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Easy Sudoku for 18/September/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates.
Only 4 more days until the daffynitions resume.
Here's today's factoid:
A century-old stone marker warning ''Do not build your home below this point'' sits 300 feet above the highest water level reached by the 2011 Tohoku tsunami.
18/Sep/14 12:00 AM
18/Sep/14 12:00 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world.

Wonder if the stone marker maker was related to Noah??

What a lovely sunset!!
18/Sep/14 12:11 AM

Sometimes the old things are the best....

ANEYOSHI, Japan — The stone tablet has stood on this forested hillside since before they were born, but the villagers have faithfully obeyed the stark warning carved on its More...
18/Sep/14 12:23 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle:

amaze, brave, quiet, wagon, pivot, vixen, yacht, comet, bleep, judge, flank, grape, bonus.

Some folks grumbled and gave up...BUT! Our Mountain Mama laughed at the difficulty and scored a perfect 13/13! JUDY is awarded the (suitable for framing) More...
18/Sep/14 12:37 AM
Another cool autumn-like day!
Hope you have a good one, too!
18/Sep/14 12:43 AM
So I don't get fired, let's try something a little easier today......

What four related words are merged here:


Answers to my ''Let's have answers, people!'' inbox, please.
18/Sep/14 12:44 AM
(Saved your luck for you, Shosho!)
18/Sep/14 12:50 AM
Kathy, I just love how you complete my little factoids. Thanks for doing the additional research and elaborating on them.
18/Sep/14 1:07 AM
18/Sep/14 1:16 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!!!
18/Sep/14 1:17 AM
I need to be asleep as I have lots to do early in the morning, but I cannot get to sleep because I am worrying about getting everything done. (among everything else I have to cook 2 kg of pasta to make into pasta salad for 80 people)
18/Sep/14 1:19 AM
Pearl Buck wrote a classic children's story, The Big Wave, about a tsunami and its aftermath on a small Japanese fishing village. Although how a window facing the ocean would help is beyond me. May give a few seconds headstart running uphill.
18/Sep/14 1:19 AM
Everybody. It's still too cool here for this time of year (still officially summer), but at least it's sunny. The radiant heat and brightness make it better. But I really don't like having to have the heat on in the house.
18/Sep/14 1:19 AM
Oooooh June! You pushed me into Queen Anne's post!
Well, Queen Anne, I dedicate that post to you!
18/Sep/14 1:20 AM
Hi Dottie, I am with you, I have not resorted to turning on the heat yet, but we have had temps in the evening in the 40's already...hope this is not an indicator of what winter will look like this year!
18/Sep/14 1:26 AM
Good morning to all! It's getting dark. Are the kids in bed?
18/Sep/14 1:32 AM
I saw your puzzle yesterday Kathy, but never got back to work on it. Well done to Judy and Lonewoof for their efforts.
18/Sep/14 1:34 AM
It was 40 F when I got up this morning. Great sleeping weather for me! I had my window open all night. I'm one of those 'lucky' peoople who never stop having hot flashes (Sixteen years and counting!) I'll have to retire to Canada!
18/Sep/14 1:35 AM
, y'all! Looks like I'll be in the market for a new laptop. Hard drive is failing, laptop is about 6 years old, cost of repairs + $100 more would get me a new one. Hate the research because there are so many options. Back in DOS days, I understood most of it, but not so today.
18/Sep/14 2:39 AM
Gorgeous sunset!
18/Sep/14 2:42 AM
Thank YOU, Kayo, for giving me the incentive to find out more about your ''factoids''! They are so interesting!
18/Sep/14 2:49 AM
Well, bummer. I didn't look at the numbers. Sorry, Keith.
18/Sep/14 2:50 AM
Shiela, my last computer was 5 years old. Hubby refers to them as ''computer years''. I truly don't think they are made to last.
18/Sep/14 2:57 AM
Sorry! I meant that last comment for Silvergal!
18/Sep/14 2:58 AM
Unusual sunset. Very pretty.
18/Sep/14 3:21 AM
On my real birthday, I came to see if there was a chance. Missed it by at least a couple of hours. Oh well. At least Kathy remembered. Thanks again for all the birthday good wishes.
18/Sep/14 4:21 AM
I keep being surprised by the lack of posts on the Easy page. I know folks are visiting, as for example, the two days my last puzzle was posted, last then half the responders said hello on Easy. Come-on folks, say hello, just so we know your still alive and kicking!
18/Sep/14 4:41 AM
How's your reno coming Kathy?
18/Sep/14 4:42 AM
18/Sep/14 4:47 AM

Hello, Greg from Dublin Town.
18/Sep/14 5:22 AM
Moving right along, Greg. Yesterday the kitchen was gutted and it was discovered that the tiles under the carpeting in the eat in area were asbestos. Much discussion as to what to do. It was decided that because the tiles are in good condition they will be sealed, a leveling compound used More...
18/Sep/14 5:24 AM
Hello Greg, I'm still here.
18/Sep/14 5:38 AM
I've put a few photos on my page if you are interested in seeing the chaos.
18/Sep/14 5:45 AM
Hello Peter. My father was born in Dublin. Lift a pint for me in his memory.
18/Sep/14 6:18 AM
Ian, I know you're still here, and you will be, I'm certain,for a long time yet my friend.
18/Sep/14 6:20 AM
1:43. Good morning everyone.
18/Sep/14 6:23 AM

Mixed sun and clouds in Troy, OH. We may get a pretty sunset, too.
18/Sep/14 6:45 AM
Good morning.
18/Sep/14 6:48 AM
Hi CG.
18/Sep/14 6:48 AM
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