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Easy Sudoku for 19/May/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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19/May/12 12:00 AM
G'day mates, remember, some lesser known medical terms will be presented as soon as my cousin arrives. Stay tuned...
Meanwhile, here's today's daffynition:
Phony: adj. Related to telephones.

19/May/12 12:00 AM
WILL need again today.
Another bright, sunny, perfect-temp day!
19/May/12 12:04 AM
Well, it’s officially Saturday and the weekend in SudokuLand. So, as promised, here is the first of two puzzles. Unfortunately for some of you, they are going to be math problems. (I can see Jamie smiling now.) Here’s the first one:

Find the number of ordered triples (A, B, C) where A, B More...
19/May/12 12:08 AM
That is so cruel, HalT.
19/May/12 12:31 AM
Good morning people of the world.
19/May/12 12:32 AM
Cool picture today. I could look at spider webs for hours. They're amazing.
19/May/12 12:32 AM
National Pizza Day
Visit Your Relatives Day
19/May/12 12:33 AM
Thought of you Sarah Beth, when I saw what was in the square today.
19/May/12 12:33 AM
Happy Friday!
Driving back down to SoCal later today.

Toying with the idea of visiting the Golden Gate Bridge as a side trip--it's celebrating 75years next weekend, but we'll be home by then...it's hit or miss whether the fog obscures it or not.
19/May/12 12:54 AM
19/May/12 12:55 AM
I learned something last night, well, I learned many things yesterday, but this is in reference to Relatives Day. Ran into one of my dad's cousins at the cafe we ate at, normally, as a golden rule, I do not acknowledge relatives in public, but did last night. I have never understood, how this man More...
19/May/12 1:44 AM
Well I am doing the relatives day, thrill, thrill
19/May/12 3:01 AM
Posting from my nook today,easier than my phone
19/May/12 3:04 AM
14 comments in over 3 hours!?!? I am going to quickly work the puzzle before kids get here.
19/May/12 3:40 AM
How about 16 comments in 4 hours? Is too much PC killing the site?
19/May/12 4:02 AM
Has Australia fallen off the globe? We need their help.
19/May/12 4:39 AM
I imagine most of them are still in bed Jamie. Except for CP... I don't know when she sleeps.
19/May/12 4:47 AM
True. I sent you a revised answer, HalT - certainly more eloquent than my original "solution".
Class is over, I am off to watch softball games!
19/May/12 4:55 AM
Good afternoon to all! There's Charlotte!
19/May/12 5:23 AM
Okay, the Canadians have an excuse as it's a long weekend for travelling, partying, etc. The are sleeping if they're wise. Where all all the others? Looks like it will be a slow weekend.
19/May/12 5:26 AM
This one is for Keith.
19/May/12 5:26 AM
Cheers for now folks, if anyone is actually around.
19/May/12 5:27 AM
Well, one more for CP before I leave.
19/May/12 5:27 AM
Good afternoon. I will post. Normally I just do the puzzles and read what everyone else posts. But with so few... Well, I don't know about the others, but Good Afternoon, Sudukoland!
19/May/12 5:31 AM
19/May/12 5:52 AM

I have a big day ahead of me today, Heading to N.S.W and back so will do your poozel's when I return this evening.

19/May/12 6:32 AM

Jamie changeover here is at midnight so most Aussies (with the exception of the Westies) are sleeping. We only have a couple of time zones here with Perth 2 hours behind the the Eastern states so changeover there is at 10pm.
19/May/12 6:36 AM
Hello everyone!
Grass-hopper how far from the border are you & how far into NSW are you coming? Qld is a big state & NSW isn't tiny, but if you lived in Tweed Heads, Qld, you'd only need to step over the border to be in Tweed Heads, NSW!! In fact you could have one foot in each state & still be in Tweed Heads!
19/May/12 7:26 AM
But of course you'd still be in the same country!
19/May/12 7:28 AM
Sounds like Texarkana, Texas/Arkansas.
19/May/12 7:30 AM
Good morning. Aussies should start to appear now it is 'out of bed' time. Mornings are getting cooler so we do not want to spend time in a cold room at the computer.
19/May/12 7:36 AM
Peter would say CP sleeps whenever she can!
19/May/12 8:50 AM
Good morning.
19/May/12 8:50 AM
At the moment I am sleeping "normal" hours (as in go to bed at night, get up in the morning.
19/May/12 8:51 AM
But I am working nights tomorrow and the next day, so it's go to bed in the morning, get up in the evening.
19/May/12 8:52 AM
Explains a lot doesn't it? As to why I'm such a crazy, mixed-up person!
19/May/12 8:53 AM
Where is Karen?
19/May/12 8:53 AM
Where is HalT?
19/May/12 8:53 AM
We're at the bottom of the page...
19/May/12 8:54 AM
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