending with SENSE, can you find the missing words using More...
16/Sep/16 12:54 AM
Nice to be back on the site!
16/Sep/16 12:55 AM
For those who have asked....the second estimate we got for the deck replacement/repair was 1/2 the cost of the first quote. We are going with the second company. They don't do staining and sealing which will be an additional $500+ (if *we don't do it ourselves), but, we'll still be saving BIG $$$$!
*My vote is ''they''....not ''we''.
16/Sep/16 1:07 AM
16/Sep/16 1:35 AM
Oh dear that photo of Bridal Veil reminds me that I haven't been to Yosemite Park in a long while. Must go! Last time was when the boys were still at home!
16/Sep/16 1:37 AM
At this very moment, just a few miles from me ... as the crow flies. Aaaah, I hate to leave this Paradise, but civilization and responsibilities call.
16/Sep/16 2:05 AM
I keep mentally planning a trip to see waterfalls. Probably no that one though. A little out of my travel range.
16/Sep/16 2:34 AM
I have only been to Yellowstone- but several times to Oregon where this can be a common sight
16/Sep/16 2:35 AM
We travelled to an area park to check out the waterfall - it was called Waterfall Glen - nice walk but the 'waterfall ' was about 2 feet - if that ! In Illinois we think big
16/Sep/16 2:38 AM

Recap since it's been a while:

If Cow Boy is 6 and Cow Man is 4 times older than Cow Boy, how old will Cow Man be when Cow Boy is 3 times older than he is now?

Answer: 36


6 x 4 = 24 (Cow Man’s Current More...
16/Sep/16 2:41 AM
In case you didn't know, I have four kids. There is such a big gap between Elijah and Azariah that for the longest time Elijah was the only one that has had any activities. I am a write it on a paper wall calendar kind of organizer. Between appointments, Elijah deciding to do High School at an More...
16/Sep/16 2:45 AM
Safe travels home, Judy! I know someone is bereft....
16/Sep/16 2:48 AM
I'm going to ramble about High School now.

As far as I can tell Elijah likes it. He's in that not so overly communicative teenage phase of life. I'm not liking it so much. The minor issues are the ones I figured before hand, curriculum, content, differences in opinion on what is morally More...
16/Sep/16 2:51 AM
Then there was the assembly where they went over school rules. Don't do this, that, and the other. They actually explicitly stated that they are not allowed to have sax (intentional typo) at school. Do you really have to be that explicit these days? Go figure, I thought that was just assumed.
16/Sep/16 2:56 AM
I would ramble more but Keziah thinks I should meet her needs now.
16/Sep/16 2:56 AM
Good afternoon to all! It was good to see that the site came up okay today!
16/Sep/16 3:25 AM
Guess I'll grab Keith's favourite number. Cheers Keith!
16/Sep/16 3:26 AM
Enjoy your day or night folks!
16/Sep/16 3:28 AM
... Didn't get back in time.
16/Sep/16 3:41 AM
Occasionally my tabs across the top of my screen start blinking orange/bright gold; usually as an alert. Lately the Sudoku site just does the blinking; I've sent no PM, I've not just signed in - it does it for no reason that I can decipher. Now I'm thinking it might be the 'soon to crash' warning light........
16/Sep/16 3:44 AM
So, before it follows its warning- good afternoon, all & have a grand day!
16/Sep/16 3:45 AM
Well,seeing I'm awake at this time I'll get in an early post (at least for me) and be the first Canberran. Hi CP and Chris.
16/Sep/16 3:46 AM
Hooray! I finally can get Sudoku after 2 days without it. Love those beautiful waterfalls today.
16/Sep/16 4:20 AM
Morning all, nice waterfall.
When I couldn't get on here yesterday I thought it will be back up soon, but then had a full day of appointments and was too tired to check last night. Pleased to see we are back to normal this morning.
16/Sep/16 4:52 AM
Ditto. I've been going through withdrawal!
16/Sep/16 5:49 AM
nice to see water falling in California
16/Sep/16 8:18 AM
1:34. Good morning everyone.
16/Sep/16 8:19 AM
Good point, tomcat.
16/Sep/16 9:13 AM
When I go hiking around here a waterfall could be anywhere from four feet to maybe ten but a few and far in between! In Kauai, waterfalls were everywhere from Jurassic Fall (forgot its name only that they filmed Jurassic Park there) to all the little ones closer to shore! And with their annual More...
16/Sep/16 9:44 AM
16/Sep/16 11:06 AM
Good afternoon.
16/Sep/16 4:54 PM
Actually slept late this morning.
16/Sep/16 4:55 PM
Well, 0500. Late for me.
16/Sep/16 4:56 PM
The day has included an early dentist appointment, some shopping and, just now a movie - Pete's Dragon. yes I know it's a kids movie but it was conveniently held locally whereas the Beatles movie was in Civic, not far away but more than Mr P wanted to travel today. We WILL see it over the weekend - or else!
16/Sep/16 5:00 PM
And now:-
16/Sep/16 5:01 PM
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