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Easy Sudoku for 19/May/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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1:58 all! Well, it will be in just under two hours for me.
19/May/17 12:06 AM
Pretty quiet for a Friday morning in Australia. Only Thursday morning here so lots of work left before the weekend.
19/May/17 12:09 AM
19/May/17 12:48 AM
Hmmm. 1-3-5-7-9-2-4-6-8. A first for me, at least...
19/May/17 12:56 AM
Happy Thursday!
Staycation starts today
Hoping to mix long overdue chores with a few fun activities!
19/May/17 1:06 AM
When you retire, Aileen, most of your days are staycation!!!
19/May/17 1:09 AM
so close . . .
19/May/17 1:10 AM
19/May/17 1:10 AM
Oooh, the mosquito bites are driving me crazy! I did donate blood to the association. My most favorite tour were the two chocolate tours but that's where the mosquitos were!!! Cacao trees need to grow in a jungle like environment where they did partial shading and lots of moisture.
19/May/17 1:14 AM
I also saw and photographed a lot of vanilla orchids. The farmers would occasionally cut up a vine and throw them up in the trees (not the cacao ones, though) and then would have to pollinate each blossom by hand because the natural pollinator, a tiny bee, could not survive any other environment except where they originated.
19/May/17 1:17 AM
We did a chocolate tour in Hawaii, too. At the end of the tour I got a chocolate facial.
19/May/17 1:21 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle: 1. Carrot (Care-rut) 2. Turnip (Turn-nip) 3. Romaine (Roe-mane) 4. Lettuce (Let-us)
5. Spinach (Spin-itch) 6. Cabbage (Cab-budge) 7. Zucchini (Zoo-key-knee)
8. Cucumber (Cue-cumber) 9. Radish (Rad-dish) 10. Pepper (Pep-per)

Winners Judy, Joyce, and More...
19/May/17 1:26 AM
Joyce, I did receive all three of your answer attempts.

There doesn't seem to be a great deal of interest in the poozles lately. I'm going to take a break and maybe resume after the summer.
19/May/17 1:29 AM
Good morning.
19/May/17 3:14 AM
I notice Judy's name is absent from the poozle winners lately. Does this mean she's gone to the mountains to meet the hairy man?
19/May/17 3:16 AM
Before the caption came up on the picture, I knew where it was. We drive through Braidwood on the drive to the coast.
19/May/17 3:19 AM
19/May/17 4:24 AM
Nice little church.
19/May/17 4:53 AM
Sunny, humid & hot-hot-hot!
It's supposed to cool off tomorrow! Yippee!
19/May/17 5:06 AM
Morning all, looks like a wedding at the church with the horse and carriage.
19/May/17 5:34 AM
Kathy, sorry had your poozle almost done and got visitors , had a mental block with the zucchini.
19/May/17 5:38 AM
Where is Keith?
19/May/17 6:57 AM
Right here.
19/May/17 7:12 AM
Kathy, we'll miss all your poozles...never knowing what that day's challenge might be - thanks for continuing your tradition & we'll look forward to them returning in the fall (our fall).
19/May/17 11:26 AM
Also I knew I'd be gone all day & became obsessed with submitting my hard-earned answers. Guess I've learned that with the iPad there are no reassurances of messages sent; sorry for all of mine!
19/May/17 11:33 AM
Silly me, Amelia - here I was thinking it might be somewhat rural & folks had come by horseback. But your mentioning the carriage...which I now see, makes your guess for a wedding obvious!
19/May/17 11:48 AM
DoA - thanks for the tip - worked like a charm!
19/May/17 11:49 AM
Good maeN🌖🌸🤗
19/May/17 11:53 AM
We have Baltimore Orioles at our summer place; they return about a week earlier than the hummingbirds, who are notorious for arriving on Mother's Day. The Orioles arrived on schedule, fighting over the feeders piled high with grape jelly & occasionally allowing the Catbirds a turn.
19/May/17 11:55 AM
We haven't been there in over a week, maybe the hummers will have joined in the feeding frenzy,....
19/May/17 11:59 AM
My next challenge will be enticing bluebirds to a feeder (New York's state bird...which I've never seen except at my daughter's in North Carolina!) I'll be sure to share the news if it ever occurs.
19/May/17 12:06 PM
Not long now Wombat!
19/May/17 4:57 PM
Warm the set and cool the tinnies as they used to say in the olden days Peter.
Don't worry Peter, you can't come worse than second.
19/May/17 5:39 PM
Tough game Wombat.
19/May/17 10:42 PM
1:29. Good evening everyone.
19/May/17 10:49 PM
Good maeN, good people. Thinking of a loved one tonight who just had surgery. Perhaps I'll telephone over the weekend?
20/May/17 1:08 PM
My goodness, things have been busy, busy, busy in Plumland, yet I still spend far too much time sitting in the recliner eating comfort food waiting for my knee to heal. It's better than it was a week ago, so that's good. Slow going, though.
20/May/17 1:14 PM
Sorry, Kathy. I wasn't up to the challenge this week. I felt it was ambiguous what the big number in the math poodle was referring to even though I worked it enough to find the 'trick,' I got no treat. And I solved the veggie list including suspecting 'zucchini' was the item you were looking for, but I didn't send an answer because I couldn't figure out how the 'key' syllable was clued.
20/May/17 1:20 PM
Easy 9->1. In my corner of the world a horse drawn vehicle = Amish. There are frequent 'road apples' in the paved shoulder strips of our rural back roads.
20/May/17 1:28 PM
I guess since I'm down here anyway I may as well pick up the bottom of the page and turn it over for a fresh start. Who wants to be the first to post on page 2?
20/May/17 1:30 PM
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