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Easy Sudoku for 18/September/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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18/Sep/13 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
18/Sep/13 12:00 AM
from sunny Orlando, where the Summer heat appears to be easing at last!!
18/Sep/13 12:01 AM
Time's Up Day
Constitution Day
18/Sep/13 12:01 AM
And this one is dedicated to my buddy,
18/Sep/13 12:11 AM
Now onto to my fav number!!!
18/Sep/13 12:11 AM
so close . . .
18/Sep/13 12:11 AM
18/Sep/13 12:12 AM
And a CP!!!
18/Sep/13 12:12 AM
This following week is not going to be a fun one for my family members. Wednesday my grandie is going in for the promised MRI to his head. And next Tuesday, my kittens are going to be spayed and neutered.
18/Sep/13 12:14 AM
Is the picture July down under?
18/Sep/13 12:17 AM

We had a frost this morning but we are not quite ready for snowmen yet.
18/Sep/13 12:19 AM
Woohoo 1:47!
18/Sep/13 12:19 AM
Oops, that one was for Queen Anne
18/Sep/13 12:20 AM

The year is 2307.

today we have Jamie, Wolf, HalT, and Mr Cee. So they will be prepared when the time comes.
18/Sep/13 12:21 AM
Not sure what happened to ''In the''.

Rebus Time:


Answers to my β€˜β€˜1 2 3 not it’’ inbox please.
18/Sep/13 12:24 AM
Now I'm going away so I won't interfere with Kieth's birthday 22.

18/Sep/13 12:25 AM
Dottie R, I watched the video of the Ohio U. Marching Band. I didn't see much marching. Dancing Band would be a better name.

If you want to see a marching band, go to:
Then click on 'Texas State Marching Contest Exhibition Performance (2009).'
18/Sep/13 12:36 AM
everybody. Scarface here. I think I set a world record for a fast dr.'s appt. today. Left my house at 9:18 A.M., had the sutures removed from my cheek at her office, & was back home at 9:55!! Finally got a peek at the incision before they put another steri-strip on it. Yikes - it's over one inch long!
18/Sep/13 12:53 AM
Slept in.
18/Sep/13 12:54 AM
Thought I'd have missed it.
18/Sep/13 12:54 AM
18/Sep/13 12:54 AM
Rob took Chase for a walk while I was gone. They were still gone when I got back! Glenn, I agree, it finally feels a tiny bit cooler here in FL. Another 10 degrees lower would be nice, but that probably won't happen until November!
18/Sep/13 12:55 AM
Happy birthday, #22!
18/Sep/13 12:56 AM
Hehe. Thx Serena.
18/Sep/13 12:56 AM
Yes, Kathy, it's only fair.
18/Sep/13 1:04 AM
A Happy American to you, Keith! party up!
18/Sep/13 1:05 AM
1 - 9 today
18/Sep/13 1:07 AM
Easy 1 - 9 today for me too. And a cool looking picture at the end.
We don't see enough snow here anymore to be able to build snowmen. I really don't miss it, either.
18/Sep/13 2:00 AM
Just 48 hours until we leave for northern Wisconsin. It's still a wee bit early in the year to see that much snow up there. But it won't be too many more weeks.....
18/Sep/13 2:03 AM
Ouch, Kathy! Take care.
Cool autumn day here, perfect for the Niagara Wine Festival and a fun weekend to come.
18/Sep/13 2:14 AM
Sudokites, it is well after midnight so I guess it is good morning... But also it's goodnight from me and goodnight from her.
18/Sep/13 2:15 AM
Just re-read my last post. It sounded a bit condescending. Didn't mean for it to sound that way. Sorry 'bout that.
18/Sep/13 2:28 AM
Cute snowman! Won't be long now. I know a lot of people hate Winter, but I love it.
18/Sep/13 2:58 AM
HalT..... you did not sound at all condescending. You sounded like someone who appreciates a good marching band. I remember going to football games when I was at the University of Wisconsin. Our team stunk, but the stands were always crowded. Once the game was over (and our team had usually lost More...
18/Sep/13 3:37 AM
Good afternoon to all! Yes, Frosty the Snowman will soon be back in town!
18/Sep/13 3:50 AM
Heck Hal, you weren't condescending, just a LITTLE biased! I noticed that the Aggies band was ranked number one in this video by some strange coincidence.
18/Sep/13 3:55 AM
Keith, let me know when you want to post your puzzles. I have a few ready to go, but I'm always game for more from you.
18/Sep/13 3:57 AM
Oh yeah, happy birthday you old fart!
18/Sep/13 3:58 AM
I can't stop now....
18/Sep/13 3:58 AM
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