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Easy Sudoku for 17/May/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Wet out there today.
Is Serena's babe a ... Girl? Boy?
17/May/15 12:07 AM
Shiela (and all to follow)!
Karen is waiting for Serena to reveal all. Some of us found out because of a blunder she made on FB, but we are sworn to secrecy.
17/May/15 12:20 AM
I'm not. What was it?
17/May/15 12:33 AM
I'm just waiting now to find out her name ...
17/May/15 12:36 AM
17/May/15 12:38 AM
Sworn to secrecy? I just thought Karen was being a toot! Tee hee!
17/May/15 12:38 AM
I believe Serena alluded to chosen names...they were biblical references.
17/May/15 12:39 AM
Karen takes her sharing duties very seriously!
17/May/15 12:39 AM
Up early (for me). Lots to do. Hopefully, moving day is next weekend.
17/May/15 12:41 AM
world, a beautiful day in OK
17/May/15 1:08 AM
17/May/15 2:16 AM
Off to my best friend's son's wedding today. We were a trio back in junior high. So I'm picking up the third of us and we'll be there for Phy!
17/May/15 2:17 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
17/May/15 2:18 AM
Happy Saturday with 2 days off!
Today's event: Founder's Day luncheon as an alum of my college sorority (what dress do I fit in, today?)
17/May/15 2:19 AM
Bonding time
17/May/15 3:46 AM
Thanks for all the congratulations and baby birthday wishes.

17/May/15 3:47 AM
Here's the nutshell. Keziah Patience was born on May 14th, 2015 at 7:11 pm. She weighed 8 lbs and was 20.5 inches long.

All the boring details and pictures are on my page.
17/May/15 3:48 AM
For the record, Karen was not told by me to withhold information. She did that all on her own.
17/May/15 3:49 AM
We have a robin's nest in our bush again. One of the eggs hatched while I was in the hospital. Human babies are a whole lot cuter than birds.
17/May/15 3:51 AM
Keziah is beautiful, Serena! Thank you for posting photos so quickly!
again, to the whole happy family!
17/May/15 4:16 AM
Too close to ignore.
17/May/15 4:20 AM
17/May/15 4:20 AM
Talk about just missing it!
17/May/15 4:22 AM
Shoulda come here first rather than making myself a hot milk drink.
17/May/15 4:24 AM
Keziah is a nice name.
17/May/15 4:25 AM
Guess who can't sleep?
17/May/15 4:26 AM
Busyish day today. Ukelele group then we are going to watch/listen to the Count Basie orchestra tonight. Yes, I do know he's no longer with us.
17/May/15 4:28 AM
CP, will the Count be propped up in a chair as in Weekend at Bernie's?
17/May/15 4:31 AM
Keziah ... one of the longsuffering Job's famously beautiful daughters. Her name is derived from the Hebrew word for the cinnamon tree. , Keziah!
17/May/15 4:35 AM
Serena - I can't believe you already feel good enough to post photos of Keziah as well as two of her older siblings. I'm sure they'll learn to be big helpers with their littlest sister.
17/May/15 5:18 AM
Good afternoon to all! Are they tapping that tree for maple syrup sap?
17/May/15 5:27 AM
Well, hello Keziah! You are now part of a wonderful family. I'm sure you will have a wonderful life!
17/May/15 5:30 AM
Just back home a short while ago from Francine's mass/funeral. We also had a wake for Stewart on Thursday night. Since the thrill is now also gone, they are all taking their final trip listening to great blues.
17/May/15 5:32 AM
Hello to Keziah and goodbye to Francine & Stewart - all a part of the big circle of life, which I am only now beginning to fully comprehend. to all who are experiencing with family or friends either the beginning or the end
17/May/15 6:09 AM
Interesting comment on Wikipedia about the name Keziah:

A number of etymologies have been suggested for her name, among them the Hebrew for Cassia, from the name for the spice tree. The name has been taken to symbolize female equality, since all of Job's three daughters received an More...
17/May/15 6:11 AM
Just by being a girl, Keziah has created female equality in her own family, now three males and three females.
17/May/15 6:14 AM
Sarah, if this were FB I'd click Like on both your comments!
17/May/15 6:30 AM
P.S. Judy, I Liked both your comments earlier today, too! Especially the one about Karen being a ''toot''.
17/May/15 6:33 AM
1:27. Good morning everyone.
17/May/15 6:56 AM
Seeing we're so close to the next page...
17/May/15 6:57 AM
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