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Easy Sudoku for 17/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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The boss is very much like the clouds in the sky. The moment they disappear it turns into a beautiful day
Good Afternoon
Hey one of the first for me! Hurrah!
Go to bed grandpop you're way out of your depth
I'm only up this early because my boy has a field trip on a boat for Marine Science and has to be at school early today!
2'44. G'Maen, all. First time I've seen one framed.
3:01 - a bit rusty - good meaN to all - hi andre, just had a fab holiday in old blighty - ended up seeing 6 shows in London - The Crucible was superb.
lovely flowers. I think my wife would love to paint them.She has a passion for lilly pads
2:54 Pretty lilies (isn't that what they are?)
Bed time for plonkers I think, but not for me.
4:09 Slow today. Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

Let your heart guide you. It whispers, so listen closely.
Billy!!!! Wow how lovely to see you here. Wish we had made contact when you were here. Hope things are ok with you must try and catch up!!
2:55 Oops! Did it again by mistake. Hey, at least I'm consistent in my times!
Isn't the water lily the flower for July birthdays? Very pretty picture.
Thought I'd do this puzzle today (Wednesday) rather than waiting til tomorrow (Thursday). I know what I mean. 2:38 Does anyone else find it easier to complete the puzzles with the shaded out numbers?
Pretty waterlilies. I forgot the timer, but my time's never great anyway. Off to bed now, have to work tomorrow night, so better get some sleep tonight. Have fun all.
3:07 My heart whispers,'chocolate!'
2.32 - Now I'm off to bed. Good Night all
OOPs head puddled. Meant today (Tuesday) not tomorrow (Wednesday). Missed a sleep somewhere
Woohoo Andre - a familiar 'face'!!!! I'll be back in a couple of years - we'll meet then. Closest i got to you was Oxford. Best hol ever, did 5 days in rome too, loos were awful...compared to harrods loos, very salubrious.
Good Maen all; today's my first born's 18th birthday, and he gave me flowers. Will wonders never cease.
Didn't we go hunting with that guy in the picture?
lovely photo, where are the frogs?
Hey Dan where is Puyallup? I've travelled all over WA and have yet tp come across it!
Good maEn all!
Billy/Perth - is that the Billy on skype?
Good Maen to all. Giving us framed pictures now Gath, or was that posted as is?
Mandy - I think WA is Washington USA
Good Maen!! Weather is iffy today. Sunshines, it gets cloudy, so far I don't think it has rained, but it's suppose to.

Granddaughter's team won their softball game last night. First one in two years. She was so excited, I doubt if she slept all that great. She had a double, two More...
Susan - check the car for 'bumps'luvvie - sounds suss...if all ok - he's a beautiful son.
Not our WA - WA as in Washington
4:41 today. Pretty water lillies.

More rain today. No end in site for the next couple of days. Maybe it's a good thing I have to go to work earle today.

Have a great m.a.e.n.
yes Beehive!
Sent you some photos Kath - they aren't brilliant but hope they will do. Had a great coaching session today - had to try and hit a tennis ball cosscourt into a hoop - managed to do it twice but oh! so close many times!
Billy - Rome!!! Terrible trying to find your way the road system not an experience for the feint hearted! but a wonderful place and fabulous architecture! Next time is a definite when you come over! Did you get your Harrods bag? Take care x
Billy - did you know Anne is heading off on a trek to South America on Thursday?
I am in Alfred Cove at the moment at MIL's place. Head back tomorrow am.
2:53 - I like having the shaded out used numbers.
Andre - great fan of Michaelangelo - saw the exhibition of his drawings in The Nat His museum before seeing his works in rome. Got my harrods bag thanks darl, bit cheesy really, feel embarrassed to use it!
Must to bed - take care sweetie.
Crapola Beehive that's the next suburb from me - I'm in attadale - this is scary!
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