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Easy Sudoku for 18/July/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
18/Jul/19 12:00 AM
Wolf & everyone!
But... hot & humid, too!
(That's sweat on my brow.)
18/Jul/19 12:05 AM
18/Jul/19 12:41 AM
Lots of rain dousing our garden today - no sunshine; we'll need to look elsewhere for sunny attitudes!
18/Jul/19 1:01 AM
Everybody!! See Wolf is back to normal!
18/Jul/19 1:07 AM
2:17. Good Morning, everyone.
18/Jul/19 1:30 AM
18/Jul/19 1:46 AM
18/Jul/19 1:47 AM

It's nice to see Wolf back in his regular spot.
I am puttering around the house today. It's too hot to be out and about.
18/Jul/19 3:16 AM
Wendy, for the photo of a rocky coast.
18/Jul/19 3:19 AM
18/Jul/19 4:23 AM
1:49. Good morning everyone.
18/Jul/19 5:38 AM

Interesting sea coast cliff. Nice photo
18/Jul/19 6:16 AM
18/Jul/19 7:07 AM
Morning all,another wonderful photo of Wendy's.
18/Jul/19 7:14 AM
A very quiet start to the day on this site. Come on folks, give us some interesting stories. I'm off to the doctors for a regular review, not that I consider such a visit an interesting story.
18/Jul/19 9:25 AM
It is so hot today that, when it rained a bit on and off this afternoon, the wet pavement was dry within seconds after the rain stopped. I kept my umbrella up as a parasol on what was, thankfully, just a block and a half walk. That was enough outdoor activity for today.
18/Jul/19 11:34 AM
The forecast is for temperatures at or over 100 F/37 C, for the next four days. The humidity added to that makes it feel well over those numbers, at or over 115 F/46 C. On any scale, just too darn hot.
18/Jul/19 11:38 AM
Somewhere, our day time highs for the next week are forecast to be low to mid '80s with overnight lows of low to mid 50's. I'm lovin' it...
18/Jul/19 2:16 PM
2:01 Good after noon all. Many years since I visited Kalbarri.
18/Jul/19 3:42 PM
Identical to the forecast for us, DoA.
18/Jul/19 3:43 PM
18/Jul/19 3:44 PM
DoA's Somewhere has much more reasonable weather. One recent night the overnight low was 90F/32C. That is NOT a low. No way can 90 be low. 90 is high.
18/Jul/19 4:03 PM
How long is it going to be before somebody actually does something about global warming?
18/Jul/19 9:02 PM
The rest of the world is trying some at least. Just not us.
18/Jul/19 11:55 PM
4:00 Looks like a nice spot
20/Jul/19 12:07 AM
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