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Easy Sudoku for 2/January/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's '12 days of Christmas' daffynition:
Christmas Dangers - Seasonal risks: old-fashioned Christmas (candles on the tree, old hot lights with

bad wiring, bubble lights, lead-based tinsel, glass ornaments), pet dangers (rich food, More...
02/Jan/12 12:00 AM
Happy New Year!
02/Jan/12 12:05 AM
Just you and me, Kayo?
02/Jan/12 12:05 AM
Are others sleeping off one?
02/Jan/12 12:05 AM
02/Jan/12 12:06 AM
Looks that way, Vici
02/Jan/12 12:15 AM
Maybe this is a better avatar for the new year.
02/Jan/12 12:17 AM
Hi all and a very Happy New Year to you! I shall be staying on the sofa today!
02/Jan/12 12:21 AM
A bit too much of the bubbly, Fiona?
02/Jan/12 12:24 AM
You oould say that Kayo!
02/Jan/12 12:35 AM
could, could, could!
02/Jan/12 12:36 AM
That's some New Year's baby, Kayo...Not happy...like Fiona?
02/Jan/12 12:50 AM
This Calgary Park looks wonderful. I love when they have docents working and playing roles of characters gone by.
02/Jan/12 12:56 AM
Bad start to the new year, it's 43 degrees in here. I just kicked my heater and it went on.
02/Jan/12 1:03 AM
just enjoy a cup of tea while my son bakes the coffee cake - windy day - but a fresh day to start all over with only good deeds !
02/Jan/12 1:24 AM
Good morning people of the world.
02/Jan/12 1:41 AM
Global Family Day
New Year's Day
02/Jan/12 1:42 AM
Fiona, dear, I thought you would try something different this year.
02/Jan/12 1:43 AM
I think today is also Rose Bowl Day. I noticed this morning, I did not set my calendar up.
02/Jan/12 1:46 AM
Got the poop scared out of me this morning and need to bring in my cats.
It is a good thing I either sit on my legs, or sit Indian style. Going through my morning ritual, very quietly, enjoying a TV program, with everyone else still sleeping their new year away. When a movement just below me More...
02/Jan/12 1:51 AM
I am not moving very fast this morning. As I was typing my tale, I was sure, someone else would have breezed in. Maybe someone has enough energy to race.
02/Jan/12 1:53 AM
02/Jan/12 1:53 AM
OK, I will find something else to do, until everyone wakes up.
02/Jan/12 1:54 AM
Good Maen, everyone! I actually stayed up 'til midnight last night....thanks to Karen and Hal who helped keep me awake!
02/Jan/12 2:03 AM

"HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are back in Ushuaia this morning. The return crossing of the Drake Passage was as bad or worse than the one going over. 10 people have sustained injuries from falls! We had seat belts in our beds! But we made it to the pier by 7 PM last More...
02/Jan/12 2:04 AM
We'll be off to a New Year's Day Bloody Mary/Mimosa party at lunchtime. I think I'll need several more cups of coffee to wake up before then!
02/Jan/12 2:06 AM
Oh, Jane, you health nut, you do not need chemicals to help you wake up. I had nature wake me up this morning and have been jumping around ever since.
02/Jan/12 2:14 AM
all. Another great day here. Good way to start 2012.
Jane, Kathy's last message cinched for Barbara and me... We will NOT be going to Antarctica!
02/Jan/12 2:17 AM
Yeah, Hal, the seatbelts in bed part kind of turned me off!
02/Jan/12 2:26 AM

02/Jan/12 2:37 AM
I made it to midnight to watch the ball drop, then had the joy of listening to random fireworks until 2am.
Oh, well, it's only once a year. If I nod off mid-type, you'll know why.
02/Jan/12 2:40 AM
If I need a seat belt in bed, it's not going to be because of rough seas.
I'm afraid Kathy's last message will keep us away from that crossing, too.
02/Jan/12 2:45 AM
The answers to yesterday's puzzle: ankle, brain, navel, liver, spine (parts of the body)

Winners, Rena, Captain J(who thought of "groin" instead of "brain". Are we really surprised?), Greg, Sarah, lonewoof, Mr. Cee, and Meg may all benefit from this timely prize More...
02/Jan/12 2:59 AM
Here's an interesting description of a journey through Drake's Passage from a former sailor. Sounds like rough passages are the norm, although he only experienced rough going on his return. http://www.stenseth.org/adventure/trashedship.html
02/Jan/12 3:04 AM
And for today.....

Unscramble these anagrams to form other words. The theme is sports.
#1 - En Snit
#2 - Scams Tying
#3 - Flog
#4 - Gob Nix

Answers to the "Is flogging a sport??" inbox, please.
02/Jan/12 3:05 AM
Call me silly, but I will never attempt a cruise where "traumatized", "Rogue waves", "bathroom entrapment", "bruises" and "die" are mentioned in the review. Holy cow!
02/Jan/12 3:18 AM
I think I'd rather take my chances stowing away in a plane airlifting supplies to an Antarctica research station!
02/Jan/12 3:35 AM
Mind you, I don't get seasick (at least not so far), but I DO bruise easily! And I am extremely alergic to drowning!!
02/Jan/12 3:36 AM
from Magnolia!
02/Jan/12 3:55 AM
New page?
02/Jan/12 3:58 AM
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