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Easy Sudoku for 18/April/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Oh lord Johnny Depp did you say Angie...
18/Apr/08 12:01 AM
Good Maen What food cuts a women's sex drive bt 90%

Wedding cake
18/Apr/08 12:03 AM
I'm so busy melting that I can't think a thought! Col blood pressure is the least of my worries... (Angie send me a photo of your friends, pretty please with knobs on xxxxxxx is that enough grovelling?)
18/Apr/08 12:04 AM
Good morning André and John, What a beautiful day here in Ottawa. I was able to sit outside to have my coffee this morning mind you with a heavy housecoat...10oC but nice with the sun.
Good morning to all in this beautiful world of Sudoku.
18/Apr/08 12:06 AM
So is anyone going to pass on Angie's message?
18/Apr/08 12:07 AM
1:47 to you all.
18/Apr/08 12:07 AM
So, Johnny Depp is about 2 hours from my house filming his new movie. Some friends of mine road tripped to see him. Here is her account of what happened:

Just wanted to brag a bit!!! Yes you heard me!! I have a few good pictures of my trip from Oshkosh yesterday and last night of Johnny More...
18/Apr/08 12:08 AM
2:26 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

Sometimes a library of words can't say what a hug from a friend can.
18/Apr/08 12:09 AM
Maen, All. I'm finally a first-pager again! What a way to start the day.

Have we seen this young lady before? Her personality really comes through in the picture.
18/Apr/08 12:11 AM
2:01 Straight from 1-9.
Good evening all. I haven't done the puzzles for a long time.
18/Apr/08 12:15 AM
mAen all! I just can't remember how it is to be sitting outside with a coffee!
18/Apr/08 12:15 AM
Maen, ...Andre, Broni, Angie, Orianne, Eri, John and anyone else who visits before I get this posted! Hope your day was/is as nice as it is here today! Sunny & supposed to get warm.
18/Apr/08 12:15 AM
Outside for coffee? Sounds good to me!
18/Apr/08 12:16 AM
I am still on a caffine buzz and cannot sleep.
Yes Anne straight 1 to 9 I love those puzzles.
PS: My previous comment was from Angie(W)
18/Apr/08 12:20 AM
1:38 - Wow! Don't usually time myself - makes me too nervous and then I mess it up.

Beautiful sunny, warm morning here in Ohio!
18/Apr/08 12:24 AM
Quick puzzle for me, but I am slow anyway! Great picture - my son that is getting married is a cello player.
18/Apr/08 12:31 AM
Broni your friends sound like they have it huge for Johnny Depp!
18/Apr/08 12:32 AM
Who wouldn't have it huge for JD, he is gorgeous! I cannot believe that he would take the time to reach out like that Broni! But if you think about it actors/actressess would be nothing without us fans going to the movies and wanting to read about them in magazines.

Hope everyone is having an absolutely fabulous day/evening!

Aimee :-0
18/Apr/08 12:43 AM
Broni posted the Johnny Depp comment for Angie Wiscontin who posted it on yesterday's page, so it is Angie's friend who met JD... sigh...
18/Apr/08 12:46 AM
1:41 Maen! Ready for the big concert... happy smile! :)
18/Apr/08 12:52 AM
18/Apr/08 12:58 AM

Beautiful day here. and warm. Some days remind you why you live in an area. This is one of them!
18/Apr/08 1:35 AM
Ame, canola is a plant and when it grows the whole field turns yellow, it is used to make cooking oil and other things like margarine. Maybe other people can tell you more.
18/Apr/08 1:57 AM
Have a very nice Day all of you.
18/Apr/08 2:01 AM
The question was asked on the 'hard' page.
The plants were originally bred in Canada.
CANadian Oil, Low Acid. CANOLA!
18/Apr/08 2:02 AM
Thursday over here!

What a nice story about meeting JD!

And now I know where they got the word "canola" (thanks, Kathy/MD!) Does it have a strong taste (I usually use vegetable oil)?
18/Apr/08 2:15 AM
Johnny Dep! Wow! ...No, I mean WOW!!!! Something to never forget!
I had a backstage pass when 'Air Supply' was very popular in the early 80's. Graham Russell actually picked me up physically to have a photo taken with me! (I'm not too tall, he was!) Talk about a thrill! Even now I sigh! Whatever happened to them, anyway?
18/Apr/08 2:18 AM
everyone ... another nice day in So. Oregon ...
Our local girl makes good on American Idol is gone. Kristi Lee Cook from Selma Oregon was voted off last night.
So, I changed my to feature David Archuleta singing a Mariah Carey song, "When You Believe" He could go all the way and win American Idol.
18/Apr/08 2:21 AM
all another beautiful day in So. Oregon. Had to open a sliding door, the temp inside was above 70° from only a couple of hours of sun shinning on the living room room windows. Dropped the blinds so I can't see snow capped Mt McLoughlin (my new avatar).

18/Apr/08 2:30 AM
Dave - comments on the radio this morn say she was robbed. I don't know if she was or not, can anyone who watched American Idol weigh in - was she robbed, or should she have gone?
18/Apr/08 2:30 AM
Shiela - Guess what! Air Supply are appearing at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival in May which I am fortunate enough to be going to... I'll send them your love x
18/Apr/08 2:45 AM
I'm back . The op is over and I can almost see again. Thank you for all of your good wished. I can only read a few messages at a time. then my eye says I'm tired. Haven't try the sudoku yet, maybe tomorrow.
18/Apr/08 2:58 AM
Thanks, Andre!
St. Lucia, as in the Caribbean? Swoon! Two of my favorites together! Lovely Island! Have a great time!
(Didn't know 'Air Supply' still performed! Will have to do a search!)
18/Apr/08 3:16 AM
Dorthea! Great to have you back! We'll hope for a steady improvement!
18/Apr/08 3:18 AM
Dorthea - glad the op went well. Don't strain yourself now.
18/Apr/08 3:18 AM
Welcome back Dorthea! Please take it easy and don't over do.
18/Apr/08 3:34 AM
"We" also have a "local" talent performing in American Idol. The singer with dreadlocks (Castro? - I don't watch, Jeanie does) is an Aggie.
18/Apr/08 3:41 AM
Do you mean the guy with those gorgeous eyes?
18/Apr/08 3:50 AM
1:41 Great to have you back, Dorthea, and do take care. A beautiful day here, weather-wise. Enjoy, wherever you are!
18/Apr/08 3:59 AM
I'm glad that you're doing well, Dorthea. Read mine! Read mine!
18/Apr/08 4:02 AM
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