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Easy Sudoku for 17/August/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Kilroy was here.

17/Aug/09 12:00 AM
...and it appears, so was Ian!
17/Aug/09 12:00 AM
These Garden Bells are brilliant!
17/Aug/09 12:04 AM
17/Aug/09 12:05 AM
You're right, Vici! I love the color!
Right now I have a squirrel scolding me outside my window. Can't figure out what's getting to him.
17/Aug/09 12:10 AM
What an absolutely superb photograph!
17/Aug/09 12:11 AM
He's spooking my cat. She keeps trying to build up the nerve to go to the window to peek out. But every squawk he gives she ducks!
17/Aug/09 12:11 AM
17/Aug/09 12:12 AM
Beautiful Garden Bells! It's a bright, beautiful day here. I can't believe it is mid-August already.
17/Aug/09 12:13 AM
Now for . If you want any, hold up your or
17/Aug/09 12:13 AM
If you look like your avatar, Shosho ... he's probably in love with you!
17/Aug/09 12:14 AM
Hi, gang! How goes it?
17/Aug/09 12:23 AM
If that is that gorgeous MUSCAT tea, I want a whole jugful please !
17/Aug/09 12:24 AM

Bless you, Shosho! Fill 'er up!
17/Aug/09 12:29 AM
Stopping in to say Hi on my way to bed - goodnight!
17/Aug/09 12:29 AM
Thanks Shosho...I'm in!
Barking squirrels - they are sassy critters!
(but then you should know that my flying friend!)
17/Aug/09 12:35 AM
Sleep well, CP.
17/Aug/09 12:35 AM
Rayray - Watch out! I notice that Kathy's crab is right below your sunflower, ready to pounce!
17/Aug/09 12:36 AM
Good night, CP! And good morning/afternoon to the rest of you!
17/Aug/09 12:37 AM
Everyone ready for the race?
17/Aug/09 12:37 AM
17/Aug/09 12:38 AM
17/Aug/09 12:38 AM
Probably too late.
17/Aug/09 12:38 AM
Yup. That Jane.
17/Aug/09 12:38 AM
Have some more coffee, Keith!
17/Aug/09 12:39 AM
Missed the race while I did the puzzle for once! Really going to bed now - promise!!!
17/Aug/09 12:40 AM
It's still perking.
17/Aug/09 12:41 AM
Answer to yesterday's puzzle:

*The wise son bought a candle and a box of matches. After lighting the candle, the light filled the entire room.*

Debby gets the award for the funniest answer! "He bought Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit, who multiplied and filled the room with baby More...
17/Aug/09 12:42 AM
We're off to the beach!!


Gretchen just returned from the beach, and told her brother Henry that she found three interesting types of shells. He asked what they were, and she answered with these More...
17/Aug/09 12:59 AM
It's OK; My sunflowers secrete a crabicide pesticide
17/Aug/09 1:06 AM
Good morning people of the world.

Hands free again. I will get used to this. Hubby took MIL, nephew and Girl 1 sight seeing of the girl's new school. And the couch snoozer is talking to the back of the couch about something really important. So I think I might have a minute.
Or not.
17/Aug/09 1:26 AM

Dear Abby,
What can I do about all the Sex, Nudity, Fowl Language and Violence on my VCR?
17/Aug/09 1:57 AM
Good morning all.
Shosho my cup is ready for a refill. Thank you.
Hope everyone has a great day.
Kathy, I know shell # 3, but am still working on the first two.
17/Aug/09 2:08 AM
Thank You Thank You Thank You for the Happy's. I spent my 33rd birthday in a boat, on the water with friends. Temp was an awesome 85F (sorry, no conversion today) and the sun was shining the whole time. It was fabulous.
17/Aug/09 2:11 AM
Special Thanks to the following people who wrote on my wall:
Mary Bibra Lake, Debby MI, Jamie TX, Vici CA, Nancy MI, Shiela MI, Kathy Maryland, Judy San Diego, Linda Pioneer, Nola Bundaberg, Eve S Oregon, Wagdy Egypt, Aileen CA, Greggers Canada, Jane GA, Chris Canberra, Mymare IL, June Epping, Gail Cockatoo, Rola Perth, Sue OK, and my Twinette Angie Melbourne!
17/Aug/09 2:14 AM
Please know that if I forgot someone, I did it completely on purpose and it means I hate you and never want to hear from you again.

just kidding

I'm off. I could use prayers and good thoughts and pixie dust in my direction. I have a big deal happening and if it works out it could mean saving me lots of money! Love to all.
17/Aug/09 2:16 AM
Angie - I never did find your e-mail address, so I posted your "official" birthday card in my gallery. Check it out!!!
17/Aug/09 2:29 AM
oooooooo!!!!! Very pretty!

Good Afternoon to everyone. We have a very warm day here in Michigan today. (Feels like Florida!!!!)
17/Aug/09 2:37 AM
Oh, Kathy! Thanks for the award!!!
17/Aug/09 2:41 AM
My apologies for giving the wrong URL for Robyn's jewelry yesterday. You were correct when you pointed out the correct URL:


I will have to get on her to update her site - especially after all the raw materials she picked up in Italy in June!
17/Aug/09 2:59 AM
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