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Easy Sudoku for 17/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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17/Mar/16 12:09 AM
I'm busy writing my next book. I really don't know how 'retired' works I guess.
17/Mar/16 12:16 AM
1:49 That looks very tasty.

Good night one and all!
17/Mar/16 1:16 AM
Hal and Wolf...goodnight, Anne!
17/Mar/16 1:26 AM
Someone mentioned to me that they almost missed yesterday's poozle because there was no bat avatar on my post. I have gone (St, Patrick's Day) green AND batty so there is no further confusion.
17/Mar/16 1:29 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle:
1. star, rats
2. wed, dew
3. keep, peek
4. guns, snug
5. part, trap
6. reward, drawer

The ''I'm Full of Blarney Crown'' goes to winners Lonewoof, Greg, Hal, Joyce, Judy, CP, Aileen, Amelia Wombat, Sarah, and June.
17/Mar/16 1:33 AM
And for today.....

Each of the three things have something in common. What is it?

1. A Ball - A Fish - A Cold
2. A Ball - A Salad - A Coin
3. A Cork - A Question - A Balloon
4. A Bottle - A Baseball Player - A Mushroom
5. A Bell - Mouth - A Shoe
6. A Tug of War - The More...
17/Mar/16 1:38 AM
Oh, what the heck.
17/Mar/16 1:38 AM
Good morning from a thundery southern Ontario.
And good luck with your book, Wolf! I'm struggling with mine ...
17/Mar/16 2:08 AM
Good morning.
17/Mar/16 2:31 AM
Good morning.
17/Mar/16 3:04 AM
Should have left putting the St Pat's dday earrings in until today.
17/Mar/16 3:05 AM
All of one disappeared overnight.
17/Mar/16 3:05 AM
And the back fell off the other one just as I sat up to get out of bed just now.
17/Mar/16 3:06 AM
Will have to go and search the bed and bedroom for the lost earring.
17/Mar/16 3:07 AM
Raining today.
I'm not writing a book, but I have a great idea for one!
17/Mar/16 3:24 AM
Hope you find your earring, CP!
(Did the same thing about a week ago. Searched everywhere and then found it the next morning next to my bed - by stepping on it!)
17/Mar/16 3:27 AM
But maybe a Leprechaun got yours, CP!
17/Mar/16 3:33 AM
I've been working on the art labels and the artist list for our class's annual watercolor art show the past few days. I've coordinated the show for about 20 years. Think it's time someone else took over.
17/Mar/16 3:38 AM
Everyone must be out looking for green beer?
17/Mar/16 4:11 AM
Keith, too?
17/Mar/16 4:12 AM
Hello, Keith! Wishing you the of the Irish!
17/Mar/16 4:13 AM
Happy Wednesday day off!
The local bagel shop is offering green bagels for the next couple of days
Time to pick up some corned beef, cabbage and potatoes at the market for a yummy meal this week.
17/Mar/16 4:26 AM
YUM! Shrimps!
17/Mar/16 4:42 AM
Morning all, you think they would have eaten those prawns by now.
17/Mar/16 5:14 AM
Good afternoon all - Happy St. Patrick's Day to those who have made it to the 17th -
If you're enough lucky to be Irish...
You're lucky enough!
17/Mar/16 5:36 AM
Good afternoon to all! Gosh, I wonder what's for dinner.
17/Mar/16 6:17 AM
Okay, I mixed up yesterday as my head was screwed on wrong. Today is Saint Patrick's Day down under. Luck of the Irish to you and have some green beer!
17/Mar/16 6:20 AM
Okay, you'll have to dye this one.
17/Mar/16 6:21 AM
Happy St. Patrick's Day to my Down Under friends!
17/Mar/16 6:40 AM
I think I'll try for an Irish quiz tomorrow. Be ready!
17/Mar/16 6:42 AM
I know I don't usually do Thursdays, but, Serena seems to have her hands full at the moment, so if she doesn't post a puzzle, I will. Okay with everyone?
17/Mar/16 6:44 AM
Yep, sounds like a great plan Kathy!
17/Mar/16 6:54 AM
I just found this joke as I was cleaning out my in-box from ...obviously a long time ago!
17/Mar/16 6:55 AM
It's Irish!
17/Mar/16 6:55 AM
Two Irishmen were waiting at the bus stop when a truck went past loaded up with rolls of turf.

Jimmy said, “I’m gonna do that when I win the lottery.”

“What's that then?” asks Mikey.

“Send me lawn away to be mowed.'
17/Mar/16 6:56 AM
OK - done for now......
17/Mar/16 6:57 AM
17/Mar/16 8:08 AM
Looks like I'm back in time to...
17/Mar/16 8:09 AM
17/Mar/16 8:10 AM
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