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Easy Sudoku for 18/February/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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18/Feb/08 12:00 AM
Good morning all! Another sunny but cold day! Hope evreyone has a great one!
18/Feb/08 12:00 AM
Good morning
18/Feb/08 12:00 AM
Hi all.
18/Feb/08 12:01 AM
No Ian from Boston this morning - if you're out there Ian I'd like to ask you a question.
18/Feb/08 12:02 AM
1:45 - a nice easy one to ease into the day. Hello Chopper.
18/Feb/08 12:04 AM
Nice dog. Is he an Australian shepherd?
18/Feb/08 12:05 AM
hope you are all enjoying/enjoyed your weekend.

G'day chopper, noice to see ya again.
Baz..a speshial "ello" to you also.
18/Feb/08 12:09 AM
all, nice doggy
18/Feb/08 12:27 AM
Where is everyone? Anyway, it's past my bed time - good night all.
18/Feb/08 12:28 AM
I'm still here Chris, just finishing of the last of the Red Wine.
hope you catch up with Ian.
18/Feb/08 12:35 AM
everyone! or or or ...depending on where you are!
Very icy here today. Had to (almost) get my skates on just to get the newspaper!
18/Feb/08 12:42 AM
2:32. Good Maen to All.
18/Feb/08 12:42 AM
Good mAen to all.
18/Feb/08 12:59 AM
We miss you, Baz. Chopper is certainly a handsome boy.
18/Feb/08 1:30 AM
Time for me to just about say "goodnight" to all.

its hot hot hot..here, have had to have the air - con on all day.
I have not had time to change my youtube this weekend. Will try and update tomorrow.

18/Feb/08 1:45 AM
everyone from an almost sunny SW Arizona. Sun still has not come up ... too early, think I'll go back to bed.
18/Feb/08 1:49 AM
there is the sun ... just peeked up over the mountains (foothills) ... Good morning everyone
18/Feb/08 1:52 AM
Your up early Judy !!
18/Feb/08 1:54 AM
Have to go get the Sunday paper ... it's the triple sudoku today.
18/Feb/08 1:55 AM
One more and I will have to go to the naughty corner ...
18/Feb/08 1:58 AM
Sneaking outside to grab the paper in your "shorts" ... one of retirement's greatest perks, eh, Dave? :)
18/Feb/08 1:58 AM
to all!
Hope everyone having a wonderful day.
18/Feb/08 2:01 AM
2:12 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

The trouble with resisting temptation is it may never come your way again.
18/Feb/08 2:07 AM
Too cold for that the last couple weeks Judy ...
18/Feb/08 2:08 AM
Greetings from snowy Wisconsin! Things have been a bit overwhelming here lately, so I haven't had much of a chance to get online. I hope everyone is well and if there is anything I should know, someone send me a note. Weather report. Ugh! I love winter, but this is getting ridiculous. Another More...
18/Feb/08 2:22 AM
The sun is up and so am I.
18/Feb/08 2:23 AM
everyone -- Dave - can you throw that sun a little higher - so it gets over the mountains to shine on the midwest ? Angie - we just are having the rain, rain and more rain -- hope flooding isn't bad mid state. - Sorry, my husband washed my car yesterday.
18/Feb/08 2:51 AM
Good morning to all! Hey Chopper! And I'll echo Angie's comment, if you still check in Baz, hope all goes well.
18/Feb/08 2:52 AM
Saw Wayne Newton last nite - had a great time and was glad that the weather changed waited until I was in bed. He is all legs and I can see why he was on "Dancing with the Stars' He sure can wiggle those hips.. I was in the 3rd row - so I "met" his eyes several times.
18/Feb/08 2:52 AM
Good gosh, isn't it bad enough getting all these comments about the weather without getting a personal one from you Angie-Melb! ROFL!
18/Feb/08 2:55 AM
all - leaving the dressage video up on my U-tube for another day - for those who may have missed it. Looks to be a beautiful day - currently 30° out - may reach 60° (we'll believe it when I see it). It's been a week without rain - this week or next week for sure that More...
18/Feb/08 3:00 AM
It's a school holiday for USA tomorrow - Monday -- President's Day -
18/Feb/08 3:03 AM
Eve, the water is rising around me here in the midwest --- I would mail you some - but no mail on Moday due to the holiday
18/Feb/08 3:04 AM
I'm trying to write up a mediation for my Ai Chi class tomorrow --- it like Tai Chi - but done in the water with a meditation theme. We usually go to the warm beach -- but I thought -- a dog sled ride in the moonlight -- it's quiet, still, and the sky is full of stars -- I would like to put the More...
18/Feb/08 3:07 AM
mymare - not a holiday for all of us!! I will have my usual 135 kids tomorrow (unless I get enough done today to figure out some way to take off and attend a memorial service 4 hours away with my wife for the father of our d-i-l).
BEAUTIFUL morning in my part of Texas after dreary, rainy day yesterday.
18/Feb/08 3:51 AM
1:53 to you all.
18/Feb/08 4:05 AM
That is a bright-looking dog in a Ute. Looks very happy with life.
18/Feb/08 4:35 AM
must be very slow today it is now noon here and still on the first page
18/Feb/08 4:59 AM
rain again today, but better than having snow
18/Feb/08 5:01 AM
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