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Easy Sudoku for 17/August/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi Everyone,

I have been beaverin' away on the crossword site, and there are now Cryptic Crosswords, as well as the normal ones.

Check it out at:

Good Maen all!
1:45 A mobile kid! :)
Good mAen all, cool roller skates.
1:50 Cute slippers Maen
Great day, beautiful weather and I feel good. Hope all can enjoy this day, and are given more joy than challenges. When faced with a challenge, may you have the will and ability to deal with it. Peace.
3:02 who's the cute boy with the shoes on his feet!!
Good Evening everyone
Oh, Yes! My Pledge to YOU: YOU WILL! :-) and YOU WILL! and xoxox
My boys had those Hot Wheels Slippers!!! What a charmer!
Cute little boy on some wild skates. Looks like he's ready to take off.Who's the lucky mom or grandmom?
WOW Hot Wheels slippers.
I'm 6th- better get to work. Good Maen
bert from bwi - Are you still around? I've been waiting to see your name again so I could let you know how much I learned about YOU by your comments on that 'Black Friday' here in Sudokuland, August 4 (for those who want to check back, it was page 7, third from the bottom). You expressed yourself More...
4.46 What a cutie! Love the slippers. Do they make adult sizes too?
What a beautiful face! Who claims him?
Finished with no guesses and under 3min mark. Great hot wheels slippers. Who is this cute boy??
Hope today is not like yesterday-it hit 109 degrees,I can't wait until fall. School went back here this week and they are having air conditioning problems in the schools.
Good Maen everyone...[cool[
12.49am at point of sudoku origin and look at all the comments already!
2:27 What a charming young gentleman! You can always tell about a person by looking at his footwear ... Have a great day/night, everyone
Good Wednesday Maen, all!

Cute boy with cool shoes...
Hey y'all! What a cutie! Angelic look...

Looks like a nice day today...wonder if sailing is in the cards? Better go run first! Have a good one everybody! :o)
Just look at those 'hot' slippers!
2:46- Maen everyone! Those shoes are KILLER!
So are those skates or slippers? I think I can see wheels, so I vote skates.
Good Maen everybody!

Cute little guy, and I can just hear him running around the house making car noises and squealing breaks!
Baz - of course you're right! La. is the TRADITIONAL abbreviation for Louisiana, just as Ill., Fla., Tenn., and Calif. are traditional for their respective states. When the US Postal Service initiated zip codes in the mid 60's, they also initiated new two-letter state abbreviations, with both More...

LA can mean Louisiana, Los Angeles, or according to one comedian Lower Alabama.
hi all..G'day/nite to you all...
nice skating ahead..
well i've been reading abt 'weeding' often here..just my humble suggestion..

Gardening Rule: When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it. If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant.
What does D.N.A stand for?
National Dyslexia Association
By the tax payer..
Why does a slight tax increase cost you two hundred dollars and a substantial tax cut saves you only thirty cents?????
what a beautiful kid!
Good Maen. Beautiful day here and for the rest of the week. Cute kid.
This kids knows how to put the pedal to the metal.
YAY! My times are getting better...4.02!! (That's good for me atleast...)
What a gorgeous kid.
Where's the race track? Why didn't we have those when I was a kid?
This is a very handsome young man! I want your shoes/slippers/skates!
The slippers are sweet!
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