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Easy Sudoku for 17/October/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, good people.
17/Oct/17 12:00 AM
My next msg is a repeat from late yesterday. Repeating for the Early Birds! Hope no outages today!!
17/Oct/17 12:00 AM
Fire news: Nature can be weird!
My wife and I decided to return from son's home in Marin County to Napa Saturday.
Checking the fire maps, it appeared we were okay, with only smoke to worry about. Nearby, the maps and warnings told of a mandatory evacuation of eastern Sonoma, only a few miles More...
17/Oct/17 12:01 AM
Just went out to pick up morning paper. Definite smell of smoke in the air. Not heavy smoke thank goodness!!
17/Oct/17 12:07 AM
In 1986, Peter Davies was on holiday in Kenya after graduating from North-western University

On a hike through the bush, he came across a young bull elephant standing with one leg raised in the air.

The elephant seemed distressed, so Peter approached it very carefully. He More...
17/Oct/17 12:21 AM
Denny, glad there's enough normalcy that there is electricity, internet and newspaper delivery. Hope the CA wildfire destruction can end soon and the rebuilding can proceed.
17/Oct/17 12:34 AM
I am Looking forward to deer hunting season but I do have a question. If I shoot a buck, but I only have a doe tag, can I claim that the buck wasn't really a buck? I mean … maybe he'd always wanted to be a doe, but with no choice of his own he was born with the physical attributes of a male. And More...
17/Oct/17 1:00 AM
17/Oct/17 1:32 AM
Sunny - after several rainy days.
Neil - you got me on that one!
Denny - Hope the wind holds off the smoke. And more importantly, the fires.
17/Oct/17 1:53 AM
Good morning all!
17/Oct/17 2:25 AM
Now that's an appropriately seasonal photo for us Topsiders!
17/Oct/17 2:26 AM
17/Oct/17 2:29 AM
Happy Monday!
17/Oct/17 2:36 AM
17/Oct/17 2:46 AM
Ack! Neil!
Glad to hear you were spared, Denny!
17/Oct/17 2:47 AM
everyone from sunny So Oregon.
17/Oct/17 2:51 AM
17/Oct/17 3:29 AM
DorA if the game warden doesn't buy it you can always appeal to the Supreme Court
17/Oct/17 3:37 AM
17/Oct/17 5:27 AM
Good afternoon to all! Yum!
17/Oct/17 5:32 AM
The doctor is happy with the clearing up progress of my wound infection. All should be good in a another week or two.
17/Oct/17 5:34 AM
Look what I happened upon. 22!
17/Oct/17 5:35 AM
Here you go Keith, but share it with Lynne.
17/Oct/17 5:35 AM
Heck Plum, you beat me to it!
17/Oct/17 5:36 AM

Thanks for sharing the story Neil
An unfortunate end to a compassionate action
17/Oct/17 6:07 AM
1:50. Good morning everyone.
17/Oct/17 6:27 AM
Morning all, I love the taste of QLD blue pumpkin.
17/Oct/17 6:28 AM
Great to see so many comments this morning. Might have been the withdrawal symptoms after the site being down yesterday.
17/Oct/17 6:35 AM
Good morning.
17/Oct/17 8:32 AM
Been off air for a while here,
17/Oct/17 8:32 AM
I am sleeping better and hardly get up for an extended period any more.
17/Oct/17 8:33 AM
And I have been using my iPad all the time, and I find it harder to post from it.
17/Oct/17 8:35 AM
So, I hope everyone is well and enjoying a good patch in their lives.
17/Oct/17 8:36 AM
Well, CP, you've been missed...thought maybe you were having travel-recovery pains - haha!
17/Oct/17 8:43 AM
Well, one more post in the hopes of getting to a new page.
17/Oct/17 10:45 AM
I'll help out.......
17/Oct/17 11:09 AM
It seems to be good news day today with Denny and Keith seeming to have escaped the ravages of the fires, Greg showing continuing recovery and CP sleeping better, and hopefully, everyone else in hearty good health.
17/Oct/17 11:10 AM
If either Greg or Joyce are around still go for BOPO, if not I might do it myself.
17/Oct/17 11:12 AM
It seems as though I am alone on the site at the moment, though Joyce might still be here.
17/Oct/17 11:13 AM
I guess I will just have to make Greg's wish come true and finish page one.
17/Oct/17 11:15 AM
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