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Easy Sudoku for 19/February/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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?:?? A quicker time tonight!!!
I was born in the Year of the Rat!
19/Feb/17 12:06 AM
🌞🚴🏼good Maen - hit a record yesterday - 68 degrees
19/Feb/17 12:26 AM
19/Feb/17 12:27 AM
Hello everyone
19/Feb/17 12:29 AM
Good Morning all - a very quick 9->1 puzzle this day!
19/Feb/17 2:05 AM
Spring has arrived in February! Lucky us!
Do you think it'll last?
Probably not.
19/Feb/17 2:19 AM
Thanks for the hint, Joyce! I especially enjoyed the '7's'.
19/Feb/17 2:24 AM
(Snagged for Shosho!)
Wishing you lots of good luck today!
19/Feb/17 2:25 AM
And I'm off for the weekend.
#2 son is having his 40th birthday party this weekend. His birthday was yesterday, but his party is this evening - Saturday, here.
19/Feb/17 2:28 AM
Our #1 son is doing the same in June. As my mother once said 30 some odd years ago: 'There's just something disturbing about having children that old.'
19/Feb/17 2:38 AM

Only thing I can think of, Wombat...

How about this one?
19/Feb/17 2:52 AM
We have the warm weather, too, Mymare. 68° today, up to 70° tomorrow. Sure doesn't seem like winter.
19/Feb/17 2:55 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
19/Feb/17 3:00 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!!!
19/Feb/17 3:00 AM
19/Feb/17 3:01 AM
Went for a run but the rain drove me back home! I don't mind sprinkles but getting soaking wet and cold had me scurrying home! Rats!
19/Feb/17 3:03 AM
My parents both born in the year of the rabbit had me in the year of the tiger. Needless to say I truly confounded them and scared the heck out of them!!
19/Feb/17 3:04 AM
Good morning, Keith! Shall I let him get the 22??? Okay, but hurry, Keith!
19/Feb/17 3:05 AM
I've got that one, Kathy:

Curious chef & warm comfy corner
= nosy cook & cozy nook
19/Feb/17 3:10 AM
I won't be idling around here & obviously I'm totally unaware of the numbers today,.... so my babbling will only move you, Keith, closer - good luck!
19/Feb/17 3:12 AM
I'd go for NOSY COOK & COSY NOOK, Kathy.
You are nearly there with the ABERDEEN one. The dwelling is a bit pretensive.
19/Feb/17 3:18 AM
Hi Shosho, if you are still here. And well done Joyce, you beat me by eight minutes. Did it take me that long to type out that message?
19/Feb/17 3:23 AM
Oh, sorry Keith, my mind was elsewhere.
19/Feb/17 3:25 AM
I have a ton of things to do and I am sitting here making up spoonerisms.

I'll do one more, then I have to get something done around the house!

19/Feb/17 3:50 AM
bat flattery & flat battery

Haha...with Kathy, you might know there'd be a bat involved!
19/Feb/17 4:26 AM

19/Feb/17 4:30 AM
.......ahhhh, I finally devised one:

rotten greens & depressing song
19/Feb/17 4:30 AM
Happy but rainy Valentine's weekend!
19/Feb/17 5:15 AM
Time for my Spoonerism spot:

@Wombat: Scot house and hot scouse
@Joyce: bad salad and sad ballad
19/Feb/17 6:53 AM
Well done Plum for solving those two! I think I was going to have trouble with Joyce's.
19/Feb/17 7:13 AM
Morning all, overcast with a lovely cool breeze and we have the boys coming today.
19/Feb/17 7:18 AM
Spoonerism to solve:

spread bug, flit past

Hint: It's easy; a famous favorite.
19/Feb/17 7:19 AM
Here's one that would be appropriate for Peter, but open to anyone of course.

19/Feb/17 7:21 AM
Since I solved two, I guess I get to post two. But I'm trying to come up with a good one. So that one is a bit of a place holder while I think some more.
19/Feb/17 7:23 AM
Ha! Got that 'un.
Cold brew - bold crew
Beer and sea duty always gets my attention.
19/Feb/17 7:52 AM
Haha - just came to solve Wombat's and find that Jeb beat me to it!
19/Feb/17 8:14 AM
Plum: how about one of these?
bed fly, fled by
bed flea, fled bee
19/Feb/17 8:37 AM
Cats lost, Dogs lost....we can commiserate together, Wombat.
19/Feb/17 8:59 AM
Submariners get together last night. Spent the evening in good company spinning warries!
19/Feb/17 9:00 AM
Plum, butterfly - flutter by.
19/Feb/17 9:46 AM
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