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Easy Sudoku for 18/September/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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18/Sep/16 12:00 AM
18/Sep/16 12:03 AM
Early rain this morning - and now I plan to walk along our Riverwalk - fine arts faire going on this weekend
18/Sep/16 12:07 AM
Went solo to my grocery store yesterday - figured if I wanted a doughnut I had to get it myself - delighted to get the apple cider ones are back in season - nice reward after my water class
18/Sep/16 12:11 AM
Time to get moving ! Maybe a trip to the farmer's market - mums are back also
18/Sep/16 12:13 AM
Happy Saturday 2 days off!
18/Sep/16 1:04 AM
everyone! I've had fun this morning working on Wombat's puzzle.

Keith! I hope you've planned something fun to celebrate!
18/Sep/16 1:30 AM
Enjoy some and pressies!
18/Sep/16 1:49 AM
18/Sep/16 2:07 AM
Keith. Wishing you the best day ever.
18/Sep/16 2:32 AM
another beautiful cool day here in OK.
18/Sep/16 2:34 AM
Thx again for all the birthday greetings. They make me feel good.
18/Sep/16 2:48 AM
Good morning.
18/Sep/16 3:43 AM
Another of Chris's photos.
18/Sep/16 3:44 AM
Hope to go there one day.
18/Sep/16 3:44 AM
Meanwhile, preparations for our trip to Tasmania in two weeks are starting to hot up.
18/Sep/16 3:46 AM
Good afternoon to all! Super photo Chris!
18/Sep/16 3:46 AM
I'll need to pack the caravan next week. Lists are being made.
18/Sep/16 3:47 AM
Some good news here. My sister is home from the hospital but she will still have to go back in several times for more tests. She has nurse visitations twice a day. She is very happy to be home.
18/Sep/16 3:48 AM
Does your caravan have pontoons, CP?
18/Sep/16 3:53 AM
Such wonderful news, CG!!
18/Sep/16 3:54 AM
How wonderful to hear, Greg! A relief to all to have your sister home, and here's hoping for more good news to come.
18/Sep/16 4:09 AM
Good news, CG. Glad to hear it.
18/Sep/16 5:29 AM
Glad that your sister is home, Greg.
Happy Birthday, Keith.
18/Sep/16 5:38 AM
That is such good news, Greg! Please let her know she has lots of get well wishes coming her way from around the world!
18/Sep/16 5:48 AM
Morning all,another great photo from Chris.
CG, wonderful news about your sister.
18/Sep/16 6:26 AM
CP, how long do you plan to be in Tasmania ,we were there for six weeks and still needed more time.
18/Sep/16 6:31 AM
Marvelous news, Greg! Home is always our goal - happy she achieved it!
18/Sep/16 7:06 AM
So glad to hear your sister is bach and that she is receiving plenty of care.
18/Sep/16 7:30 AM
Apologies to the 'fore and aft' puzzlers, the letters should have been PU not PA, but that didn't really stop anyone.
As we are having a family lunch for Mrs. Wombat's birthday today, I won't be able to post the results until this afternoon and still allow the time I suggested for people to complete.
18/Sep/16 7:36 AM
And here's another puzzle. Answers due by midday tomorrow.
Today's puzzle is a H*M*PHONE puzzle. If I was to replace the *s with O, the censor would reject it. These 10 groups of words or phrases consist of A. a word or phrase, B. a synonym of A., C. a h*m*phone of B. and D. a synonym of C. More...
18/Sep/16 7:39 AM
Oh, good, I was not on the site yesterday so I figured it was too late to do Wombat's words...but maybe I can still squeak in.
18/Sep/16 7:40 AM
Happy Birthday, Mrs. Wombat!
18/Sep/16 7:50 AM
1:41 Good morning one and all!
18/Sep/16 12:03 PM
Night all.
18/Sep/16 1:08 PM
Great news, CG!! I know, as much as care as you get in the hospital, home is the only place you can really sleep and relax!!!
18/Sep/16 1:18 PM
I got great news last weekend! I went to my DIL's baby shower, so of course was expecting this granddaughter. My other DIL who hosted the baby shower had great news as well. As I was leaving, she told me quietly that she and my older son were expecting, too!!! So I'll have another cutie pie to love next March!!!
18/Sep/16 1:21 PM
Well, lookee here we're so close to the bottom of the page!!!
18/Sep/16 1:22 PM
I better hurry . . .
18/Sep/16 1:22 PM
18/Sep/16 1:23 PM
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