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Easy Sudoku for 17/September/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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17/Sep/19 12:00 AM
Good Maen, Denny and all!
17/Sep/19 12:01 AM
If Anne is on, 'Goodnight!'
17/Sep/19 12:03 AM
Denny (1st), Wolf & everyone!
Not sunny today.
Hope your day is!
17/Sep/19 12:05 AM
2:13 Good night Denny and all.
17/Sep/19 12:11 AM
We had our first rain of the year this morning. Not much, just enough pull the oil up on the roads. Drivers must be cautious. Glad I don't commute any more!
17/Sep/19 1:09 AM
Aha. Tomorrow is now. In the meantime (ie since my last comment), I went to the grocery store, first time in memory that I did that before noon.
17/Sep/19 1:41 AM
17/Sep/19 1:45 AM
17/Sep/19 1:50 AM
Hmmm, I wonder how Shiela is spending the last day, before her holiday begins. Is she organized or is she frantically scurrying around with packing and other last minute ''details''?

Wishing you safe travels. Have fun, but don't over stress that foot!
17/Sep/19 1:58 AM
After two nowhere starts, finally finished the puzzle!!! 2:19
17/Sep/19 2:01 AM
2:32. 'Morning, all.
17/Sep/19 2:13 AM
For Anne. Good morning all.
17/Sep/19 2:21 AM
I, too, am packing to go, but nothing like Italy! I was one of the first women at Yale and I am going to Connecticut for the 50th anniversary of coeducation. Well, actually, there is one little sort of a similarity, since I took two years of Italian as a student.
17/Sep/19 2:35 AM
Keith, are you 'prepping' for tomorrow?
17/Sep/19 2:47 AM
17/Sep/19 2:52 AM
Cute dog!
17/Sep/19 4:23 AM
17/Sep/19 4:24 AM
17/Sep/19 4:54 AM
G'day all.
17/Sep/19 6:04 AM
Morning all, no sunshine for us today,it's raining!
17/Sep/19 6:36 AM
I was waiting here patiently for Keith to turn up.........Just where is he?

I'll start a new game.....Where's Keith?

Anyway, in his honour - Ta-dah!
17/Sep/19 8:11 AM
A warning to the Italians, Sheila's coming, lock your wine cellars!
17/Sep/19 8:13 AM
all. Peter. Good one!
17/Sep/19 8:30 AM

Good morning one and all. Bright sunshine here at present.
17/Sep/19 9:31 AM
I haven't kept track - guess others have though - Italy is looming in your future; how're you & your foot feeling?
17/Sep/19 11:48 AM
A very late hello - we've been lazing at our summer place even though it's not been very summer-ish! Hope everyone has had a good day & those still to arrive … enjoy your day too!
17/Sep/19 11:51 AM
Thx DoA and Peter.
17/Sep/19 3:24 PM
15.00 hours has come and gone so it is time to post the results of last Saturdays PUZZLE. After a bumper 12 last week we have dropped back a little to 11. Still a pretty good number. The eleven were Sarah, Tyranids, WombatAmelia, Peter, Joyce, Kathy, Judy, Chris, Snowbird and Scout. Some people More...
17/Sep/19 3:51 PM
Just for Chris...

Make way for supermom! Incredibly fit woman, 35, runs a marathon in just over three hours - while pushing all three of her children in a STROLLER

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-7469887/Woman-runs-marathon-just-three-hours-pushin g-three-children-STROLLER.html

17/Sep/19 3:57 PM
1:24, 1->9 but not a particularly fast one. Good evening everyone.

Thanks DoA, quite incredible, and faster than I can manage without only myself to worry about! Mind you, she's not much over half my age but still an amazing feat.
17/Sep/19 5:33 PM
I realised I hadn't followed up after Sunday's Sydney marathon letting people know how I went. That's probably because I was really disappointed; I just ran out of energy with about 7km to go and struggled home from there. I'd been hoping, and was on target, for around 3 hours 25 minutes, but those More...
17/Sep/19 5:42 PM
Might as well shout the bar while I'm here. I'll have a Coopers Pale Ale thanks.
Money's on the bar, have one on me.
17/Sep/19 7:17 PM
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