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Easy Sudoku for 19/December/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning.
Good morning all. Bright. clear, cold.
2:20 Good evening everyone Cute little puppies
Morning, or Night (for me).
Hi Anne, just sent you an email.
ready for lots of puddles
2:35 MAEN Cute little doggies... just cleaning up after a wonderful wind storm here
2.10 cute puppies
Party Time
noon friday australian EDST
further details on my page
Times are getting s-l-o-w-e-r every day!
Good Morning! It is December 19, 2006. December 19 is the 353rd day of the year (354th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 12 days remaining. On this day in 1972 the last manned lunar flight, Apollo 17, crewed by Eugene Cernan, Ron Evans and Harrison Schmitt, returned to Earth. To More...
Hi, CP, yes thanks, I received it as I was sending you one. But that will go to your home, though, if I'm right.
thanks a lot for that.
1:58 Maen

TO CHANTEL AND REBECCA - Angie's gorgeous twins (well the first lot anyway)

Happy 16th birthday girls ....Wishing you health, happiness and good presents !!

Love Aunty Col
hi all G'day/nite to everybody....three nites to go....yes then i am off to join my son in Boston....leaving on 23rd midnight flight by air france...a halt in paris and straight to Boston
so folks i wish all my friends a
will try to make some posts soon i can get my hands on a pc!will be in Marriotts(sp)Boston for a couple of days..then will be moving to an apartment near Wilmington...
Hi all just a point to Jim brandon mississippi at the point in typing (13.58)
it is still december 18th as the clock is timed from grenitch there is still time befor the 19th
Hello Jake, it's already the 19th in parts of Australia, not here in the west, though.
Awwwwwwww cute lil' stocking stuffers! Have a terrific day all! Blessings!
Hi Everyone

Sorry about the problems posting comments. The database filled up while I was asleep!

2:32 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

A home is where the cat hair sticks to everything but the cat.
ap Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year x
Happy Birthday to Chantel and Rebecca x
Good afternoon to all! Is that Ebony and Ivory?
Gosh. I thought everyone had abandoned the site whrn I came on and saw onlt 20 some comments!

GATH: You have some nerve sleeping when there's a problem on your site!!!
On this, the very first World Definitely Day, I wish you Happy Anniversary and that the coming year may be even better than the one we now look back on. I have an overwhelming feeling that it will be. xx
everyone! Posts are back so all is well.

Gath: That will teach you to sleep!
Sorry for the typos. I'm tired as it's been a rough day at work.
You couldn't spell and I couldn't read! Thank you Colleen!!!
Gath - what? you sleep?!?

Sorry everyone, you missed all the intelligent, pithy and insightful comments I tried to post! They would have changed your lives. Sorry, can't seem to remember them all now....
Oh no Nurn! Think hard! I could use a lifestyle change!!!
mAen. Who owns these cuties?
Hi Everyone,

*another problem* (sigh).

Sorry again.

Chantel and Rebecca
wishing you a very special 16th Birthday
wishing you and your family a wongerful christmas and happy new year.
with your trip and enjoy your sons' graduation
JEB from AGGIELAND: Your granddaughter is on the Parents Page.
There is a photo on the Kids Sudoku 6x6 that is either Fi's or Ian's I think (memort loss). Am I half-way right?
To all in Sudoku land. Glad to see that Gath's awake and busy again. I agree with Nurn, all of that great stuff is lost...how does he expect us to remember while he sleeps...Hummmmm. lol. To I send my wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.
Happy Birthday Chantel and Rebecca, hope your day is full of family, friends, and of course lots of presents!
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Net,
There were hacker's a surfing. Nerds? Yeah, you bet.
The e-mails were stacked by the modem with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

The newbies were nestled all snug by their screens,
While visions More...
Hello everyone, I have been lurking on and off, had a great time in Sydney for my birthday and thank you for all your wonderful birthday wishes(2 weeks ago). I have hit my busy time and may not be able to post or do puzzles for a while (4-6weeks) so I hope everyone has a More...
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